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5a64b43... by Adam Collard 10 hours ago

Bump version to a 2.8.0a1dev1

febf3bd... by Alberto Donato on 2020-02-17

ensure database migrations are run after migrating to the snap

cbccce3... by Alberto Donato on 2020-02-14

LP: #1862514 - filter third party drivers by series

95ab0b9... by Newell Jensen on 2020-02-11

LP: #1847794 -- Add Interface model unique_together constraint for node and name to limit duplicate interface creation that is happening when updating interfaces on a controller.

5359a46... by Alberto Donato on 2020-02-11

LP: #1862680 - Silence wget since script output is parsed as json

e5b3c9b... by Adam Collard on 2020-02-07

Add migration for event.node to on_delete DO_NOTHING

Fixes LP:1862379

01f3713... by Alberto Donato on 2020-02-07

a few cleanups for the deb/snap migration script

cfd5599... by Alberto Donato on 2020-02-07

add a helper script that will be called from the transitional deb package to perform migration tasks to the snap.

Note that the script will not be called inside snap containment, it's just
shipped in the snap so that it's easier to update.

f590d12... by Björn Tillenius on 2020-02-05

Fix intermittent test failures in the numa node tests.

The tests got unordered lists of numa nodes and network interfaces. Most
of the time, the lists were in the order the tests expected, but now and
then postgres would return them in a different order.

860fa4b... by Björn Tillenius on 2020-02-05

Fix test__reassign_interfaces intermittent failure.

Instead of replacing the existing PENDING script result, the test ended
up with 3 script results for the same script. Most of the time postgres
would return the latest one first, but now and then it would return one
of the others, that were still PENDING.