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276. By Ken VanDine on 2015-10-02

[ Sebastien Bacher ]
* [hospot] include cmakefile hack to get files listed in qtcreator
* [security-privacy] use the system location as well to look for trust
  store items, that's needed at least for unity8-dash which is not
  distributed as a click and doesn't a .local entry (LP: #1501428)
* [sound] don't display silent mode warnings, sounds should just be
  played when user selected (LP: #1391502)

[ jonas-drange ]
* [phone] encode numbers before passing them to url-dispatcher (LP:

275. By Michael Vogt on 2015-10-05

No-change rebuild against libapt-pkg4.16

274. By CI Train Bot Account on 2015-09-24

[ CI Train Bot ]
* New rebuild forced.

[ jonas-drange ]
* [autopilot] use wait_select_single instead of select_single for all
* [security-privacy] fix test broken by recent ui changes

273. By CI Train Bot Account on 2015-09-18

[ jonas-drange ]
* [hotspot] hide/show based on modem availability from Connectivity
  (which also requires a bumped dep). (LP: #1487157)
* [time-date] Migrate threaded code to worker-object pattern, move
  sorting to a worker thread from the GUI thread, and only instantiate
  UbuntuTimeDatePanel plugin once. (LP: #1492260)
* [wifi/wpa2ep] allow passwords of length 1 for wpa enterprise
  authentication schemes. (LP: #1490417)

272. By CI Train Bot Account on 2015-09-15

[ Ken VanDine ]
ported to libqofono 0.82 (modemTechnologies now

271. By CI Train Bot Account on 2015-09-10

[ jonas-drange ]
* [hotspot] allow insecure hotspot, hide hotspot for mako, make
  autopilot tests run on mako, and change packaging so we get a newer
  Connectivity API (provided by indicator-network). (LP: #1431876)
* [system-update] deviceName now uses correct argument returned from
  system image backend. (LP: #1487432)

270. By CI Train Bot Account on 2015-09-09

[ Ken VanDine ]
* Don't initialize and int as NULL
* Fixed test to match string change
* Pass some args when pushing the online-accounts panel page

[ Sebastien Bacher ]
* [security-privacy] small bugfixes and ui tweaks update some strings
  to match the design translate the list items names include online
  accounts button (LP: #1488016, #1487382)
* [system-update] use scalable distributor-logo icon from the theme
  (LP: #1367137)

269. By CI Train Bot Account on 2015-09-01

[ Ken VanDine ]
* emit credentialsDeleted when the U1 token expired (LP: #1378678)

[ Manuel de la Pena ]
* Sign the query in order to get a possible auth error from the server
  and stop the user from trying to do updates with invalid creds.
* The updates page is leaking objects when we have a successful update
  and when we do have errors. The following branch ensures that no
  memory is wasted.

268. By CI Train Bot Account on 2015-08-31

[ <email address hidden> ]
Reworking bluetooth support in settings a bit to work as it should:
devices are now correctly connected after they got paired which
wasn't the case before due to timing reasons
(org.bluez.Audio/Input/... interface wasn't registered yet)
DevicePage is now created on the fly to avoid it displaying
information for a moment from a previously selected device
DevicePage is now split out of the PageComponent.qml file Discover
service functionality is dropped as bluez does this on its own and
we don't need to care (LP: #1488836)

267. By CI Train Bot Account on 2015-08-27

[ Ken VanDine ]
* Don't show the phone number in the about page, that is now provided
  by address-book-app (LP: #1364452)

[ Robert Ancell ]
* Use new QML package names for qml-module-qt-labs-folderlistmodel,

[ Sebastien Bacher ]
* [security-privacy] rename the "Lock phone" item to "Locking and
  unlocking" and do not include the screen delay as a value, it
  misleads users to think that the section is only about that where it
  also includes security options (LP: #1361127)
* [security-privacy] use the correct access to location string (LP:

[ jonas-drange ]
* Use wait_select_single instead of select_single to make the test
  less flaky
* [plugin] add has-dynamic-name to allow for dynamic renaming of a
  plugin. (LP: #1475629)

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