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82cb895... by Caleb Ellis 16 minutes ago

Make machine groups selectable, collapsible and display count

5d95f2e... by Caleb Ellis 7 hours ago

LP: #1825143 - Display default OS/release deployment in in-table action menu

637fbe1... by Lee Trager on 2019-04-23

LP: #1825240 - Do not allow datastores to be created unless the VMFS6 storage layout has been applied.

VMFS datastores only work with VMware ESXi. Prevent them from being created
unless the VMFS6 storage layout has been previously applied. This prevents
users from thinking we support VMFS Datastores on other operating systems.

To be backwards compatible with previous versions of MAAS VMware ESXi can
still be deployed without applying the VMFS6 storage layout. In that case
the default layout, including a datastore will be applied on deployment.
If the VMFS6 storage layout is applied make sure a datastore is defined
as one will always be created.

d54a7db... by Lee Trager on 2019-04-23

LP: #1821220 - Prevent base ESXi partitions from being modified.

The VMware ESXi image is a DD image which contains a base set of 8 partitions
which may not be modified. This ensures onces the VMFS6 storage layout a
user cannot delete, format, or mount any of those partitions. To remove
them a different layout must be applied first.

VMware ESXi also skips partition 4 in its layout. MAAS was not properly
skipping this partition, this has been fixed.

59f316c... by Caleb Ellis on 2019-04-23

Update machine grouping styles to latest design

296e8ef... by Alberto Donato on 2019-04-23

handle automated IDP selection in configauth with user/pass from env

4a41f83... by Lee Trager on 2019-04-22

LP: #1825244 - Send WS what storage layout has been detected on the machine.

The websocket node handler will now include a new 'detected_storage_layout'
field. This field is the storage layout name that matches the currently
applied storage configuration closest. This does not imply that the layout
was previously applied, a user may have manually configured storage to be
similar to an existing layout. This check matches on the base configuration,
users may have modified the configuration. For example if the LVM layout was
applied and a user reconfigures the system to have one EXT4 partition on the
first disk and a second on a second disk this will return 'flat'.

4426002... by Lee Trager on 2019-04-19

LP: #1825241 - Allow VMFS6 layout to be applied to any disk

b6f9ecb... by Lee Trager on 2019-04-19

Only send vCenter credentials when an admin is deploying ESXi

439d511... by Kit Randel on 2019-04-18

Group machine listing by user.