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d0024e9... by Alexey Botchkov

Fix to quiet the compiler on Windows.

0dd5d2e... by Alexey Botchkov

MDEV-27595 Backport SQL service, introduced by MDEV-19275.

test_sql_service.test fixed.

6f67f4b... by Alexey Botchkov

MDEV-27595 Backport SQL service, introduced by MDEV-19275.

Embedded-server related fixes.

47ec1a4... by Alexey Botchkov

MDEV-27832 disable binary logging for SQL SERVICE.

Binary logging is now disabled for the queries run by SQL SERVICE.
The binlogging can be turned on with the 'SET SQL_LOG_BIN=On' query.


acdea5f... by Nayuta Yanagisawa

Disable binlog if (!thd_orig || thd_orig->lock)

e160acc... by Alexey Botchkov

MDEV-26890 : Crash on shutdown, with active binlog dump threads

   Backported from 10.7.
   The reason for the crash was a bug in MDEV-19275, after which
   shutdown does not wait for binlog threads anymore.

9620aac... by Alexey Botchkov

Fixes to make SQL SERVICE working.

05b17c3... by Nayuta Yanagisawa

tmp (doesn't work)

8d7d39a... by Nayuta Yanagisawa

MDEV-27233 Server hangs when using --init-file which loads Spider and creates a Spider table

Spider waits until the server initialization is complete
(i.e., mysqld_server_started == 1) before creating the Spider system
tables like mysql.spider_XX. Spider also wait until the tables are
created before creating ha_spider.

This results in dead lock when Spider is loaded and a Spider table is
created by --in-file because queries passed by --in-file are executed
during the server initialization (i.e., mysqld_server_started == 0).

However, there seems to be no need for Spider to wait until the server
initialization is completed before creating the system tables. Thus,
we simply remove that synchronization.

6137a97... by Alexey Botchkov

The SQL SERVICE backported into the 10.4 to be tested.