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91. By Matthew East

* Import translations from Rosetta
* Replace old Ubuntu logo with new one from wiki:Brand (LP: #551058)

90. By Matthew East

* General:
  - Fixes to scripts/fix-url.sh (including LP: #482862)
  - Fix character encoding in contributors.xml (LP: #448618)
  - Updated version in browser-startpage html files, LP: #526320
  - Refresh pot files
* Add-applications:
  - Updates for UI changes, Phil Bull
* Config-desktop:
  - Added topic on changing window buttons from the left, Phil Bull
* Hardware:
  - Added mention of gsynaptics, Connor Imes, LP: #450567
* Internet:
  - Refresh list of plugins supplied by ubuntu-restricted-extras, branch
    from Nathan Murray, LP: #504981
  - Updates to reflect that Ekiga no longer installed by default, Connor Imes,
    LP: #508572
  - Grammar fix from Alex Wardle, LP: #517776
  - Order adjustment for shares-admin usage, Alex Wardle, LP: #518119
  - Button name change for shares-admin app, Alex Wardle, LP: #518170
  - Use unlock icon in networking section, Alex Wardle, LP: #518117
  - Updated directions on changing text size and page zooming in firefox,
    Alison Rowland, LP: #512556
  - Fixed guilabel usage in modem section. Alex Wardle, LP: #521243
  - Updated button and tab names in Static Connections section,
    Alex Wardle, LP: #521508
  - Typo fix in adsl section. Alex Wardle, LP: #525349
  - Removed unused and empty basics.xml, LP: #525431
  - Minor wording update to directions for sharing folders via nautilus,
    Connor Imes, LP: #518175
  - Use 'NetworkManager' not 'Network Manager' for consistency, Connor Imes
    LP: #518107
  - Update to troubleshooting mobile devices, Connor Imes, LP: #453459
  - Adjusted description of NetworkManager applet icons, Connor Imes
    LP: #440826
  - Additions to VPN section of connecting guide, Alex Wardle, LP: #452647
  - Expanded on using config files for vpn connections, Connor Imes
  - Command line substitution for Services utility which is not in Karmic or
    Lucid, Connor Imes, LP: #518460
  - Structural and language changes + updates for UI changes, Phil Bull
* Musicvideophotos:
  - Added section for recording and editing video, Book 'em Dano, LP: #367569
* Newtoubuntu:
  - Complete rewrite, Matthew East
* Printing:
  - Simple Scan replaced xsane for scanning documents, Alex Wardle, LP: #546193
* Serverguide:
  - Rename link to serverguide in advanced-topics.xml, Gilbert
    Mendoza, LP: #505708
  - Use distro-short-codename variable for vmbuilder documentation in
    serverguide rather than static version example, Connor Imes,. LP: #509653
  - Small fixes to security chapter, Connor Imes, LP: #510703
  - Small fixes from Nathan Handler, LP: #507624
  - Configuration change for OpenLDAP, Connor Imes, LP: #511090
  - Refresh of network-config section, Gilbert Mendoza, LP: #506800
  - Update manpage links to use distro-short-codename, Connor Imes
  - Changed OpenLDAP replication to use single Provider/Consumer configuration,
    Adam Sommer
  - Removed grub-password-security section - it does not apply to Grub2,
    Gilbert Mendoza, LP: #384148
  - Reference Grub2 community doc page for advanced configuration directions,
    Connor Imes, LP: #437446
  - Added necessary configuration options for apt Periodic in automatic-updates
    section, Connor Imes, LP: #532661
  - Added subsections for consumer and provider configuration steps, Adam Sommer
  - Changed TLS Replication section to use Single-Master scheme, Adam Sommer
  - Clarified Postfix TLS/SSL using a CA configuration steps, Adam Sommer,
    LP: #518289
  - Changed Apache2 Subversion configuration to use VirtualHost file instead
    of apache2.conf, Adam Sommer, LP: #515298.
  - Adding Ubuntu Wiki links to each section's Resources subsection, Adam Sommer
  - Added note in mail section about some packages being in multiverse,
    Connor Imes, LP: #509355
  - Use default serverguide index.html file location for accessing serverguide
    in terminal, Connor Imes, LP: #537167#
  - Updated to use Grub2 directions, Connor Imes, LP: #533582
  - Updated MySQL information for mysql-server-5.1, Adam Sommer
  - Replaced screen-profiles with byobu project, Adam Sommer
  - Changed egrep command with kvm-ok script, Adam Sommer
  - Removed references to likewise-open5, Adam Sommer
  - Add reporting-bugs.xml - Steve Beattie
  - Replaced Eucalyptus section with information on UEC, Adam Sommer
  - Updated command and configuration mistakes in vpn.xml, Adam Sommer
    LP: #489819
  - Replaced update-motd section with newer pam_motd, Adam Sommer, LP: #496184
  - Updated LocalSettings.php command for new file path, and recommending upping
    the memory limit based on feedback from Cornelius Brümmer, Adam Sommer
  - Updated Installation section for Lucid, and added row seperator for UEC
    requirement tables, Adam Sommer
  - Changed OpenLDAP TLS/SSL options to use gnutls to create certificate instead
    of OpenSSL, Adam Sommer
* Switching/Windows:
  - Updated dualboot section to use startupmanager for changing
    boot options (valid for Grub and Grub2), Connor Imes
  - Fixed 'Ubuntu Ubuntu' typo, Alex Wardle, LP: #526083
  - Removed old string from Windows section and copied correct string to
    Switching guide, Connor Imes, LP: #527905
  - Split off directions for exporting favorites in IE8. Broke different
    IE versions down into subsections, Connor Imes, LP: #528808

