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Recent revisions

93. By Patrick Regan

Added clarifying language to Nagios set up guide.

The original set up guide did not specify what server the set up instructions
were to be added to. Added a sentence to clarify.

92. By Matthew East

* First release for maverick
* General:
  - Update copyright year, LP: #580396
  - Update version numbers for maverick, LP: #587119
  - Update pot files
* Administrative:
  - Users and Groups app UI changed - adjusted directions,
    LP: #570429 (Connor Imes)
* Basic-commands:
  - Removed incorrect comment about using ~ with sudo,
    LP: #570423 (Connor Imes)
* Internet:
  - Add section on Ubuntu One, authored by Matt Griffin with
    some changes/review
  - Typos: Cicso -> Cisco. Alex Wardle, LP: #561084
* Musicvideophotos:
  - Add material on using Ubuntu One Music Store and
    other Music Stores
    within Rhythmbox, content submitted by Matt Griffin
  - Update microphone troubleshooting, LP: #591164
* Serverguide:
  - Removed erroneous text from vmbuilder command,
    LP: #559190
  - Typo in network-config section. Alex Wardle, LP: #550892
  - Fix typo in Kerberos section. David C. Curtis, LP: #561788
  - Replaced dkim-filter with opendkim, feedback from
    Scott Kitterman. LP: #561825
  - Changed ldapsearch command in ACL section for new authentication
    mechanism. LP: #333733
  - Adjusted certificate wording to be more concise about which
    lines to copy. LP: #575859
  - Changed samba restart command to use new upstart scripts.
    LP: #575540
  - New information about granting groups Admin rights for Samba.
    LP: #579851
  - Various typos and English fixes from Travis Nichol, Connor Imes,
    Vikram Dhillon, Dean Sas, Andrew Rowell. LP: #594913,
    LP: #572959, LP: #603947
  - New Amavisd-new and Spamassassin section which adds note about possible
    large amount of error messages sent to email. LP: #165184 (Adam Sommer)
  - Removed OpenNebula section (Adam Sommer)
  - Removed eBox section (Adam Sommer)
  - Reviewed and updated User Management and Console Security sections
    (Adam Sommer)
  - Fixed spelling typo of dyngroup.schema, fixed ldapscripts <ask> example
    explanation, and ldapscripts example template path. LP: #595001
    (Adam Sommer)
  - Updates to UEC sections (Adam Sommer)
  - New "First Boot" section covering clout-init functionality (Adam Sommer)
  - Fix broken links to installation-guide, add distro-rev-short
    entity, LP: #575961
* Windows:
  - Change wording of windows/C/preparing.xml, LP: #483153

91. By Matthew East

* Import translations from Rosetta
* Replace old Ubuntu logo with new one from wiki:Brand (LP: #551058)

