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c2e8f04... by James Falcon

releasing cloud-init version 21.2-43-g184c836a-0ubuntu1

ba2a3b7... by James Falcon

update changelog (New upstream snapshot 21.2-43-g184c836a).

398d7e7... by James Falcon

merge from main at 21.2-43-g184c836a

184c836... by James Falcon

Initial hotplug support (#936)

Adds a udev script which will invoke a hotplug hook script on all net
add events. The script will write some udev arguments to a systemd FIFO
socket (to ensure we have only instance of cloud-init running at a
time), which is then read by a new service that calls a new 'cloud-init
devel hotplug-hook' command to handle the new event.

This hotplug-hook command will:
- Fetch the pickled datsource
- Verify that the hotplug event is supported/enabled
- Update the metadata for the datasource
- Ensure the hotplugged device exists within the datasource
- Apply the config change on the datasource metadata
- Bring up the new interface (or apply global network configuration)
- Save the updated metadata back to the pickle cache

Also scattered in some unrelated typing where helpful

eacb035... by James Falcon

Fix MIME policy failure on python version upgrade (#934)

Python 3.6 added a new `policy` attribute to `MIMEMultipart`.
MIMEMultipart may be part of the cached object pickle of a datasource.
Upgrading from an old version of python to 3.6+ will cause the
datasource to be invalid after pickle load.

This commit uses the upgrade framework to attempt to access the mime
message and fail early (thus discarding the cache) if we cannot.
Commit 78e89b03 should fix this issue more generally.

881be6e... by Paride Legovini

run-container: fixup the centos repos baseurls when using http_proxy (#944)

The EPEL repo file used to have as its
baseurl. That has now been replaced by `download.example`, which we need
to replace with, the actual mirror we want to
download from.

We can't use or the mirrorlist (which is the
default way for finding mirrors) because of our internal proxy rules.

This change only applies if http_proxy is set, otherwise the mirrors are
reached in the default way.

a185f31... by Chad Smith

tools: add support for building rpms on rocky linux (#940)

9b52405... by Emanuele Giuseppe Esposito <email address hidden>

ssh-util: allow cloudinit to merge all ssh keys into a custom user file, defined in AuthorizedKeysFile (#937)

This patch aims to fix LP1911680, by analyzing the files provided
in sshd_config and merge all keys into an user-specific file. Also
introduces additional tests to cover this specific case.

The file is picked by analyzing the path given in AuthorizedKeysFile.

If it points inside the current user folder (path is /home/user/*), it
means it is an user-specific file, so we can copy all user-keys there.
If it contains a %u or %h, it means that there will be a specific
authorized_keys file for each user, so we can copy all user-keys there.
If no path points to an user-specific file, for example when only
/etc/ssh/authorized_keys is given, default to ~/.ssh/authorized_keys.
Note that if there are more than a single user-specific file, the last
one will be picked.

Signed-off-by: Emanuele Giuseppe Esposito <email address hidden>
Co-authored-by: James Falcon <email address hidden>

LP: #1911680

108611a... by xiaofengw-vmware <email address hidden>

VMware: new "allow_raw_data" switch (#939)

Add a new switch allow_raw_data to control raw data feature, update
the documentation. Fix bugs about max_wait.

7f5e682... by James Falcon

bump pycloudlib version (#935)