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763429b... by Alberto Donato 16 minutes ago

drop unused maas version from network service

f67e2cd... by huwshimi 1 hour ago

Update maas-ui to 38d6f80
Update upload button to show the spinner while uploading.

970930c... by Caleb Ellis 4 hours ago

Update maas-ui to 8111375
feat(ui): add machine action forms to LXD VM table (#2501)

a47a760... by Bill Wear 9 hours ago

Update maas-offline-docs to 92b7d47
Bug/feature doc, evolution 4: create a long-form how-to document for 'Report a bug'

db02ee5... by Bill Wear 12 hours ago

Update maas-offline-docs to e3c38ef
Bug/feature doc, evolution 3: create and link in doc pages with skeletal instructions on reporting a bug and requesting a new feature, with links to launchpad bugs and discourse, respectively.

4b300c7... by Bill Wear 13 hours ago

Update maas-offline-docs to 7744e7d
Bug/feature doc, evolution 2: separate 'Report a bug' (-->+filebug) and 'Request a feature' (-->discourse) in nav, with plans to shrink Intro nav element by combining rqmts, install, config into one page

7495f9d... by Alberto Donato 18 hours ago

Collect info about origin repo for deb versions, report deb versions from update check service.

a083c52... by Erlon R. Cruz 18 hours ago

LP #1809939: dhcp snippet create fail when dhcp subnet is relayed

80709e2... by Alberto Donato 19 hours ago

LP: 1923251 - set empty_value for CharField default in pod drivers

This fixes the linked by always passing a value for "project" (which must be
set), falling back to the default when no value is specified.

13cc184... by Alberto Donato 22 hours ago

fail before running tests if there are missing DB migrations