90. By Matthew East

* General:
  - Fixes to scripts/fix-url.sh (including LP: #482862)
  - Fix character encoding in contributors.xml (LP: #448618)
  - Updated version in browser-startpage html files, LP: #526320
  - Refresh pot files
* Add-applications:
  - Updates for UI changes, Phil Bull
* Config-desktop:
  - Added topic on changing window buttons from the left, Phil Bull
* Hardware:
  - Added mention of gsynaptics, Connor Imes, LP: #450567
* Internet:
  - Refresh list of plugins supplied by ubuntu-restricted-extras, branch
    from Nathan Murray, LP: #504981
  - Updates to reflect that Ekiga no longer installed by default, Connor Imes,
    LP: #508572
  - Grammar fix from Alex Wardle, LP: #517776
  - Order adjustment for shares-admin usage, Alex Wardle, LP: #518119
  - Button name change for shares-admin app, Alex Wardle, LP: #518170
  - Use unlock icon in networking section, Alex Wardle, LP: #518117
  - Updated directions on changing text size and page zooming in firefox,
    Alison Rowland, LP: #512556
  - Fixed guilabel usage in modem section. Alex Wardle, LP: #521243
  - Updated button and tab names in Static Connections section,
    Alex Wardle, LP: #521508
  - Typo fix in adsl section. Alex Wardle, LP: #525349
  - Removed unused and empty basics.xml, LP: #525431
  - Minor wording update to directions for sharing folders via nautilus,
    Connor Imes, LP: #518175
  - Use 'NetworkManager' not 'Network Manager' for consistency, Connor Imes
    LP: #518107
  - Update to troubleshooting mobile devices, Connor Imes, LP: #453459
  - Adjusted description of NetworkManager applet icons, Connor Imes
    LP: #440826
  - Additions to VPN section of connecting guide, Alex Wardle, LP: #452647
  - Expanded on using config files for vpn connections, Connor Imes
  - Command line substitution for Services utility which is not in Karmic or
    Lucid, Connor Imes, LP: #518460
  - Structural and language changes + updates for UI changes, Phil Bull
* Musicvideophotos:
  - Added section for recording and editing video, Book 'em Dano, LP: #367569
* Newtoubuntu:
  - Complete rewrite, Matthew East
* Printing:
  - Simple Scan replaced xsane for scanning documents, Alex Wardle, LP: #546193
* Serverguide:
  - Rename link to serverguide in advanced-topics.xml, Gilbert
    Mendoza, LP: #505708
  - Use distro-short-codename variable for vmbuilder documentation in
    serverguide rather than static version example, Connor Imes,. LP: #509653
  - Small fixes to security chapter, Connor Imes, LP: #510703
  - Small fixes from Nathan Handler, LP: #507624
  - Configuration change for OpenLDAP, Connor Imes, LP: #511090
  - Refresh of network-config section, Gilbert Mendoza, LP: #506800
  - Update manpage links to use distro-short-codename, Connor Imes
  - Changed OpenLDAP replication to use single Provider/Consumer configuration,
    Adam Sommer
  - Removed grub-password-security section - it does not apply to Grub2,
    Gilbert Mendoza, LP: #384148
  - Reference Grub2 community doc page for advanced configuration directions,
    Connor Imes, LP: #437446
  - Added necessary configuration options for apt Periodic in automatic-updates
    section, Connor Imes, LP: #532661
  - Added subsections for consumer and provider configuration steps, Adam Sommer
  - Changed TLS Replication section to use Single-Master scheme, Adam Sommer
  - Clarified Postfix TLS/SSL using a CA configuration steps, Adam Sommer,
    LP: #518289
  - Changed Apache2 Subversion configuration to use VirtualHost file instead
    of apache2.conf, Adam Sommer, LP: #515298.
  - Adding Ubuntu Wiki links to each section's Resources subsection, Adam Sommer
  - Added note in mail section about some packages being in multiverse,
    Connor Imes, LP: #509355
  - Use default serverguide index.html file location for accessing serverguide
    in terminal, Connor Imes, LP: #537167#
  - Updated to use Grub2 directions, Connor Imes, LP: #533582
  - Updated MySQL information for mysql-server-5.1, Adam Sommer
  - Replaced screen-profiles with byobu project, Adam Sommer
  - Changed egrep command with kvm-ok script, Adam Sommer
  - Removed references to likewise-open5, Adam Sommer
  - Add reporting-bugs.xml - Steve Beattie
  - Replaced Eucalyptus section with information on UEC, Adam Sommer
  - Updated command and configuration mistakes in vpn.xml, Adam Sommer
    LP: #489819
  - Replaced update-motd section with newer pam_motd, Adam Sommer, LP: #496184
  - Updated LocalSettings.php command for new file path, and recommending upping
    the memory limit based on feedback from Cornelius Brümmer, Adam Sommer
  - Updated Installation section for Lucid, and added row seperator for UEC
    requirement tables, Adam Sommer
  - Changed OpenLDAP TLS/SSL options to use gnutls to create certificate instead
    of OpenSSL, Adam Sommer
* Switching/Windows:
  - Updated dualboot section to use startupmanager for changing
    boot options (valid for Grub and Grub2), Connor Imes
  - Fixed 'Ubuntu Ubuntu' typo, Alex Wardle, LP: #526083
  - Removed old string from Windows section and copied correct string to
    Switching guide, Connor Imes, LP: #527905
  - Split off directions for exporting favorites in IE8. Broke different
    IE versions down into subsections, Connor Imes, LP: #528808

