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76a1fc6... by Lee Trager on 2019-08-16

Release AUTOIP addresses when powered off in a non-use status

Commissioning and testing now require AUTOIP addresses to be assigned to
allow for network validation testing. The signal to end these statuses
comes before the machine is actually turned off. Further users may keep
the machine on after commissioning/testing to debug script issues. To
ensure that AUTOIPs are released MAAS will now release any assigned
AUTOIP if the machine isn't currently in a status that needs an IP and
is off.

c9f2d4b... by Caleb Ellis on 2019-08-16

Add button to copy logs to clipboard

4cf271a... by Steve Rydz on 2019-08-16

LP: #1837210 - Fix machine config form diabled if no mac address

bde86ff... by Adam Collard on 2019-08-15

Serialise last_login to string

Fixes issue with 678f4b8

1d2c9fd... by Lee Trager on 2019-08-14

On regeneration preserve only the value of non interface or storage parameters.

7de3a21... by Anthony Dillon on 2019-08-14

Fix some Vanilla v2 regressions

d7cf3cb... by Adam Collard on 2019-08-14

Add dependency on jquery

Fixes LP:1838559

678f4b8... by Adam Collard on 2019-08-14

Add last_login, machine_count and is_local to user websocket handler

6166492... by Lee Trager on 2019-08-13

Validate at least one interface is configured when the interface param is used

If no interface is configured the ParametersForm sets a place holder, 'all'.
This works when commissioning as the default network settings will be
applied. If 'all' is given during testing the test will fail as it doesn't
know what to test.

d8df877... by Lee Trager on 2019-08-13

Restore the ephemeral environment networking after netplan apply fails.

When applying custom network configuration CustomNetworking uses the helper
run_and_check. This runs the specified command and if a failure occurs
sends the log and fails the test. Previously the reset was happening after
run_and_check tried to send the failure. If netplan apply failed there is
no valid network config so the send fails and MAAS never gets the result.
run_and_check now accepts a failure_hook to run when a failure is detected
before sending the result. CustomNetworking passes apply_ephemeral_netplan
function to ensure failures are sent with valid network config.