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54. By Daniel Manrique

* New upstream release (LP: #1064504)

[Zygmunt Krynicki]
* checkbox/dbus/__init__.py, checkbox/dbus/udisks2.py, checkbox/heuristics/,
  checkbox/heuristics/__init__.py, checkbox/heuristics/udev.py,
  checkbox/heuristics/udisks2.py, checkbox/tests/heuristics.py,
  checkbox/udev.py, checkbox/parsers/udevadm.py, debian/control,
  jobs/mediacard.txt.in, scripts/removable_storage_test,
  scripts/removable_storage_watcher, setup.py: Added udisks2 support
  (LP: #1016035)

53. By Daniel Holbach

* New upstream release (LP: #1061359)
* Launchpad automated translation updates

* setup.py, qt/checkbox-qt.ui: Removed the old UI design file (LP: #1049912)
* scripts/display_resource, jobs/resource.txt.in: Added a new display
  resource script to properly handle connector names returned by proprietary
  drivers (LP: #956139) (LP: #992727)
* jobs/optical.txt.in, scripts/optical_write_test: Filter ANSI escape char
  outputed by wodim and removed some stray whitespace (LP: #1052803)
* checkbox/parsers/udevadm.py: Improved wireless devices detection.
  The wireless category is now set if the subsystem is equal to ieee80211
  (LP: #855382)
* debian/control, jobs/esata.txt.in, jobs/firewire.txt.in, jobs/usb.txt.in,
  jobs/mediacard.txt.in: Remove udisks package references in all of the jobs
  that use removable_storage scripts (LP: #1059620). Used wrap-and-sort in
  debian/control for clarity (Depends).
* scripts/graphics_driver: Added NVIDIA driver detection (LP: #1060211)
* jobs/cpu.txt.in - add environ field containing
  CHECKBOX_DATA to allow that environment variable to be used in the command
  (LP: #1049595)
* jobs/wireless.txt.in - replace use of network_wireless_test in wireless_scanning
  with a simple Bash script using nmcli and delete network_wireless_test (LP: #900370)
* [UIFe] qt/frontend/qtfront.ui, qt/frontend/qtfront.cpp - set focus to Continue
  button and make it the default so that it can be 'clicked' using Enter,
  as well as renaming it to 'continueButton' (LP: #1052506)
* jobs/usb.txt.in - Fix dependencies of USB tests so that things work properly if
  the usb/storage-automated test fails (LP: #987876)
* scripts/network_info - add exception handling to file reading so that
  sensible values are given if the required file cannot be read (LP: #823606)
* qt/frontend/qtfront.ui: Fixed warnings when building with
  qtcreator (LP: #1053126)
* plugins/suites_prompt.py: Fixed tree view in selection window (LP: #1056432)
* plugins/apport_prompt.py: Removed apport plugin that caused crashes
  when trying to send bug report (LP: #1047857)
* jobs/optical.txt.in: Fixed missing category assignment in optical
  dvd write tests (LP: #1057762)
* jobs/optical.txt.in: Changed optical read/write job commands to use
  a more reliable dev path (LP: #990560)
* Added consecutive numbering to messages sent to the backend, so the
  frontend knows to discard out-of-sequence messages. (LP: #886118)

Merged branch lp:~roadmr/ubuntu/quantal/checkbox/0.14.8
Bug #823606: [network_info_wlan0] test run against wi-fi device that's not associated with an AP causes a traceback
Bug #855382: Some wireless cards are not reported as being in the WIRELESS category by udev_resource
Bug #886118: disk detection failed due to insufficient priviledges
Bug #900370: wireless_scanning should use NetworkManager and not iwconfig/iwlist
Bug #956139: monitor tests fail to run because display resource doesn't work properly on my laptop with nVidia card
Bug #987876: [usb/insert,remove] the dependencies are messed up for Precise (it appears)
Bug #990560: [optical/*write] Test doesn't run properly
Bug #992727: monitor tests need to accept video output identifiers used by proprietary drivers
Bug #1047857: checkbox crashes when trying to send bug report
Bug #1049595: jobs running as root can't use ${CHECKBOX_DATA}
Bug #1049912: Remove the old checkbox-qt.ui in checkbox trunk
Bug #1052506: Continue button in the welcome screen is not focused
Bug #1053126: Build errors for Frontend.ui due do duplicate naming of widgets
Bug #1056432: Selection window only shows tree one level deep
Bug #1057762: Missing category assignment in optical dvd write tests
Bug #1059620: Remove udisks package references in all of the jobs that use removable* scripts
Bug #1060211: [FFe] graphics_driver script does not report proprietary driver version
Bug #1061359: Candidate revision checkbox_0.14.8
52. By Daniel Manrique