89. By Matthew East

* First upload for lucid
* General:
  - Refresh pot files
  - Changed 'Text Editor' to 'gedit Text Editor' LP: #442417 (Connor Imes)
* Advanced-topics:
  - Added link in advanced-topics to a description about Users and Groups in
    Debian systems. LP: #145055 (Connor Imes)
* Hardware:
  - Added mention of ext4 to hardware.xml and changed the mentioning of the
    default filesystem in Ubuntu from ext3 to ext4 LP #449667 (Connor Imes)
  - Removed subsection in hardware about quirk-checker script - link was
    broken, script is outdated LP: #461158 (Connor Imes)
* Keeping-safe:
  - Updating instructions for automatic login for new GDM LP: #442676
   (Dean Sas)
  - String adjustment (period inside of a quote tag), Scott Shields,
    LP: #496885
* Internet:
  - Changes remaining mention of flashplugin-nonfree to flashplugin-installer
    in web-apps.xml LP: #444546 (Connor Imes)
  - Change some <guimenu> tags to <guimenuitem> tags in web-apps.xml to show
    arrows in HTML documentation instead of + signs LP: #453512 (Connor Imes)
  - Removed reference to network-manager radio buttons, as radio buttons
    aren't used in this version of NM for wired networks (Jim Campbell)
  - Aligned similar strings in 'internet' section to benefit translators;
    some small adjustments. LP: #460360 (Connor Imes)
* Musicvideophotos:
  - Fixed apturl for mtp-tools package in music.xml LP #452262 (Connor Imes)
  - Improve ipod section, patch by Michael Fitzhugh. LP: #370085
* Printing:
  - Updated printer setup directions in printing section LP: #435510
    (Connor Imes)
  - Fix scanning typo. Patch by Shane Fagan LP: #447250
* Programming:
  - Removed entire programming section LP: #414035 (Connor Imes)
* Serverguide:
  - Adjusted wording in serverguide package-management file to more
    clearly describe apticron. LP: #473280 (Connor Imes)
  - Updated LDAP section for changes to the Jaunty package.
    Fixes LP: #475492, LP: #459403, LP: #463684 (Adam Sommer)
  - In OpenSSH section, .ssh/authorized_keys permissions should be
    600, not 644 LP: #491159 (Connor Imes)
  - Replaced description of ebox Log Observer in serverguide with a real
    description of the event's purpose LP: #405926 (Connor Imes)
  - Fixed IP example in serverguide's postfix configuration section
    LP: #495202 (Connor Imes)
  - Include 'auto eth1' in interfaces file for static IP configuration
    LP: #441802 (Connor Imes)
  - Fix for disabling Control-Alt-Delete in serverguide. Scott Shields,
    LP: #496465
  - Typo fix, Scott Shields, LP: #497867
  - PostgreSQL setup fix for config file pg_hba.conf, Scott Shields,
    LP: #492286
  - Misc fixes in windows-networking section. Vikram Dhillon, LP: #462607
  - Changes to RAID installation section LP: #428036, LP: #462719
    (Connor Imes)
  - Fixes and adjustments to web-servers LP: #462621 (Connor Imes)
* Switching:
  - Replaced Pidgin with Empathy in applications-equivalents
    LP: #490980 (Connor Imes)
  - Fixed misspelling of Rhythmbox (Connor Imes)
  - Added note about FAT32 file size limit to Windows. Also removed comment
    of NTFS needing extra work since Ubuntu now supports it out of the box
    LP: #442111 (Connor Imes)
  - Replaced explicit em-dashes with normal en-dashes LP: #493331
    (Connor Imes)
* Windows:
  - Menu entry correction, LP: #483149 (Jonathan Jesse)
  - Two very small fixes in Windows migratingdata section
    LP: #493358, LP: #493843 (Connor Imes)
  - Various updates to the Windows section on migrating data. LP: #492949,
    LP: #492951, LP: #492955, LP: #493166, LP: #493169 (Connor Imes)
  - Further updates to the Windows section on preparing to switch and
    migrating data - specifically for transferring email
    LP: #493169 (Connor Imes)
  - Add support for for exporting bookmarks in IE7 and IE8 LP: #442097
    (Shane Fagan)
  - Added necessary step to exporting Outlook data in windows section
    LP: #493866 (Connor Imes)
  - Ubuntu does have some fax support - adding link in glossary sections
    LP: #493346 (Connor Imes)

