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72. By Andres Rodriguez

* debian/control: Make maas-dns a Dependy of maas-region-controller.
* debian/maas-region-controller.postinst: Ensure DNS config migration is
  always run. (LP: #1413388)

71. By Andres Rodriguez

* New upstream release, MAAS 1.7.5 bzr (LP: #1460737):
  - MAAS cli/API: missing option set use-fast-installer /
    use-debian-installer (LP: #1456969)

70. By Andres Rodriguez

* New Upstream Release, Beta 8 bzr 3272.
  - Maintain backward compatibility with status codes to not break
    client MAAS API users. (LP: #1383609)
  - Allow users to disable DHCP NIC scanning during commissioning otherwise
    this can lead machines not being able to commission (LP: #1383384)
  - Ensure that MAAS can correctly download, and install HWE Kernels, and
    not crash in the process. (LP: #1357532, LP: #1382281)
  - Add a lock to ensure we don't give the same 2 systems to two different
    users when acquiring a machine. (LP: #1382575)

[ Michael McCracken ]
* debian/maas-dns.postrm: ensure named.conf is cleaned of maas
  includes (LP: #1346538)

69. By Andres Rodriguez

* New Upstream Snapshot, Beta 7 bzr3266

[ Jeroen Vermeulen ]
* debian/extras/99-maas-sudoers
  - Add second DHCP server instance for IPv6.
* debian/maas-region-controller-min.install
  - Install deployment user-data: maas_configure_interfaces.py script.
* debian/maas-cluster-controller.links
  - Reflect Celery removal changes made in trunk r3067.
  - Don't install celeryconfig_cluster.py any longer.
  - Don't install maas_local_celeryconfig_cluster.py any longer.
  - Don't symlink maas_local_celeryconfig_cluster.py from /etc to /usr.
  - Don't insert UUID into maas_local_celeryconfig_cluster.py.

[ Andres Rodriguez ]
* debian/maas-region-controller-min.postrm: Cleanup lefover files.
* debian/maas-dhcp.postrm: Clean leftover configs.
* Provide new maas-proxy package that replaces the usage of
  - debian/control: New maas-proxy package that replaces the usage
    of squid-deb-proxy; Drop depends on squid-deb-proxy.
  - Add upstrart job.
  - Ensure squid3 is stopped as maas-proxy uses a caching proxy.
* Remove Celery references to cluster controller:
  - Rename upstart job from maas-pserv to maas-cluster; rename
    maas-cluster-celery to maas-cluster-register. Ensure services
    are stopped on upgrade.
  - debian/maintscript: Cleanup config files.
  - Remove all references to the MAAS celery daemon and config
    files as we don't use it like that anymore
* Move some entries in debian/maintscript to
* Remove usage of txlongpoll and rabbitmq-server. Handle upgrades
  to ensure these are removed correctly.

[ Jason Hobbs ]
* debian/maas-region-controller-min.install: Install
  maas-generate-winrm-cert script.

[ Raphaël Badin ]
* debian/extras/maas-region-admin: Bypass django-admin as it prints
  spurious messages to stdout (LP: #1365130).

[Louis Bouchard]
* debian/maas-cluster-controller.postinst:
  - Exclude /var/log/maas/rsyslog when changing ownership
    (LP: #1346703)

[Gavin Panella]
* debian/maas-cluster-controller.maas-clusterd.upstart:
  - Don't start-up the cluster controller unless a shared-secret has
    been installed.
* debian/maas-cluster-controller.maas-cluster-register.upstart: Drop.

68. By Andres Rodriguez

* New upstream release, 1.7.0 Beta 1

[Diogo Matsubara]
* debian/control:
  - maas-cluster-controller depends on syslinux-dev |
    syslinux-common (LP: #1328659)
  - python-maas-provisioningserver depends on
    python-paramiko (LP: #1334401)

[Jeroen Vermeulen]
* debian/extras/99-maas-sudoers:
  - Let maas user import, including sudo tgt-admin and sudo uec2roottar.
* debian/maas-cluster-controller.install:
  - Stop installing obsolete file bootresources.yaml.

