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8492414... by Anel Husakovic <email address hidden> on 2019-01-24

Fix is_check_constraints.result to be compatibile with 10.3

The patch is done according to the original patch for MDEV 14474
1edd09c325525cba33152 and not one which is merged on server
This patch includes:
- Rename from `is_check_constraint` to `is_check_constraints` to tests
and results
- Change `get_check_constraints_record` to be consistent to `10.3`
- Change the order of fields in IS check_constraints table according to
the standard and MDEV 14474
- Original patch and one in `10.3` supports embedded server this patch doesn't
support (embedded not included in test) but could-TBD?

7c7161a... by Thirunarayanan Balathandayuthapani <email address hidden> on 2019-01-28

MDEV-18194 Incremental prepare tries to access page which is out of tablespace bounds

Mariabackup incremental prepare creates new tablespace when it encounter
new tablespace. It sets the intial size as FIL_IBD_FILE_INITIAL_SIZE (4).
But while applying redo log, it tries to access 5th page and then
it leads to out of tablespace error.

While parsing the redo log record, track FSP_SIZE in recv_spaces for the
respective space id. Assign the recv_size for the tablespace when it
is loaded. Extend the tablespace depends on recv_size while applying
the redo log record.

a2641b2... by Vladislav Vaintroub on 2019-01-29

MDEV-18380 : adjust max_statement_time in mariabackup

f669cec... by Thirunarayanan Balathandayuthapani <email address hidden> on 2019-01-30

MDEV-18415 mariabackup.mdev-14447 test case fails with Table 'test.t' doesn't exist in engine

- Added retry logic if validation of first page fails with checksum

20e19f6... by Vladislav Vaintroub on 2019-01-31

MDEV-17479 Assertion `mysql_socket.fd != -1' failed in inline_mysql_socket_send on server shutdown

Do not try to write ER_SHUTDOWN error message to socket, when it is forcefully closed by the shutdown.
This will avoid the race condition (attempt to write to closed socket, if connection shuts down by itself).

b8aef87... by Thirunarayanan Balathandayuthapani <email address hidden> on 2019-01-30

MDEV-16849 Extending indexed VARCHAR column should be instantaneous

Increasing the length of the indexed varchar column is not an instant operation for

- Introduce the new handler flag 'Alter_inplace_info::ALTER_COLUMN_INDEX_LENGTH' to
indicate the index length differs due to change of column length changes.

- InnoDB makes the ALTER_COLUMN_INDEX_LENGTH flag as instant operation.

This is a port of Mysql fix.

    commit 913071c0b16cc03e703308250d795bc381627e37
    Author: Nisha Gopalakrishnan <email address hidden>
    Date: Wed May 30 14:54:46 2018 +0530

                      TO VARCHAR(40) INSTANTANEOUSLY

97930df... by Jan Lindström on 2019-01-28

Merge pull request #1142 from codership/10.2-MDEV-15740

MDEV-15740 Fixes to Galera transaction recovery

4ef5569... by Teemu Ollakka <email address hidden> on 2019-01-24

MDEV-15740 Enabled and recorded galera_gcache_recover_manytrx

ddfc789... by Teemu Ollakka <email address hidden> on 2019-01-27

MDEV-15740 Recorded wsrep-recover-v25

4ea1283... by Teemu Ollakka <email address hidden> on 2019-01-24

MDEV-15740 Fix wsrep recovery with wsrep_emulate_bin_log

If the TC log did not provide list of XIDs to recover, the
commit by XID was skipped during wsrep recovery if binlog emulation
was on. However, with wsrep we want to commit every prepared transaction
with assigned wsrep XID since the transaction has already been
committed in the cluster.

Added a special condition to always proceed to commit by XID in
xarecover_handlerton() if binlog is off and the recovered transaction
has wsrep XID.