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ddf5500... by Alberto Contreras

releasing cloud-init version 22.2-139-gb64ba456-0ubuntu1~22.10.1

ff46f35... by Alberto Contreras

update changelog (New upstream snapshot 22.2-139-gb64ba456).

02b829f... by Alberto Contreras

merge from upstream/main at 22.2-139-gb64ba456

b64ba45... by Alberto Contreras

test: use fake filesystem to avoid file removal (#1647)

cc5d9f4... by Alberto Contreras

tox: Fix tip-flake8 and tip-mypy (#1635)

f20ea7d... by Fabian Lichtenegger-Lukas <email address hidden>

config: Add wireguard config module (#1570)

Wireguard module provides a dynamic interface for
configuring Wireguard (as a peer or server).

This module takes care of:
- writing interface configuration files
- enabling and starting interfaces
- installing wireguard-tools package
- loading wireguard kernel module
- executing readiness probes

The idea behind readiness probes is to ensure
Wireguard connectivity before continuing the cloud-init
process. This could be useful if you need access to
specific services like an internal APT Repository Server
(e.g Landscape) to install/update packages.

daa2b42... by Chad Smith

tests: can run without azure-cli, tests expect inactive ansible (#1643)

Bump pycloud version to include fixes so Azure tests can run on VMs
without an azure-cli installed.

dd502aa... by Alberto Contreras

typing: Type UrlResponse.contents (#1633)

typing: Type UrlResponse.contents

As requests.Response.contents returns always an instance of bytes,
type UrlResponse.contents accordingly.

This change undercovered an incorrect typing in
sources/helpers/azure, that was hidden because
ElementTree.fromstring accepts str and bytes.

682c81a... by Alberto Contreras

testing: fix references to `DEPRECATED.` (#1641)

f4d5f73... by Alberto Contreras

ssh_util: Handle sshd_config.d folder

Write sshd config to /etc/ssh/sshd_config.d/50-cloud-init.conf
if the sshd_config sources sshd_config.d

LP: #1968873