* New upstream release (LP: #1057001)
* Launchpad automated translation updates

* jobs/audio.txt.in: replaced gconfaudiosink by autoaudiosink (LP: #978895)
* scripts/audio_settings: Added exception handlers to catch problems with
  unwritable or absent settings files. jobs/audio.txt.in: Fixed unwritable
  setting files locations (LP: #1041644) (LP: #1041340)
* Ensured that strings passed to qtiface.showError via dbus are strings,
  and not NoneType as could happen under certain circumstances.
  (LP: #1032337)
* scripts/graphics_modes_info: updated shebang to python3 (LP: #1047515)
* scripts/graphics_driver, scripts/color_depth_info: Added ignoring
  possible invalid characters in Xorg logfiles (LP: #1048096)
* scripts/network-device-info: fixed a problem with output causing a
  traceback and a problem where modules with improper modules field causes
  problems. jobs/networking.txt.in: added requires for pciutils for the
  above bugfix (LP: #1042395)
* jobs/suspend.txt.in: Fixed suspend/suspend_advanced dependencies to avoid
  calling fwts with the live CD (LP: #1045687)
* qt/frontend/qtfront.ui: Fixed the test purpose widget size to allow two
  lines of description (LP: #1032255)
* qt/frontend/qtfront.ui: Fixed the progressLabel widget size to support job
  names > 50 chars (LP: #1046274)
* Make audio_settings before/after suspend tests more robust by not requiring
  every little audio setting to be the same before and after suspend, just
  the major ones such as the current source/sink and the mute/volume settings
  on them (LP: #1043144)
* scripts/frequency_governors_test - Ensure that check for difference in
  expected and actual speedup only fails if the actual speedup is less than
  the expected speedup (LP: #999547)
* patch/0.14.2: Fixed patch to rmtree instead of rmdir scripts directory.
  (LP: #1047883)
* scripts/graphics_driver: fixed a bug causing the hybrid check to throw an
  exception on hybrid systems (LP: #1048058)

Merged branch lp:~roadmr/ubuntu/quantal/checkbox/0.14.7
Bug #978895: Checkbox Should Not Use gconfsink for Sound
Bug #999547: cpu_scaling_test fails even if measured speedup exceeds expected speedup
Bug #1032255: Test purpose area is too small to support two lines of description
Bug #1032337: exception when displaying the report validation error message
Bug #1041340: audio_settings crashed with IOError in store_audio_settings(): [Errno 13] Permission denied: '/usr/share/checkbox/pulseaudio_settings'
Bug #1041644: audio_settings crashed with IOError in restore_audio_settings(): [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/usr/share/checkbox/pulseaudio_settings'
Bug #1042395: network_device_info test driver info could potentially be blank
Bug #1043144: audio_settings before/after suspend test is too sensitive to minor changes in alsa mixer settings
Bug #1045687: suspend/suspend_advanced and suspend/suspend_advanced_auto requirements are inverted
Bug #1046274: progressLabel widget too small to render long job title (>50 chars)
Bug #1047515: graphics_modes_info crashed with ImportError in /usr/share/checkbox/scripts/graphics_modes_info: No module named checkbox.contrib
Bug #1047883: 0.14.2 crashed with OSError in main(): [Errno 39] Directory not empty: '/usr/share/checkbox/scripts'
Bug #1048058: graphics_driver crashed with NameError in hybrid_graphics_check(): global name 'hybrid' is not defined
Bug #1048096: non-utf8 characters in Xorg.0.log cause color_depth_info and graphics_driver to throw UnicodeDecodeError exception
Bug #1057001: Candidate revision checkbox_0.14.7
51. By Daniel Manrique

