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70. By Andres Rodriguez on 2014-10-22

* New Upstream Release, Beta 8 bzr 3272.
  - Maintain backward compatibility with status codes to not break
    client MAAS API users. (LP: #1383609)
  - Allow users to disable DHCP NIC scanning during commissioning otherwise
    this can lead machines not being able to commission (LP: #1383384)
  - Ensure that MAAS can correctly download, and install HWE Kernels, and
    not crash in the process. (LP: #1357532, LP: #1382281)
  - Add a lock to ensure we don't give the same 2 systems to two different
    users when acquiring a machine. (LP: #1382575)

[ Michael McCracken ]
* debian/maas-dns.postrm: ensure named.conf is cleaned of maas
  includes (LP: #1346538)

69. By Andres Rodriguez on 2014-08-21

* New Upstream Snapshot, Beta 7 bzr3266

[ Jeroen Vermeulen ]
* debian/extras/99-maas-sudoers
  - Add second DHCP server instance for IPv6.
* debian/maas-region-controller-min.install
  - Install deployment user-data: maas_configure_interfaces.py script.
* debian/maas-cluster-controller.links
  - Reflect Celery removal changes made in trunk r3067.
  - Don't install celeryconfig_cluster.py any longer.
  - Don't install maas_local_celeryconfig_cluster.py any longer.
  - Don't symlink maas_local_celeryconfig_cluster.py from /etc to /usr.
  - Don't insert UUID into maas_local_celeryconfig_cluster.py.

[ Andres Rodriguez ]
* debian/maas-region-controller-min.postrm: Cleanup lefover files.
* debian/maas-dhcp.postrm: Clean leftover configs.
* Provide new maas-proxy package that replaces the usage of
  - debian/control: New maas-proxy package that replaces the usage
    of squid-deb-proxy; Drop depends on squid-deb-proxy.
  - Add upstrart job.
  - Ensure squid3 is stopped as maas-proxy uses a caching proxy.
* Remove Celery references to cluster controller:
  - Rename upstart job from maas-pserv to maas-cluster; rename
    maas-cluster-celery to maas-cluster-register. Ensure services
    are stopped on upgrade.
  - debian/maintscript: Cleanup config files.
  - Remove all references to the MAAS celery daemon and config
    files as we don't use it like that anymore
* Move some entries in debian/maintscript to
* Remove usage of txlongpoll and rabbitmq-server. Handle upgrades
  to ensure these are removed correctly.

[ Jason Hobbs ]
* debian/maas-region-controller-min.install: Install
  maas-generate-winrm-cert script.

[ Raphaël Badin ]
* debian/extras/maas-region-admin: Bypass django-admin as it prints
  spurious messages to stdout (LP: #1365130).

[Louis Bouchard]
* debian/maas-cluster-controller.postinst:
  - Exclude /var/log/maas/rsyslog when changing ownership
    (LP: #1346703)

[Gavin Panella]
* debian/maas-cluster-controller.maas-clusterd.upstart:
  - Don't start-up the cluster controller unless a shared-secret has
    been installed.
* debian/maas-cluster-controller.maas-cluster-register.upstart: Drop.

68. By Andres Rodriguez on 2014-08-21

* New upstream release, 1.7.0 Beta 1

[Diogo Matsubara]
* debian/control:
  - maas-cluster-controller depends on syslinux-dev |
    syslinux-common (LP: #1328659)
  - python-maas-provisioningserver depends on
    python-paramiko (LP: #1334401)

[Jeroen Vermeulen]
* debian/extras/99-maas-sudoers:
  - Let maas user import, including sudo tgt-admin and sudo uec2roottar.
* debian/maas-cluster-controller.install:
  - Stop installing obsolete file bootresources.yaml.

[ Raphaël Badin ]
* debian/control:
  - maas-cluster-controller depends on python-pexpect
* debian/extras/99-maas-sudoers:
  - Add rule 'maas-dhcp-server stop' job.

[ Greg Lutostanski ]
* debian/control:
  - maas-cluster-controller depends on grub-common
  - maas-provisioningserver not maas-cluster-controller depends on
    python-pexpect (LP: #1352273)
  - maas-provisioningserver not maas-cluster-controller depends on
    python-seamicroclient (LP: #1332532)

[ Gavin Panella ]
* debian/maas-cluster-controller.postinst
  - Allow maas-pserv to bind to all IPv6 addresses too.

