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cbfc2e9... by Jacob Mathew on 2017-09-20

Adding direct update/delete to the server and to the partition engine.

Contains Spiral patches:
- Spiral Patch 006: 006_mariadb-10.2.0.direct_update_rows.diff MDEV-7704
- Spiral Patch 008: 008_mariadb-10.2.0.partition_direct_update.diff MDEV-7706
- Spiral Patch 010: 010_mariadb-10.2.0.direct_update_rows2.diff MDEV-7708
- Spiral Patch 011: 011_mariadb-10.2.0.aggregate.diff MDEV-7709
- Spiral Patch 027: 027_mariadb-10.2.0.force_bulk_update.diff MDEV-7724
- Spiral Patch 061: 061_mariadb-10.2.0.mariadb-10.1.8.diff MDEV-12870

- Add support for direct update and direct delete requests. A direct
  update/delete request handles all qualified rows in a single operation,
  rather than one row at a time.

- This patch has the following differences compared to the original patch:
  - Most of the parameters of the new functions are unnecessary. The
    unnecessary parameters have been removed.
  - Changed bit positions for new handler flags upon consideration of
    handler flags not needed by other Spiral patches.

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