89. By Matthew East

* First upload for lucid
* General:
  - Refresh pot files
  - Changed 'Text Editor' to 'gedit Text Editor' LP: #442417 (Connor Imes)
* Advanced-topics:
  - Added link in advanced-topics to a description about Users and Groups in
    Debian systems. LP: #145055 (Connor Imes)
* Hardware:
  - Added mention of ext4 to hardware.xml and changed the mentioning of the
    default filesystem in Ubuntu from ext3 to ext4 LP #449667 (Connor Imes)
  - Removed subsection in hardware about quirk-checker script - link was
    broken, script is outdated LP: #461158 (Connor Imes)
* Keeping-safe:
  - Updating instructions for automatic login for new GDM LP: #442676
   (Dean Sas)
  - String adjustment (period inside of a quote tag), Scott Shields,
    LP: #496885
* Internet:
  - Changes remaining mention of flashplugin-nonfree to flashplugin-installer
    in web-apps.xml LP: #444546 (Connor Imes)
  - Change some <guimenu> tags to <guimenuitem> tags in web-apps.xml to show
    arrows in HTML documentation instead of + signs LP: #453512 (Connor Imes)
  - Removed reference to network-manager radio buttons, as radio buttons
    aren't used in this version of NM for wired networks (Jim Campbell)
  - Aligned similar strings in 'internet' section to benefit translators;
    some small adjustments. LP: #460360 (Connor Imes)
* Musicvideophotos:
  - Fixed apturl for mtp-tools package in music.xml LP #452262 (Connor Imes)
  - Improve ipod section, patch by Michael Fitzhugh. LP: #370085
* Printing:
  - Updated printer setup directions in printing section LP: #435510
    (Connor Imes)
  - Fix scanning typo. Patch by Shane Fagan LP: #447250
* Programming:
  - Removed entire programming section LP: #414035 (Connor Imes)
* Serverguide:
  - Adjusted wording in serverguide package-management file to more
    clearly describe apticron. LP: #473280 (Connor Imes)
  - Updated LDAP section for changes to the Jaunty package.
    Fixes LP: #475492, LP: #459403, LP: #463684 (Adam Sommer)
  - In OpenSSH section, .ssh/authorized_keys permissions should be
    600, not 644 LP: #491159 (Connor Imes)
  - Replaced description of ebox Log Observer in serverguide with a real
    description of the event's purpose LP: #405926 (Connor Imes)
  - Fixed IP example in serverguide's postfix configuration section
    LP: #495202 (Connor Imes)
  - Include 'auto eth1' in interfaces file for static IP configuration
    LP: #441802 (Connor Imes)
  - Fix for disabling Control-Alt-Delete in serverguide. Scott Shields,
    LP: #496465
  - Typo fix, Scott Shields, LP: #497867
  - PostgreSQL setup fix for config file pg_hba.conf, Scott Shields,
    LP: #492286
  - Misc fixes in windows-networking section. Vikram Dhillon, LP: #462607
  - Changes to RAID installation section LP: #428036, LP: #462719
    (Connor Imes)
  - Fixes and adjustments to web-servers LP: #462621 (Connor Imes)
* Switching:
  - Replaced Pidgin with Empathy in applications-equivalents
    LP: #490980 (Connor Imes)
  - Fixed misspelling of Rhythmbox (Connor Imes)
  - Added note about FAT32 file size limit to Windows. Also removed comment
    of NTFS needing extra work since Ubuntu now supports it out of the box
    LP: #442111 (Connor Imes)
  - Replaced explicit em-dashes with normal en-dashes LP: #493331
    (Connor Imes)
* Windows:
  - Menu entry correction, LP: #483149 (Jonathan Jesse)
  - Two very small fixes in Windows migratingdata section
    LP: #493358, LP: #493843 (Connor Imes)
  - Various updates to the Windows section on migrating data. LP: #492949,
    LP: #492951, LP: #492955, LP: #493166, LP: #493169 (Connor Imes)
  - Further updates to the Windows section on preparing to switch and
    migrating data - specifically for transferring email
    LP: #493169 (Connor Imes)
  - Add support for for exporting bookmarks in IE7 and IE8 LP: #442097
    (Shane Fagan)
  - Added necessary step to exporting Outlook data in windows section
    LP: #493866 (Connor Imes)
  - Ubuntu does have some fax support - adding link in glossary sections
    LP: #493346 (Connor Imes)