* New upstream release (LP: #1049130)

* qt/frontend/images/checkbox-qt-head.png: updated header image
  (LP: #1044035)

50. By Martin Pitt

releasing version 0.14.5

49. By Martin Pitt

* New upstream release (LP: #1042911)
* [FEATURE]: qt/frontend/qtfront.cpp, qt/frontend/qtfront.h,
  qt/frontend/qtfront.ui, checkbox_qt/qt_interface.py: Replaced test result
  buttons with radiobuttons, made comment area always visible, and added
  keyboard shortcuts. (LP: #1044037)

48. By Sylvain Pineau

* New upstream release (LP: #1039094)

[ Daniel Manrique ]
* New version 0.14.4 for Quantal Quetzal development.
* Added new audio_test and test definitions.

[Jeff Lane]
* jobs/esata.txt.in: added tests for removable eSATA drives
  scripts/removable_storage_test: added support for ata_serial_esata devices
  scripts/removable_storage_watcher: added support for ata_serial_esata
* scripts/optical_write_test: changed behaviour to timeout after 5 minutes
  rather than a few seconds to give testers a chance to complete the test
  without having to sit on top of the machine waiting. If tester doesn't hit
  itself and proceed.
  jobs/optical.txt.in: Cleared up text in the existing manual optical write
  tests and added two automated tests that can be used if desired (they still
  require the user to push the tray in after writing, but eliminate other
* scripts/graphics_driver: Added this script based to parse Xorg.0.log and
  discover the currently running graphics driver and driver version
  jobs/graphics.txt.in: Added a new job to take advantage of the
  graphics_driver script.
  data/whitelists/default.whitelist: Added the graphics_driver job to the
  default whitelist because this would be good data to gather for UF and
  doesn't cost much
* scripts/graphics_driver: Merged Alberto Milone's work on a
  hybrid_graphics_test into graphics_driver as his stuff and my stuff were
  similar enough to be in the same script, plus this allows the advantage of
  using Bryce Harrington's xorglog library down the road.
* scripts/removable_storage_test: removed a lot of unnecessary output to
  clean up the test run and also added in some basic performance monitoring.

[Sylvain Pineau]
* jobs/graphics.txt.in, jobs/benchmarks.txt.in: Move gtkperk to the benchmarks
* jobs/benchmarks.txt.in, scripts/wifi_time2reconnect: Add a test to monitor
  the time needed to reconnect to a WIFI access point.
* jobs/cpu.txt.in: Added a check for ARM Vector Floating Point Unit support.
* jobs/touchscreen.txt.in: Add 3 new manual tests (tap-detect, drag-n-drop and
* jobs/audio.txt.in: Added a test that verifies that the various audio
  channels are working properly.
* scripts/camera_test, jobs/camera.txt.in: Replace the call to "xawtv -hwscan"
  in camera_test by the VIDIOC_QUERYCAP ioctl, xawtv requirement removed.
* jobs/led.txt.in, jobs/local.txt.in, scripts/led_hdd_test.py: Add LED
* jobs/suspend.txt.in: Resurrect scripts/sleep_test as a fallback of fwts for
  the suspend/suspend_advanced test.

[Brendan Donegan]
* scripts/audio_settings: Converted script from Perl to Python(3), putting
  it in line with approved technology guidelines
* jobs/audio.txt.in: Fixed audio jobs to use --file option of audio_settings
  instead of piping to STDOUT.
* Prettify the Step icons that appear next to each test step in the test run
  screen (LP: #1036085)
* Remove the 'Don't show this message on startup' checkbox from the
  introduction screen, since it isn't used (LP: #1036218)
* Continue to run the progress bar when the test dependencies are being
  resolved so that it doesn't look like the UI hung (LP: #1036573)
* Remove gcov_attachment from default whitelist since it depends on lcov
  which is not in the default install, and is not used anyway.

