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88. By Matthew East

Update translations from Rosetta

87. By Matthew East

* Remove draft watermark from html pages
* Drop fdupes script as it clashes with current pkgbinarymangler (LP: #441401)
  - also need to set CDBS_NO_GNOME_HELP_SYMLINKING=1 to stop fdupes script
* Update version number in offline browser startpage to 9.10

86. By Matthew East

* General:
  - Refresh pot files
  - Fix broken links to ghelp:hardware#jockey, Connor Imes, LP: #441460
  - Update references to gnome-app-install to software-center, Connor
    Imes, LP: #441810
* add-applications.xml:
  - Replace references to 'Third party software' with 'Other software',
    Shane Fagan, LP: #441323, LP: #441315
* internet.xml:
  - Update packagenames for flashplugin-installer and ttf-mscorefonts-installer,
    Connor Imes, LP: #441799
* musicvideophotos.xml:
  - Correct firefox flash error message, LP: #441815
* programming.xml:
  - Replace gambas with gambas2, Connor Imes, LP: #414287
* usb-creator.xml:
  - Correct typo, Connor Imes, LP: #442231
  - Correct unclear sentence, LP: #442461

85. By Matthew East

* General:
  - Refresh pot files
* hardware.xml:
  - Update jockey instructions to reflect UI changes from some time ago (LP: #281143)
  - Remove link to deprecated section in accessibility guide (LP: #293842)
* internet.xml:
  - Network manager network list no longer has radio buttons, Dean Sas
* keeping-safe.xml:
  - Update firewall section, Connor Imes / bodhi.zazen (LP: #377039)
* usb-creator.xml:
  - Add manual for usb-creator, new document by Augustina Blair
* serverguide.xml:
  - Add additional information for configuring TLS with OpenLDAP and gnutls, PeterNSteinmetz (LP: #437483)

84. By Matthew East

* General:
  - Refresh pot files
* Add-applications:
  - Amend add-applications in light of move from gnome-app-install to software-center
* Serverguide (by Adam Sommer unless otherwise stated):
  - Updating etckeeper section for new version and fixing typo, Thierry Carrez (LP: #432377)
  - Updating the Postgresql section for version 8.4, ~BG (LP: #426971)
  - Fix typos in Chat section, Connor Imes (LP: #410654)
  - Removing note about command line utility differences, Connor Imes (LP: #394728)
  - Update for phpinfo() test script, Christian Wenz (LP: #418045)
  - Added note about manually compiling drbd module in virtual kernels, removed bad config
    line based on feed back from Ante Karamatić (LP: #397241)
  - Apache2 configuration update for more security, and clarification of using SSL
    and Apache2 with Subversion (LP: #383605)
  - Added a link to the Windows Networking section to find more info regarding Samba (LP: #415622)
  - Added priority to MX record example (LP: #425207)
  - Added more configuration options to Amavisd-new section to flag more messages as spam (LP: #363442)
  - Updated mailman Apache2 configuration for latest version of moinmoin (LP: #381802)

83. By Matthew East

* General:
  - Refresh pot files
  - debian/rules: remove deprecated scrollkeeper calls
  - debian/rules: small fix to build process for translated xml
* Internet:
  - Remove outstanding mention of Pidgin (LP: #425834), Dougie Richardson
  - Update bittorrent docs for introduction of Transmission, Dean Sas
  - Fix instruction for Java plugin on amd64 (LP: #293781), Dougie Richardson

82. By Matthew East

* General:
  - Updating version numbers for 9.10/Karmic
  - Refresh pot files
* About-ubuntu:
  - reword first sentence to clarify system version number, LP: #395905
* Internet:
  - Replace Pidgin with Empathy, now default IM app in Karmic
  - typo, LP: #414153
* Serverguide:
  - Update correct command for restarting cups, Dougie Richardson, LP: #380836
  - New Jabberd2 section, Adam Sommer
  - New OpenVPN chapter, Adam Sommer
  - Typo, LP: #414605

81. By Matthew East

* debian/rules - install "C" locale documents (these were not being
  installed following changes in 9.10.1)
* Basic-commands:
  - Spelling fix, Dougie Richardson, LP #388651
* Keeping-safe:
  - Update for new firefox security dialogue, LP: #386556
* Internet:
  - Added FAQ section, Dougie Richardson
* Printing:
  - Grammar fix, LP: #386376
* Serverguide:
  - Remove all instances of 'the the', LP: #377436
  - New Monitoring chapter, including Nagios and Munin, Adam Sommer
  - Adding bind9-utils package to the DNS Server task package list, from Shane Fagan, LP: #381739
  - Typo in Landscape section, Jonathan Jesse, LP: #394026
  - Replaced Postfix and SMTPAUTH instructions, Adam Sommer
  - Corrected /etc/ufw/sysctl.conf syntax, Adam Sommer, LP: #397357

80. By Matthew East

* General:
  - fix menu entry for gparted; patch from Artur Szymanski, LP: #371851
  - a few corrections to use US not UK spelling, patch from Nathan Handler
  - remove unnecessary use of alt+f2 to start apps available from the menu, Dean Sas
* Hardware:
  - fix instructions to lock screen with new FUSA applet, patch from Artur Szymanski, LP: #371930
* Add-applications:
  - new section on PPA, patch from Nathan Handler
* Musicvideophotos:
  - generalise photo import instructions, from Stephanie Mardell
  - update section on listening to online audio streams is outdated, patch from Shane Fagan
  - Rhythmbox has a tag editor, patch from Shane Fagan
* Keeping-safe:
  - fix link to removing programs, patch from Artur Szymanski
* Internet:
  - document easiest way to change preferred email client, Dougie Richardson, LP: #356894
  - java is no longer installed by ubuntu-restricted-extras, Dean Sas, LP: #366039
* Serverguide:
  - Clarify read only explanation in samba section, patch from Connor Imes, LP: #281702
  - Patch by Joel Goguen adding note about restarting after joining a domain, LP: #352934.
  - Patch by Nathan Handler to remove information about dhcdbd that is no longer needed, LP: #373867.
  - Merge from Connor Imes: 2009-05-06 Fix bad flag in useradd command, LP: #371730
* Games:
  - remove confusing lines from supertux instructions, patch from Shane Fagan, LP: #346892

79. By Matthew East

* [Matthew East]
  - First release for Karmic
  - Drastically shorten package build time by only building translated xml
    for translations that we are actually going to ship
  - hardware.xml - computer-janitor updates
  - Correction to PhotoEditor instructions - patch from Connor Ines - LP: #355008
  - photos.xml - import window opens automatically on f-spot first use, LP: #209530
  - Add introductory paragraph to seek to explain GNOME desktop - LP: #219972
  - Errors in musicvideophotos, patches from Artur Szymanski and Connor Imes - LP: #359288
  - Typos in desktop-effects.xml, patch from Connor Imes. LP: #357344
  - add missing apt: prefix to xchat-gnome installation link, LP: #356933
  - Update debian/control and debian/copyright - patch from Nathan Handler, LP: #363552
  - Grammar error in virtualization.xml, patch from Connor Imes. LP: #352313
  - Make language in jockey section consistent with language used in UI, LP: #274845
  - Add link to debian section on Ubuntu website, patch from Connor Imes, LP: #257337
* [Bhuvaneswaran A]
  - serverguide/lamp-applications.xml - improvements to mediawiki instructions
  - serverguide/chat.xml - new section about chat server applications
  - improvements to exim section in serverguide/mail
* [Dean Sas] - typo fix in serverguide/jeos

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