88. By Matthew East

Update translations from Rosetta

87. By Matthew East

* Remove draft watermark from html pages
* Drop fdupes script as it clashes with current pkgbinarymangler (LP: #441401)
  - also need to set CDBS_NO_GNOME_HELP_SYMLINKING=1 to stop fdupes script
* Update version number in offline browser startpage to 9.10

86. By Matthew East

* General:
  - Refresh pot files
  - Fix broken links to ghelp:hardware#jockey, Connor Imes, LP: #441460
  - Update references to gnome-app-install to software-center, Connor
    Imes, LP: #441810
* add-applications.xml:
  - Replace references to 'Third party software' with 'Other software',
    Shane Fagan, LP: #441323, LP: #441315
* internet.xml:
  - Update packagenames for flashplugin-installer and ttf-mscorefonts-installer,
    Connor Imes, LP: #441799
* musicvideophotos.xml:
  - Correct firefox flash error message, LP: #441815
* programming.xml:
  - Replace gambas with gambas2, Connor Imes, LP: #414287
* usb-creator.xml:
  - Correct typo, Connor Imes, LP: #442231
  - Correct unclear sentence, LP: #442461

85. By Matthew East

* General:
  - Refresh pot files
* hardware.xml:
  - Update jockey instructions to reflect UI changes from some time ago (LP: #281143)
  - Remove link to deprecated section in accessibility guide (LP: #293842)
* internet.xml:
  - Network manager network list no longer has radio buttons, Dean Sas
* keeping-safe.xml:
  - Update firewall section, Connor Imes / bodhi.zazen (LP: #377039)
* usb-creator.xml:
  - Add manual for usb-creator, new document by Augustina Blair
* serverguide.xml:
  - Add additional information for configuring TLS with OpenLDAP and gnutls, PeterNSteinmetz (LP: #437483)

84. By Matthew East

* General:
  - Refresh pot files
* Add-applications:
  - Amend add-applications in light of move from gnome-app-install to software-center
* Serverguide (by Adam Sommer unless otherwise stated):
  - Updating etckeeper section for new version and fixing typo, Thierry Carrez (LP: #432377)
  - Updating the Postgresql section for version 8.4, ~BG (LP: #426971)
  - Fix typos in Chat section, Connor Imes (LP: #410654)
  - Removing note about command line utility differences, Connor Imes (LP: #394728)
  - Update for phpinfo() test script, Christian Wenz (LP: #418045)
  - Added note about manually compiling drbd module in virtual kernels, removed bad config
    line based on feed back from Ante Karamatić (LP: #397241)
  - Apache2 configuration update for more security, and clarification of using SSL
    and Apache2 with Subversion (LP: #383605)
  - Added a link to the Windows Networking section to find more info regarding Samba (LP: #415622)
  - Added priority to MX record example (LP: #425207)
  - Added more configuration options to Amavisd-new section to flag more messages as spam (LP: #363442)
  - Updated mailman Apache2 configuration for latest version of moinmoin (LP: #381802)

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