[Nathan Williams]
* scripts/network_check: Fixed exception handling in the absence of zenity
  (LP: #988260)

[Samantha Jian]
* Added disk spindown test script and definition.
* Added support for BT devices on PCI bus. (LP: #1036124)

[Jeff Marcom]
* Added Accelerometer test.
* scripts/gst_pipeline_test, jobs/audio.txt.in: Added device sink check

[Matt Fischer]
* Added test to check that volume is within acceptable range and audio
  elements are not muted.
* scripts/camera_test: added the resolutions option to take sample pictures
  in all resolutions supported by the specified webcam
  jobs/camera.txt.in: added the camera/multiple-resolution-images test which
  utilitizes the changes to the camera_test script

[Alberto Milone]
* checkbox/contrib/gdk.py: Added library for getting gtk.gdk.Screen object
  checkbox/contrib/xrandr.py: Added library for manipulating graphics
  settings similar to how xrandr does it.
  scripts/brightness_test: Added automated test to verify that backlight
  settings are properly honored
  scripts/color_depth_info: Added script to get info on color depth and pixel
  scripts/graphics_modes_info: Added script to gather info on the supported
  graphics modes available
  scripts/rotation_test: Added script to automate screen rotation testing
  jobs/graphics.txt.in, jobs/monitor.txt.in: Added jobs to take advantage of
  the new scripts added to Checkbox

[ Sean Feole ]
* scripts/wifi_reconnect_resume_test, jobs/wifi_resume_time added.
* Fixed an output issue in scripts/wifi_reconnect_test that was not handled
  in the original merge. Also tweaked error messages to be more useful.

[Chris Wayne]
* Added in bluetooth_test and related jobs for automated bluetooth

47. By Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre

* New upstream release (LP: #1033652)
* Changed description of PCMCIA/PCIX to PCMCIA/ExpressCard since PCIX
  generally applies to servers (LP: #992249)
* Removed call to unlink temporary file in Html5Thread part of gpu_test.
  Also addressed a few pyflakes complaints and removed a stray print.
* Include block device name in fields of block_device resource
  output. This will prevent different block device fields from being
  confused with each other (LP: #1027849)
* Fix apport_prompt.py so it properly checks the value in
  /etc/default/apport (LP: #1029897)
* Initially disable the 'Run' tab in the Qt UI, re-enabling it when the
  'Start Testing' has been clicked (LP: #1029815)
* Put Component and Status into one tree view on the selection screen,
  rather than two seperate ones (LP: #1030871)
* Disable the Select All and Deselect All buttons in the selection
  view during testing (LP: #1032259)
* New version 0.14.3 for Quantal Quetzal development.
* alsa_info is invoked with --no-dialog, otherwise if dialog is installed
  it results in invalid data in the submission file and results.
  (LP: #1028065)
* Instruct Chromium browser to accept file:// URLs so it can correctly
  open the checkbox submission.xml report (LP: #1026614)
* scripts/gconf_resource: decode gconf output as utf-8 rather than ascii
  (LP: #1022593)
* jobs/user_apps.txt.in: Quicktime test now depends on gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg
  to ensure it's able to play .mov files (LP: #633009)
* scripts/network_check: InvalidURL exception is caught and handled more
  cleanly (LP: #751701)

* jobs/usb.txt.in, scripts/disk_read_performance_test: Add a USB3 read
  performance test.
  scripts/block_device_resource: Add the maximum usb specification supported
  by both a block device and the corresponding root hub port.
* qt/frontend/qtfront.ui, qt/frontend/images/checkbox-qt-head.png:
  Add transparency properties to the main window header to keep the main theme
  colors in the widget background (LP: #1030857)
* Added timeout to job call for disk smart test.
* Escaping encoded strings in udevadm output (LP: #1025381)
* jobs/cpu.txt.in: added a depends to cpu/scaling_test-log-attach to ensure
  that job does not run until afte cpu/scaling_test (LP: #1031994)

