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a78d5dd... by Vlad Lesin on 2019-02-13

MDEV-18573: avoid backup inconsistency in 10.2

--no-lock and --lock-ddl-per-table options deprecared, the corresponing
code is removed. aria_log_control is copied first and aria_log.# files last
under FTWRL.

8a9cdc5... by Marko Mäkelä on 2019-02-12

Merge 10.1 into 10.2

5b82751... by Julius Goryavsky <email address hidden> on 2019-02-06

MDEV-18426: Most of the mtr tests in the galera_3nodes suite fail

Most of the mtr tests in the galera_3nodes suite fail
for a variety of reasons with a variety of errors.

This patch fixes several substantial flaws
in the galera_3nodes suite tests and in the mtr framework
service files, adapting the tests from galera_3nodes
for the current version of MariaDB.

This patch also synchronizes some galera_3nodes-related
files with the latest changes made for MDEV-17835 (v2 patch)
and for MDEV-18379 in other branches (10.2 and 10.3).

Closes #1161

aae261e... by Daniel Bartholomew <email address hidden> on 2019-02-11

bump the VERSION

9e4f299... by Marko Mäkelä on 2019-02-11

Merge 10.1 into 10.2

be25414... by Marko Mäkelä on 2019-02-11

MDEV-18016: Cover the no-rebuild case, and remove a bogus debug assertion

The code path where the table was not being rebuilt during ALTER TABLE
was not covered by the test. Add coverage, and remove the debug assertion
that could fail in this case.

ca325a4... by Sergei Golubchik on 2019-02-09

CONNECT: update test results

894f44b... by Sergei Golubchik on 2019-02-09

CONNECT: Windows paths

Followup for db8f0daeb4f

e5a5ae4... by Oleksandr Byelkin <email address hidden> on 2019-02-08

revert the check changes made in 8f5ea83ff109827748d2f9f5025ed6c6bb91fd80

and in fef9013d43b734ca062d7f9a2e1e320aa512d9d8

bc50d72... by Sergei Golubchik on 2019-02-08

C/C again

fixes memory leaks in tests