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6b9775b... by Sachin Setiya on 2018-05-17

MDEV-16239 Many test in rpl suite fails

Fix rpl_skip_error test.
  We cant reset Slave_skipped_errors(even with FLUSH STATUS), So instead
of absolute slave_skipped_errors we look for delta of slave_skipped_errors
Fix rpl.rpl_binlog_errors and binlog_encryption.rpl_binlog_errors
  We create the $load_file and $load_file2 but we never remove them.
Fix rpl_000011.test
  Instead of real value use delta value , Since flush status wont flush
LONGLONG variable.
Fix rpl_row_find_row_debug
  Instead of searching whole log_error_ file we will use search_pattern_in_file
which runs pattern search only on latest test run , instead of full file.
Fix rpl_ip_mix rpl_ip_mix2
  We should call reset slave all because we also want to reset master_host
otherwise show slave status wont be empty and making repeat N a failure.
Fix rpl_rotate_logs
  First we have to remove file (cleanup) and second we have to
call reset slave all because if we do not call reset slave all then we wont
read file beacuse we already have master config in memory.
And this makes start slave to pass , which shoud fail becuase its permision
is 000
Fix circular_serverid0 test
  The reason is that ++dbug_rows_event_count == 2 in queue_event does
not take --repeat into account. So I have reseted the dbug_rows_event_count
in if body.

43882e7... by Alexander Barkov on 2019-08-09

MDEV-20303 SPACE(-1) returns a wrong data type

2dac123... by Alexander Barkov on 2019-08-09

A cleanup for `MDEV-20273 Add class Item_sum_min_max` - removing duplicate code

Reusing the MIN()/MAX() fix_length_and_dec() related code for window functions
- LEAD()

c3d67c1... by Alexander Barkov on 2019-08-08

MDEV-20292 REPEAT(x,-1) returns a wrong data type

e555df6... by Alexander Barkov on 2019-08-08

MDEV-20285 Wrong result on INSERT..SELECT when converting from SIGNED to UNSIGNED

7fc86a7... by Alexander Barkov on 2019-08-07

MDEV-20272 PERCENTILE_DISC() crashes on a temporal type input

d70dac2... by Alexander Barkov on 2019-08-07

MDEV-20278 PERCENTILE_DISC() returns a wrong data type

e978efd... by Alexander Barkov on 2019-08-07

MDEV-20273 Add class Item_sum_min_max

a8def12... by Alexander Barkov on 2019-08-06

MDEV-20263 sql_mode=ORACLE: BLOB(65535) should not translate to LONGBLOB

f36c018... by Sergey Petrunia on 2019-08-06

MDEV-17544: No warning when trying to name a primary key constraint

Part#2: update .result files for affected MyRocks tests