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2c9844a... by Igor Babaev 16 hours ago

MDEV-18896 Crash in convert_join_subqueries_to_semijoins : Correction

This patch complements the original patch for MDEV-18896 that prevents
conversions to semi-joins in tableless selects used in INSERT statements
in post-5.5 versions of the server.
The test case was corrected as well to ensure that potential conversion
to jtbm semi-joins is also checked (the problem was that one of
the preceeding testcases in subselect_sj.test did not restore the
state of the optimizer switch leaving the 'materialization' in the state
'off' and so blocking this check).
Noticed an inconsistency in the state of select_lex::table_list used
in INSERT statements and left a comment about this.

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