Last commit made on 2019-10-18
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dc3fd1c... by Caleb Ellis on 2019-10-18

Show interface members (read-only) in the Network table.

5f6a1d3... by Alberto Donato on 2019-10-18

add isort, reformat

5617455... by Alberto Donato on 2019-10-17

Add back flake8 (with a black-compatible config) to provide linting.

Also lint a bunch of stuff that was erroring

aca63ea... by Newell Jensen on 2019-10-17

LP: #1848366 -- Run ip addr commissioning script on controllers as well to get needed network information to setup the interfaces

70ab75f... by Steve Rydz on 2019-10-17

Show speed fields only if editing physical nic

2bacb7e... by Newell Jensen on 2019-10-17

Add comment to Gopkg.toml for setting specific commits to build lxd binaries from. This will allow us to pin a specific lxd revision commit.

81f901b... by Steve Rydz on 2019-10-17

Make getCPUSubtext and getDefaultZone reliable

2cdb306... by Newell Jensen on 2019-10-17

Add a space between 'controller' and 'is' in vlan form message.

866f46d... by Steve Rydz on 2019-10-17

Fix filtering of vlans when creating a bridge

5717c65... by Blake Rouse on 2019-10-16

Ensure that mimeparse is used from packaging and not from requirements.txt.

Previous commit added mimeparse to the requirements.txt which meant that during development mimeparse was being used from the virtual environment. Once installed MAAS was using the python3-mimeparse that doesn't have the MimeTypeParseException. This ensures that the development environment uses the mimeparse that will be used during installation and the snap.