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24258b4... by Lee Trager on 2019-06-21

Allow Script parameters to be given by the user over the API.

When selecting commissioning or testing scripts over the API user may give
parameter arguments. These arguments will be validated and override the
builtin defaults. Parameters may be specified by the parameter name to apply
to all scripts. If a parameter is prepended by a script name that parameter
will only apply to the specific script overriding the default and any global

733baf7... by Lyubomir Popov on 2019-06-21

Pattern renames as per the vanilla 2.0 upgrade guide

326bfae... by Alberto Donato on 2019-06-21

move snap-data/ to snap/local/ since snapcraft now correctly ignores the dir

764be38... by Lyubomir Popov on 2019-06-21

Rename a couple of variables to match vf 2.0 names. Remove them from the migration file.

f20a2e8... by Lyubomir Popov <email address hidden> on 2019-06-21

Adjust media queries to match vanilla 2.0

f9ad977... by Newell Jensen on 2019-06-21

Add interface_test_status and interface_test_status_name to the API node read and websockets node dehydrate.

ecbf059... by Lyubomir Popov <email address hidden> on 2019-06-20

Remove styles targeting unused patterns that got deprecated in vf 2.0

de135b2... by Lyubomir Popov on 2019-06-20

Rename grid classes to vf 2.0 names; remove name mappings from migration file

a42a3aa... by Lee Trager on 2019-06-19

Add URL parameter support to Scripts

c9ab387... by Newell Jensen on 2019-06-19

Enable updating interface_speed, link_connected, and link_speed from the websocket handler.