Last commit made on 2020-05-29
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1897d06... by Alberto Donato 11 hours ago

maas init: drop message about connecting maas-test-db interface

The interface is automatically connected at install (same publisher).

Also update the connect-snap-interfaces script to connect the interface if

e6e0b4f... by Alberto Donato 12 hours ago

drop unused .udeb packages and legacy utilities/publish script

f5a42cc... by Björn Tillenius 20 hours ago

Allow to user another name for the IPMI than 'maas'.

When MAAS enlists/commissions a node with IPMI, it automatically creates a
'maas' user with a random password.

This branch allows to change the name 'maas' to something else, if you already
have a 'maas' user on the BMC that you want to preserve.

1a940ab... by Caleb Ellis 23 hours ago

Update maas-ui to fff3fc49efe3ad4f51cabf3949b9ed2ccdf8ed93

e19aaad... by Kit Randel on 2020-05-29

Update maas-ui to 60b84f065a019cf32087c431d1ba3965101a74e2

423551b... by huwshimi on 2020-05-29

Update maas-ui to 6fab5f7bc03a0d4783777fb8bd56356f39974e92

5701b3c... by Caleb Ellis on 2020-05-29

Update maas-ui to a988f73610c9945cc760121d5453482968c2acf1

2a59e01... by Caleb Ellis on 2020-05-29

Update maas-ui to 7025a9f36f8979becb1119896fd3cf70077cdef1

e1a518d... by Alberto Donato on 2020-05-28

LP: #1880746 - filter out interfaces without linked node in patch

7358353... by Alberto Donato on 2020-05-28

snap: move chrony driftfile and logs from SNAP_DATA to SNAP_COMMON