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9f4013c... by Björn Tillenius

LP: #1860619 - maasserver_event table grows without bounds

Don't emit an event for querying power and delete them from the
database. It's the only thing we can do for 2.8 to improve the situation
a bit at least.

Long-term we need to think about how to cull the event table
periodically, so that it can't grow too much.

4ddb147... by Alberto Donato

LP: #1879978 - snap: require running status command as root

e14999f... by Alberto Donato

log deprecation for --mode=all and legacy --database options

3c28f6b... by Lee Trager

LP: #1876217 - Gather OS information from /etc/os-release or /etc/lsb-release

894a324... by Lee Trager

LP: #1878923, #1878685 - Fix incorrect memory detection.

LXD was only detecting the amount of available memory in user space.
Memory reserved by the kernel was not shown as available. This caused MAAS
to show slightly less RAM then the system actually had.

MAAS was assuming that a NUMA node always had memory assigned to it. When
0 memory was assigned to a node commissioning would raise an exception and

ffe86b6... by Björn Tillenius

Fix 'maas config' so that it doesn't break when showing the config.

I also removed code for changing the mode, since it's too hard to
maintain backwards-compatibility. If the mode needs to be changed, 'maas
init' should be used.

I also didn't bother supporting the --database-uri parameter, since
'maas config' is currently quite low-level and just writes the passed
parameters to the config directly. In the future we should probably get
rid if 'maas config' completely and replace it with 'snap config'.

1660909... by Alberto Donato

LP: #1871356 - snap: hide maas init parameters for creating admin and configuring auth

d2734e4... by Caleb Ellis

Update maas-ui to 88a566ffe315f199204f58963a369fbb73f2a28e

84f687c... by Lee Trager

LP: #1879416 - Mark commissioning scripts as failed if processing errored

671636f... by Lee Trager

LP: #1877126 - Set the default composed machine memory amount to 2048M.