* scripts/network_device_info: added a check to ensure what lspci reports and
  what NetworkManger reports (if it is installed) are the same. Reports more
  useful info now like driver and driver version, IP address, etc.
* scripts/cycle_vts: added checks to fail test if chvt returns a non-zero
  exit code. Added a final check at the end to verify we did land back on the
  original VT after testing.
  jobs/miscellanea.txt.in: fixed a typo in the chvt job. It used to reqire
  'package.alias' instead of 'package.name'

Merged branch lp:~roadmr/ubuntu/quantal/checkbox/0.14.3
Bug #633009: Check Box .mov test fails because there is no .mov support
Bug #751701: network_check crashed with InvalidURL in _set_hostport(): nonnumeric port: ' text'
Bug #992249: Mixing PCIX with ExpressCard
Bug #1022593: gconf_resource crashed with UnicodeDecodeError in get_gconf(): 'ascii' codec can't decode byte 0xc3 in position 2527: ordinal not in range(128)
Bug #1025381: inconsistent error message when uploading results
Bug #1026614: Chromium doesn't display XML reports as generated by Checkbox
Bug #1027849: block_device state attribute evaluated incorrectly
Bug #1029815: Run tab should provide a helpful message to click on "Start testing" instead of showing an empty page
Bug #1029897: apport_prompt doesn't properly check the contents of /etc/default/apport
Bug #1030857: Checkbox header area should match theme selected by user
Bug #1030871: Components and Status columns in Selection view should be expressed as a single table
Bug #1031994: cpu_scaling_test log is not being attached.
Bug #1032259: Select/deselect all buttons remain clickable after starting the tests
Bug #1033652: Candidate revision checkbox_0.14.3
46. By Daniel Manrique

* New upstream release (LP: #1025869)

[Jeff Marcom]
* scripts/gpu_test - Fixed potential thread exiting issue.

[Javier Collado]
* Fixed detection of circular references in resolver.

[Jeff Lane]
* New version 0.14.2 for Quantal Quetzal development.
* jobs/cpu.txt.in: added cpu_scaling_test log attachment job
* jobs/disk.txt.in: modified block_device requirements so they'll work right
  jobs/info.txt.in: added block_device resource requirements to hdparm job so
  it won't run on removable stuff where it's not necessary.
* jobs/info.txt.in: removed extraneous fwts_log job
  jobs/miscellanea.txt.in: modified fwts_results.log job
* scripts/optical_detect: minor tweak to send error output to stderr
  scripts/optical_read_test: added root user check because this needs to be
  run with root privileges. Added some additional output for stderr for
  failures so we will know WHY a test or the script failed. Replaced
  sys.stdout.write() and flush() calls with simple print statements.
* scripts/ipmi_test: output tweaks so error messages now go to stderr. No BMC
  message is a little more clear. Module failed to load now generates an
  error rather than a simple exit.
* scripts/network_device_info: minor change so that the fail message now
  specifies that it was an error and outputs to stderr properly.
* scripts/disk_smart: Improvements to the logging and output during testing.
* scripts/cpu_scaling_test: lots of output changes using logging module.
  renamed script to frequency_governors_test to be more descriptive and less
  confusing. Added a --log option to write logs to an actual file
  jobs/cpu.txt.in: added an attachment job to attach the freq_governors log.
  Modified cpu/frequency_governors to write to log file
* scripts/cpu_offlining: added an extra bit of output in case of failures.
* scripts/fwts_test: improved console output so that the info displayed in
  submission.xml is more useful.
  jobs/power-management.txt.in: added job to attach fwts_wakealarm.log to
* scripts/network_ntp_test: Tweaked output to use log levels more
  appropriately. Added some decoding so that bytes output show up as strings
  properly in output. Converted from optparse to argparse. Added a root
  check because this needs to be root to properly run.
* scripts/disk_read_performance_test: Added extra targeted output so that
  users can understand what's going on. Moved the exit bits so the test will
  actuall run on multiple drives as originally intended and not exit on the
  first failure.
* scripts/removable_storage_test: vastly improved the output from that script
  and also introduced some new error handling to cover a couple conditions
  that generated unhelpful tracebacks.
* scripts/memory_compare: changed the output a little so failures now dump
  data to stderr and success to stdout. Also added a try/except block to
  catch possible ZeroDivisionError cases if dmi or meminfo return 0 (found on
  my local system due to a library issue)
* jobs/power-management.txt.in: improved rtc and tickless idle tests to
  provide more useful output, even though they are very simple tests.
* jobs/networking.txt.in: added some output to networking/multi_nic so a
  failure due to unconfigured ifaces generates something beyond a blank line
* scripts/cpu_topology: Changed it so there is less output on success and
  more useful output on failure. Fixed a bug in the test for Failure that
  caused the False condition to never be met.
* scripts/network_bandwidth_test: fleshed out the output to make it a little
  more useful in both debug and info levels. Was going to set the
  networking/bandwidth job to debug, but the info output should now be
  sufficient to begin diagnosing test failures.
* jobs/usb.txt.in: Added output to usb/detect in case no USB controllers are
  found. Added dependencies on the udisks package which may not be installed
  by default.
  debian/control: Added udisks as a suggests for checkbox as it's required
  for the USB tests to function.
* scripts/memory_test: converted from optparse to argparse. Added some extra
  stderr output that may be useful if this test fails. redirected some
  existing error messages to stderr also
* scripts/disk_stats_test: some minor changes to output. Also, error output
  now goes to stderr on test failure.