[ Julian Edwards ]
* debian/maas-region-controller-min.apport
  - Change the log file name maas.log to maas-django.log
* debian/maas-cluster-controller.postinst
  - Install /var/log/maas/maas.log as a syslog file.
  - Ensure logging is set up for upgrades

[ Graham Binns ]
* debian/maas-region-controller.postinst:
  - Add symlinks for squid3, squid-deb-proxy and apache log directories to

[ Andres Rodriguez ]
* debian/maas-region-controller.postinst: Force symlink creation
  for external logs.
* debian/maas-region-controller.postinst: Do not change celery's
  rabbitmq password on upgrade that to not lock remote
  Cluster Controllers if upgrading from 1.5+. (LP: #1300507)

67. By Julian Edwards on 2014-08-21

* New upstream bugfix release:
  - Auto-link node MACs to Networks (LP: #1341619)

[ Julian Edwards ]
* debian/maas-region-controller.postinst: Don't restart RabbitMQ on
  upgrades, just ensure it's running. Should prevent a race with the
  cluster celery restarting.
* debian/rules: Pull upstream branch from the right place.

[ Andres Rodriguez ]
* debian/maas-region-controller.postinst: Ensure cluster celery is
  started if it also runs on the region.

66. By Greg Lutostanski on 2014-06-20

* debian/control:
 - Add missing dependency in maas-cluster-controller for grub-common
   (LP: #1328231)
 - Move dependency from maas-cluster-controller to maas-provisioningserver for
   python-seamicroclient (LP: #1332532)

65. By Greg Lutostanski on 2014-06-02

* New upstream bugfix release:
 - Remove workaround for fixed Django bug 1311433 (LP: #1311433)
 - Ensure that validation errors are returned when adding a node over
   the API and its cluster controller is not contactable. (LP: #1305061)
 - Hardware enablement support for PowerKVM (LP: #1325038)
 - Shorten the time taken for a cluster to initially connect to the region
   via RPC to around 2 seconds (LP: #1317682)
 - Faster DHCP leases parser (LP: #1305102)
 - Documentation fixed explaining how to enable an ephemeral backdoor
   (LP: #1321696)
 - Use probe-and-enlist-hardware to enlist all virtual machine inside
   a libvirt machine, allow password qemu+ssh connections.
   (LP: #1315155, LP: #1315157)
 - Rename ppc64el boot loader to PowerKVM (LP: #1315154)
 - Fix NodeForm's is_valid() method so that it uses Django's way of setting
   errors on forms instead of putting text in self.errors['architecture']
   (LP: #1301465)
 - Change BootMethods to return their own IReader per-request, update method
   names to reflect new usage. (LP: #1315154)
 - Return early and stop the DHCP server when the list of managed interfaces
   of the nodegroup is empty. (LP: #1324944)
 - Fix invalid attribute references in the VirshSSH class. Added more test
   for the VirshSSH class. (LP: #1324966)
* debian/control:
 - Add missing dependency in maas-cluster-controller for python-pexpect
   (LP: #1322151)

64. By Andres Rodriguez on 2014-05-09

debian/control: Really fix missing dep on python-crochet for

63. By Andres Rodriguez on 2014-05-09

* New upstream bugfix release
  - Drops upstream patch to try to fix a regression that in reality was
    a hack to fix an issue in django. (LP: #1311433)
* debian/control: Add missing dep on python-crochet for
  maas-cluster-controller. (LP: #1311765)

62. By Andres Rodriguez on 2014-04-15

* New upstream bugfix release. Fixes:
  - Hardware Enablement for Cisco B-Series. (LP: #1300476)
  - Allow AMT power type to specify IP Address. (LP: #1308772)
  - Spurious failure when starting and creating lock files. (LP: 1308069)
  - Fix regression introduced by a security fix (LP: #1311433, LP: #1311433)
  - Fix usage of hardware enablement kernels by fixing the preseeds
    (LP: #1310082, LP: #1310076, LP: #1310082)
  - Fix parallel juju deployments. (LP: #1314409)
  - Clear distro_series when stopping node from WebUI (LP: #1316396)
  - Fix click hijacking (LP: #1298784)
  - Fix blocking API client when deleting a resource (LP: #1313556)
  - Do not import Trusty RC images by default (LP: #1311151)

61. By Andres Rodriguez on 2014-04-09

* New upstream release
  - Add support to install Third Party Drivers. In order for this to be
    used the user will have to go to the Settings page to enable the
    installation of these drivers. (LP: #1305839)
  - Use release images instead of daily. (LP: #1306701)
  - Quote interface name in dhcpd.template, otherwise DHCP server fails
    to start. (LP: #1306335)
  - Fix IntegrityError, when multiple processes are trying to register
    the same component. (LP: #1307415)
  - Add missing armhf commissioning template (LP: #1307780)
* debian/maas-region-controller-min.install: Install drivers.yaml.
* debian/maas-region-controller.postinst: No longer show the
  installation note by default. (LP: #1284652)

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