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3ebbfd8... by Alexander Barkov

MDEV-29159 Patch for MDEV-28918 introduces more inconsistency than it solves, breaks usability

1. Store assignment failures on incompatible data types now raise errors if:
- STRICT_ALL_TABLES or STRICT_TRANS_TABLES sql_mode is used, and
- IGNORE is not used

Otherwise, only a warning is raised and the statement continues.

2. Changing the error/warning test as follows:

-ERROR HY000: Illegal parameter data types inet6 and int for operation 'SET'
+ERROR HY000: Cannot cast 'int' as 'inet6' in assignment of `db`.`t`.`col`

so in case of a big table it's easier to see which column has the problem.
The new error text is also applied to SP variables.

97d16c7... by Marko Mäkelä

Merge 10.6 into 10.7

212994f... by Marko Mäkelä

MDEV-28974: mariadb-backup --prepare fails

fil_name_process(): Upon processing a new file name for FILE_RENAME, rename
the tablespace in deferred_spaces.

recv_sys_t::parse(): Rearrange some code to slightly improve the locality
of reference. Invoke fil_name_process() with FILE_MODIFY, FILE_DELETE
or the new case FILE_RENAME, for the new file name of the file.

This should be a regression due to
commit 86dc7b4d4cfe15a2d37f8b5f60c4fce5dba9491d (MDEV-24626)
and it might also affect the crash recovery of DDL operations.

34cdc00... by Marko Mäkelä

MDEV-13542 fixup: Improve page reorganize

btr_page_reorganize_low(): Restore mtr->set_log_mode() before returning.

innobase_instant_try(): Do not invoke rec_get_offsets() if
btr_cur_pessimistic_update() failed. The cursor position may be

84d26f9... by Norio Akagi <email address hidden>

MDEV-28315 Fix ASAN stack-buffer-overflow in String::copy_aligned

Starting since this commit 36cdd5c3cdb06d8538f64c0b312ffe4672a92e75
there is an ASAN stack-buffer-overflow error because we append a NULL
terminator beyond the length of memory allocated.

Reviewed by: Monty and Nayuta Yanagisawa


MDEV-28400 Leak in trx_mod_time_t::start_bulk_insert()

- Change partition does undo logging of all rows unnecessarily and
it invokes bulk insert during DDL. Better to avoid the logging of undo
records during copy of the parititon.

63478e7... by Marko Mäkelä

MDEV-21098: Assertion failure in rec_get_offsets_func()

The function rec_get_offsets_func() used to hit ut_error
due to an invalid rec_get_status() value of a
ROW_FORMAT!=REDUNDANT record. This fix is twofold:
We will not only avoid a crash on corruption in this case,
but we will also make more effort to validate each record
every time we are iterating over index page records.

rec_get_offsets_func(): Do not crash on a corrupted record.

page_rec_get_nth(): Return nullptr on error.

page_dir_slot_get_rec_validate(): Like page_dir_slot_get_rec(),
but validate the pointer and return nullptr on error.

page_cur_search_with_match(), page_cur_search_with_match_bytes(),
page_dir_split_slot(), page_cur_move_to_next():
Indicate failure in a return value.

page_cur_search(): Replaced with page_cur_search_with_match().

rec_get_next_ptr_const(), rec_get_next_ptr(): Replaced with

TODO: rtr_page_split_initialize_nodes(), rtr_update_mbr_field(),
and possibly other SPATIAL INDEX functions fail to properly handle

Reviewed by: Thirunarayanan Balathandayuthapani
Tested by: Matthias Leich
Performance tested by: Axel Schwenke

a6f7c8e... by Rucha Deodhar <email address hidden>

MDEV-28762: recursive call of some json functions without stack control

Fixup to MDEV-28762. Fixes warnings about unused variable "stack_used_up"
during building with RelWithDebInfo

05a407b... by Daniel Lenski <email address hidden>

MDEV-28782: modify mariadb-tzinfo-to-sql to set 'wsrep*' variables appropriately in cases where Galera is not compiled in

In 3b662c6ebd26b54ce534d9e7451cdc31e6c0046c, it was discovered that the
values of the 'wsrep_is_on' and 'wsrep_cannot_replicate_tz' variables need
to be overridden for embedded builds to pass

However, there are other build configurations where these variables also
have NULL values. The mariadb-tzinfo-to-sql script (implemented in
sql/ can be slightly modified to set its 'wsrep_is_on' and
'wsrep_cannot_replicate_tz' variables more predictably in all such cases,
thus allowing the mysql_tzinfo_to_sql_symlink.test test to pass without
any special-casing for particular build types.

See comments:


All new code of the whole pull request, including one or several files that
are either new files or modified ones, are contributed under the BSD-new
license. I am contributing on behalf of my employer Amazon Web Services,


- Fixed the change_column_collation test case to avoid the
loss of debug sync signal