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ab07628... by Alberto Contreras

releasing cloud-init version 23.4-0ubuntu1

def0cf1... by Alberto Contreras

update changelog (new upstream snapshot)

129f0c8... by Alberto Contreras

merge from 23.4 at 23.4

6e04a2c... by Alberto Contreras

Release 23.4

Bump the version in cloudinit/ to 23.4 and
update ChangeLog.

90825eb... by Chad Smith

tests: datasourcenone use client.restart to block until done (#4635)

Earlier iterations of this test exposed failure cases where
DataSourceNone and cloud-init status --wait would block indefinitely
in some failure modes. The primary failure mode was DataSourceNone
config on LXD containers due to invalid network config on virtual
NICs due to LP:#2022947 and newer netplan resulting in
tracebacks preventing init local and network boot stages from
persisting completion status to /run/cloud-init/status.json.

This is resolved already within the test by copying working
network config prior to DataSourceNone detection on lxd_containers.

The test can now rely on client.restart default blocking and retries
to avoid expiring all retries on platforms with slower reboots.

a84d788... by Chad Smith

tests: increase number of retries across reboot to 90 (#4651)

Restart time after reboot is slower than 30 seconds on
some platforms. Give the DatasourceNone detection a total
of 90 seconds.

efb97f4... by James Falcon

fix: Add schema for merge types (#4648)

Fixes GH-4647

fe144a5... by "qidong.ld" <email address hidden>

feat: Allow aliyun ds to fetch data in init-local (#4590)

30761d5... by Chris Patterson <email address hidden>

azure: report failure to eject as error instead of debug (#4643)

Signed-off-by: Chris Patterson <email address hidden>

10281c8... by Chad Smith

bug(schema): write network-config if instance dir present (#4635)

Only write /var/lib/cloud/instance/network-config.json once
datasource is detected. The /var/lib/clound/instance symlink is
created by Init.instancify after datasource detection is complete.

Move creation of /var/lib/cloud/instance/network-config.json into
a separate method _write_network_config_json. It will be called by
any call to apply_network_config.

apply_network_config is called in both Local and Network stages.

In Local stage, apply_network_config is used to either:
 - render the final network config of datasource detected in Local
 - in absence of Local datasource, render basic fallback DHCP on
   primary NIC to allow network to come up before detecting a
   Network datasource

For Network datasources, they will not have been discovered or
instancify'd in Local boot stage, so apply_network_config cannot
yet persist network-config.json.

Defer creation of network-config.json for Network datasources
until the link /var/lib/cloud/instance exists and
apply_network_config is called in Network stage to render final
network config.

Fixes GH-4630