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aed0415... by Chad Smith on 2019-01-29

releasing cloud-init version 18.5-21-g8ee294d5-0ubuntu1

91026e0... by Chad Smith on 2019-01-29

update changelog (New upstream snapshot 18.5-21-g8ee294d5).

ee19771... by Chad Smith on 2019-01-29

merge from origin/master at 18.5-21-g8ee294d5

8ee294d... by Chad Smith on 2019-01-28

opennebula: also exclude epochseconds from changed environment vars

In addition to EPOCHREALTIME there is also an EPOCHSECONDS environment
variable that OpenNebula needs to exclude as it is expected to change.
This commit supplements the other exclusion in commit

Without this fix, unittests will intermittently fail if
parse_shell_config is run across a timing boundary where the
EPOCHSECONDS changes mid-test.

LP: #1813641

09dcecf... by Robert Schweikert on 2019-01-28

systemd: Render generator from template to account for system differences.

The systemd generator used had a hard coded path for the location target
file to create. This path does not apply to all distributions.
Make the generator and template to have the path set during build time.

3f12012... by Robert Schweikert on 2019-01-28

sysconfig: On SUSE, use STARTMODE instead of ONBOOT

ONBOOT is not recognized on openSUSE and SUSE Linux Enterprise,
add the STARTMODE setting

LP: #1799540

7a6ed1a... by Paride Legovini on 2019-01-28

flake8: use ==/!= to compare str, bytes, and int literals

8723728... by Chad Smith on 2019-01-26

releasing cloud-init version 18.5-17-gd1a2fe73-0ubuntu1

44bfb49... by Chad Smith on 2019-01-26

update changelog (New upstream snapshot 18.5-17-gd1a2fe73).

6585154... by Chad Smith on 2019-01-26

merge from origin/master at 18.5-17-gd1a2fe73