88. By Matthew East

Update translations from Rosetta

87. By Matthew East

* Remove draft watermark from html pages
* Drop fdupes script as it clashes with current pkgbinarymangler (LP: #441401)
  - also need to set CDBS_NO_GNOME_HELP_SYMLINKING=1 to stop fdupes script
* Update version number in offline browser startpage to 9.10

86. By Matthew East

* General:
  - Refresh pot files
  - Fix broken links to ghelp:hardware#jockey, Connor Imes, LP: #441460
  - Update references to gnome-app-install to software-center, Connor
    Imes, LP: #441810
* add-applications.xml:
  - Replace references to 'Third party software' with 'Other software',
    Shane Fagan, LP: #441323, LP: #441315
* internet.xml:
  - Update packagenames for flashplugin-installer and ttf-mscorefonts-installer,
    Connor Imes, LP: #441799
* musicvideophotos.xml:
  - Correct firefox flash error message, LP: #441815
* programming.xml:
  - Replace gambas with gambas2, Connor Imes, LP: #414287
* usb-creator.xml:
  - Correct typo, Connor Imes, LP: #442231
  - Correct unclear sentence, LP: #442461

85. By Matthew East

* General:
  - Refresh pot files
* hardware.xml:
  - Update jockey instructions to reflect UI changes from some time ago (LP: #281143)
  - Remove link to deprecated section in accessibility guide (LP: #293842)
* internet.xml:
  - Network manager network list no longer has radio buttons, Dean Sas
* keeping-safe.xml:
  - Update firewall section, Connor Imes / bodhi.zazen (LP: #377039)
* usb-creator.xml:
  - Add manual for usb-creator, new document by Augustina Blair
* serverguide.xml:
  - Add additional information for configuring TLS with OpenLDAP and gnutls, PeterNSteinmetz (LP: #437483)

84. By Matthew East

* General:
  - Refresh pot files
* Add-applications:
  - Amend add-applications in light of move from gnome-app-install to software-center
* Serverguide (by Adam Sommer unless otherwise stated):
  - Updating etckeeper section for new version and fixing typo, Thierry Carrez (LP: #432377)
  - Updating the Postgresql section for version 8.4, ~BG (LP: #426971)
  - Fix typos in Chat section, Connor Imes (LP: #410654)
  - Removing note about command line utility differences, Connor Imes (LP: #394728)
  - Update for phpinfo() test script, Christian Wenz (LP: #418045)
  - Added note about manually compiling drbd module in virtual kernels, removed bad config
    line based on feed back from Ante Karamatić (LP: #397241)
  - Apache2 configuration update for more security, and clarification of using SSL
    and Apache2 with Subversion (LP: #383605)
  - Added a link to the Windows Networking section to find more info regarding Samba (LP: #415622)
  - Added priority to MX record example (LP: #425207)
  - Added more configuration options to Amavisd-new section to flag more messages as spam (LP: #363442)
  - Updated mailman Apache2 configuration for latest version of moinmoin (LP: #381802)

83. By Matthew East

* General:
  - Refresh pot files
  - debian/rules: remove deprecated scrollkeeper calls
  - debian/rules: small fix to build process for translated xml
* Internet:
  - Remove outstanding mention of Pidgin (LP: #425834), Dougie Richardson
  - Update bittorrent docs for introduction of Transmission, Dean Sas
  - Fix instruction for Java plugin on amd64 (LP: #293781), Dougie Richardson

82. By Matthew East

* General:
  - Updating version numbers for 9.10/Karmic
  - Refresh pot files
* About-ubuntu:
  - reword first sentence to clarify system version number, LP: #395905
* Internet:
  - Replace Pidgin with Empathy, now default IM app in Karmic
  - typo, LP: #414153
* Serverguide:
  - Update correct command for restarting cups, Dougie Richardson, LP: #380836
  - New Jabberd2 section, Adam Sommer
  - New OpenVPN chapter, Adam Sommer
  - Typo, LP: #414605

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