[ Raphaël Badin ]
* debian/control:
  - maas-cluster-controller depends on python-pexpect
* debian/extras/99-maas-sudoers:
  - Add rule 'maas-dhcp-server stop' job.

[ Greg Lutostanski ]
* debian/control:
  - maas-cluster-controller depends on grub-common
  - maas-provisioningserver not maas-cluster-controller depends on
    python-pexpect (LP: #1352273)
  - maas-provisioningserver not maas-cluster-controller depends on
    python-seamicroclient (LP: #1332532)

[ Gavin Panella ]
* debian/maas-cluster-controller.postinst
  - Allow maas-pserv to bind to all IPv6 addresses too.

[ Julian Edwards ]
* debian/maas-region-controller-min.apport
  - Change the log file name maas.log to maas-django.log
* debian/maas-cluster-controller.postinst
  - Install /var/log/maas/maas.log as a syslog file.
  - Ensure logging is set up for upgrades

[ Graham Binns ]
* debian/maas-region-controller.postinst:
  - Add symlinks for squid3, squid-deb-proxy and apache log directories to

[ Andres Rodriguez ]
* debian/maas-region-controller.postinst: Force symlink creation
  for external logs.
* debian/maas-region-controller.postinst: Do not change celery's
  rabbitmq password on upgrade that to not lock remote
  Cluster Controllers if upgrading from 1.5+. (LP: #1300507)

67. By Julian Edwards

* New upstream bugfix release:
  - Auto-link node MACs to Networks (LP: #1341619)

[ Julian Edwards ]
* debian/maas-region-controller.postinst: Don't restart RabbitMQ on
  upgrades, just ensure it's running. Should prevent a race with the
  cluster celery restarting.
* debian/rules: Pull upstream branch from the right place.

[ Andres Rodriguez ]
* debian/maas-region-controller.postinst: Ensure cluster celery is
  started if it also runs on the region.

66. By Greg Lutostanski

* debian/control:
 - Add missing dependency in maas-cluster-controller for grub-common
   (LP: #1328231)
 - Move dependency from maas-cluster-controller to maas-provisioningserver for
   python-seamicroclient (LP: #1332532)

65. By Greg Lutostanski

* New upstream bugfix release:
 - Remove workaround for fixed Django bug 1311433 (LP: #1311433)
 - Ensure that validation errors are returned when adding a node over
   the API and its cluster controller is not contactable. (LP: #1305061)
 - Hardware enablement support for PowerKVM (LP: #1325038)
 - Shorten the time taken for a cluster to initially connect to the region
   via RPC to around 2 seconds (LP: #1317682)
 - Faster DHCP leases parser (LP: #1305102)
 - Documentation fixed explaining how to enable an ephemeral backdoor
   (LP: #1321696)
 - Use probe-and-enlist-hardware to enlist all virtual machine inside
   a libvirt machine, allow password qemu+ssh connections.
   (LP: #1315155, LP: #1315157)
 - Rename ppc64el boot loader to PowerKVM (LP: #1315154)
 - Fix NodeForm's is_valid() method so that it uses Django's way of setting
   errors on forms instead of putting text in self.errors['architecture']
   (LP: #1301465)
 - Change BootMethods to return their own IReader per-request, update method
   names to reflect new usage. (LP: #1315154)
 - Return early and stop the DHCP server when the list of managed interfaces
   of the nodegroup is empty. (LP: #1324944)
 - Fix invalid attribute references in the VirshSSH class. Added more test
   for the VirshSSH class. (LP: #1324966)
* debian/control:
 - Add missing dependency in maas-cluster-controller for python-pexpect
   (LP: #1322151)

64. By Andres Rodriguez

debian/control: Really fix missing dep on python-crochet for

63. By Andres Rodriguez

* New upstream bugfix release
  - Drops upstream patch to try to fix a regression that in reality was
    a hack to fix an issue in django. (LP: #1311433)
* debian/control: Add missing dep on python-crochet for
  maas-cluster-controller. (LP: #1311765)

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