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83f6bbf... by Lucas Albuquerque Medeiros de Moura on 2021-04-12

Fix unpickle for source paths missing run_dir (#863)

On the datasource class, we require the use of paths.run_dir to
perform some operations. On older cloud-init version, the
Paths class does not have the run_dir attribute. To fix that,
we are now manually adding that attribute in the Paths
object if doesn't exist in the unpickle operation.

LP: #1899299

fb38aa5... by Jens Sandmann on 2021-04-09

sysconfig: use BONDING_MODULE_OPTS on SUSE (#831)

Update sysconfig configuration to use BONDING_MODULES_OPTS instead of
BONDING_OPTS when on a SUSE system. The sysconfig support requires use
of BONDING_MODULE_OPTS whereas the initscript support that rhel uses
requires BONDING_OPTS.

a9d3664... by Jens Sandmann on 2021-04-07

lp-to-git-users: adding B1Sandmann (#828)

15dd360... by Petr Fedchenkov <email address hidden> on 2021-04-07

bringup_static_routes: fix gateway check (#850)

When bringing up DHCP-provided static routes, we check for ""
to indicate an unspecified gateway. However, when parsing the static
route in `parse_static_routes`, the gateway is never specified with
a net length, so the "/0" will never happen.

This change updates the gateway check to check only for "".

fc5d541... by hamalq <email address hidden> on 2021-03-30

add hamalq user (#860)

74fa008... by Eduardo Otubo on 2021-03-30

Add support to resize rootfs if using LVM (#721)

This patch adds support to resize a single partition of a VM if it's using an
LVM underneath. The patch detects if it's LVM if the given block device
is a device mapper by its name (e.g. `/dev/dm-1`) and if it has slave
devices under it on sysfs. After that syspath is updated to the real
block device and growpart will be called to resize it (and automatically
its Physical Volume).

The Volume Group will be updated automatically and a final call to
extend the rootfs to the remaining space available will be made.

Using the same growpart configuration, the user can specify only one
device to be resized when using LVM and growpart, otherwise cloud-init
won't know which one should be resized and will fail.

rhbz: #1810878
LP: #1799953

Signed-off-by: Eduardo Otubo <email address hidden>
Signed-off-by: Scott Moser <email address hidden>

3b7e2e8... by James Falcon <email address hidden> on 2021-03-29

Fix mis-detecting network configuration in initramfs cmdline (#844)

klibc initramfs in debian allows the 'iscsi_target_ip=' cmdline
parameter to specify an iscsi device attachment. This can
cause cloud-init to mis-detect the cmdline paramter as a
networking config.

LP: #1919188

13606a1... by Dermot Bradley on 2021-03-25

tools/write-ssh-key-fingerprints: do not display empty header/footer (#817)

When output of SSH host keys and/or SSH fingerprints are disabled for
all keys do not display headers and footers.

Prevent risk of message text being interpreted as "logger" option by
appending "--" to logger options.

Correct syslog output that was tagged with "ec2" regardless of DataSource
in use. Now use "cloud-init" tag instead.

Various "shellcheck" corrections.

Add testcase for disabled output of SSH host keys.

6ae1145... by Johnson Shi on 2021-03-25

Azure helper: Ensure Azure http handler sleeps between retries (#842)

Ensure that the Azure helper's http handler sleeps a fixed duration
between retry failure attempts. The http handler will sleep a fixed
duration between failed attempts regardless of whether the attempt
failed due to (1) request timing out or (2) instant failure (no

Due to certain platform issues, the http request to the Azure endpoint
may instantly fail without reaching the http timeout duration. Without
sleeping a fixed duration in between retry attempts, the http handler
will loop through the max retry attempts quickly. This causes the
communication between cloud-init and the Azure platform to be less
resilient due to the short total duration if there is no sleep in
between retries.

d4acc09... by timothegenzmer <email address hidden> on 2021-03-24

Fix chef apt source example (#826)

key is a property of source1 and not sources