[Marc Tardif]
* Fixed duplicate jobs appearing in the store when rerunning jobs.
* Fixed packaging to install scripts under /usr/lib.

[Daniel Manrique]
* Added a message file format test that does some simplistic checks
  on jobs/* files to ensure they are sane.
* Fixed two typos in jobs/suspend.txt.in.
* Merging of translations into job files prior to running message
  file format test, to further ensure that translated strings
  and field descriptions are parsed correctly.
* Explicit encoding of error strings in Job.execute, so that data returned
  is consistent and invokers of this method don't choke on it. (LP:

[Brendan Donegan]
* Make a call to rfkill unblock in the create_connection script, incase
  those nasty Broadcom drivers have left a soft-block on the wireless after
  loading. Also do a bit of refactoring to use check_output and check_call
  instead of Popen (LP: #1019162)
* Move the call to unblock to before the connection is created
* Reimplemented memory_compare in python3 and restructured it to put
  things into dictionaries for easy access. Also fixed bug with detecting
  non-RAM devices as RAM. (LP: #960087)
* Wait longer to get the window handle in gpu_test, so that we don't fall foul
  of timing issues. (LP: #1018563)
* Catch exception raised in memory_compare by DMI RAM entries with No Module
  Installed in the Size field (LP: #1023220)
* Also unblock wireless before wireless_scanning test, as I neglected to do
  this before. (LP: #1023619)
* Replace Flash video playback with HTML5 video playback. This has better
  support in Ubuntu and is more relevant (LP: #1024078)

[Sylvain Pineau]
* Add the firmware version (BIOS or UEFI) to the XML report.

45. By Javier Collado

* New upstream release (LP: #1018571)

[Brendan Donegan]
* Fixed up a few things with the gpu_lockup tests. Removed depends,
  renamed to gpu_lockup_suspend to reflect behaviour and removed the
  requirement on Firefox
* Changed suspend_advanced and suspend_advanced_auto to use less
  strict definition of fwts s3 test.

[Javier Collado]
* Make sure that jobs are topologically ordered (LP: #990075)
* Keep job ordering as close to whitelist as possible (LP: #1017951)

[Marc Tardif]
* New version 0.14.1 for Quantal Quetzal development.
* jobs/suspend.txt.in: Fixed trailing newline on otherwise empty line.
* scripts/run_templates: Fixed calls to Popen to use universal_newlines
  to return strings instead of bytes (LP: #1018354)

[Daniel Manrique]
* Fixed duplicate suspend/bluetooth_obex_after_suspend job name.
* scripts/dpkg_resource: Changed encoding from ascii to utf-8 to handle
  non-ascii locales (LP: #1018353)

[Jeff Lane]
* Migrated audio/external-HDMI-playback into checkbox. Modified the
  command to match our other audio tests that save and reset mixer

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