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468ec1a... by Rodrigo Barbieri 12 hours ago

LP: #1898122 Fix release API for DISCOVERED IPs

When using the release API, the case of DISCOVERED IPs is not handled. According to the code, they ought to be released the same way as DHCP IPs.

3622b84... by Bill Wear 13 hours ago

Update maas-offline-docs to 4699a72
(1) revert symlinks to fix bug introduced into builds

c81666d... by Dougal Matthews 15 hours ago

LP: #1896826 - Don't include the epoch in the MAAS version

cb228c7... by Dougal Matthews 17 hours ago

Remove unused template files

These files seem to be unmaintained and unused. Most of them only offer
minimal examples that can be seen in the docs.

67cd58d... by Alberto Donato 18 hours ago

LP: #1898679 - serve the file with ".html" extension if resource without extension is requested

f727815... by Alberto Donato 19 hours ago

small cleanup in code syncing node interfaces from resources info

17a8258... by Caleb Ellis 22 hours ago

Update maas-ui to e2e8847
fix(cypress): fix cypress tests rendering incorrect navigation

In the Cypress tests, the intro is skipped by setting a cookie.
This allowed access to the rest of the app but did not update the
navigation. This was only apparent on fresh MAAS installs that had
not yet completed the intro.

354b9f7... by huwshimi on 2020-10-21

Update maas-ui to 26f1c18
fix(ui): search repos by display name

Add the package repository display name as a search attribute.

Fixes: canonical-web-and-design/maas-ui#1783.

9baf6f0... by huwshimi on 2020-10-21

Update maas-ui to 2f9b3ca
fix(ui): add a cancel button to the script upload form

Add a cancel button to the form for uploading commissioning and testing scripts in the settings.

Fixes: canonical-web-and-design/maas-ui#1782

0980288... by Bill Wear on 2020-10-21

Update maas-offline-docs to 9613027
adding back production-html directory, in case it's needed by legacy code it the build