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de3cc65... by Lee Trager 13 hours ago

LP: #1852765 - Ensure all VersionTextFiles are Unix formatted.

61cdc91... by Lee Trager on 2019-12-11

LP: #1855022 - Cleanup orphaned ScriptResults after commissioning failure.

Scripts which have parameters may become orphaned when created before
commissioning has run when an error occurs during commissioning.
ScriptResults on an uncommissioned machine use the 'all' place holder which is mapped to devices after commissioning has run. If commissioning
fails this mapping never occurs. When a subsequent commissioning passes
the mapping works and the unmapped ScriptResult are never cleaned up as
they appear unique. This leaves failed tests associated with the node.

a670ea6... by Adam Collard on 2019-12-09

Release 2.7.0b2

ac0dacf... by Adam Collard on 2019-12-09

Bump maas-ui to v0.1.1 (r=blr)

a7d7d7b... by Taihsiang Ho on 2019-12-06

Fix missing rst codeblock syntax

1d1b8ae... by Lee Trager on 2019-12-05

LP: #1855035 - Run network tests against the boot interface after commissioning

When network configuration is applied to the boot interface no configured IP
address is associated with the device. The ParametersForm only allows
configured devices to be tested so the boot interface is ignored causing the
place holder to be left. During commissioning the ParametersForm can safely
allow the boot interface to be tested as we know it works with DHCP.

02faff9... by Adam Collard on 2019-12-04

Explicitly test for existence of ~/.cache and set GOCACHE

11eedee... by Adam Collard on 2019-12-04

Bump maas-ui for 2.7.0b1 (r=ack)

b1bb83d... by Adam Collard on 2019-12-04

Update release scripts to support focal, beta releases

a10f82b... by Lee Trager on 2019-12-03

LP: #1847537 - Don't include DNS in V1 DHCP only config, make static config and dhcpd.conf respect allow_dns

V2 network configuration specifies DNS information per interface while V1
specifies DNS information globally. MAAS always included DNS information for
V1 config due to the global config while V2 config never included DNS
information as it is configured per interface. Now if all interfaces are
being configured with DHCP global DNS information will be omitted from V1
config so the machine gets its DNS information from the DHCP server.

The MAAS DHCP configuration generator and V2 static config now respects the
allow_dns field. Users can now use MAAS provided DNS, specify DNS servers, or
use both. Changing the allow_dns field will now reconfigure the DHCP server.