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c3556ae... by Johnson Shi 18 hours ago

Refactor Azure report ready code (#468)

This PR refactors Azure report ready code to include more robust tests and telemetry.

1212675... by Dan Watkins 19 hours ago

tox.ini: pin correct version of httpretty in xenial{,-dev} envs (#531)

The version was bumped in c7248059dd2faaaadfbcef5c83e8e8ea166d6767 to
support running on Python 3.7+ systems. Now that we have separate
`xenial` and `xenial-dev` tox environments, we can restore the correct
pinning for `xenial` without breaking `xenial-dev` on developer

Also drop the `mock` dependency from `xenial-shared-deps`; its removal
was missed in 5f8f85bb38cc972d3d2c705a1ec73db3f690f323.

546617c... by James Falcon <email address hidden> 20 hours ago

Support Oracle IMDSv2 API (#528)

* v2 of the API is now default with fallback to v1.
* Refactored the Oracle datasource to fetch version, instance, and vnic metadata simultaneously.

f912024... by Dan Watkins 20 hours ago

.travis.yml: run a doc build during CI (#534)

We have doc8 configured, so we should use it to gate documentation

545b1c7... by Dan Watkins 20 hours ago

doc/rtd/topics/datasources/ovf.rst: fix doc8 errors (#533)

Plus a minor formatting improvement.

4fb7eab... by sshedi <email address hidden> 22 hours ago

Fix 'Users and Groups' configuration documentation (#530)

Few of the 'User and Groups' configurations in cloud-config have no effect on
already existing users. This was not documented earlier.

This change set adds that information to documentation.

Signed-off-by: Shreenidhi Shedi <email address hidden>

6ac71fd... by Dan Watkins on 2020-08-13

cloudinit.distros: update docstrings of add_user and create_user (#527)

This aligns their docstrings more closely with their actual behaviour.

46950cc... by Caleb Xavier Berger <email address hidden> on 2020-08-13

Fix headers for device types in network v2 docs (#532)

6d74815... by Alex Baranowski on 2020-08-11

Add AlexBaranowski as contributor (#508)

a6bb375... by Dan Watkins on 2020-08-10

DataSourceOracle: refactor to use only OPC v1 endpoint (#493)

The /opc/v1/ metadata endpoints[0] are universally available in Oracle
Cloud Infrastructure and the OpenStack endpoints are considered
deprecated, so we can refactor the data source to use the OPC endpoints
exclusively. This simplifies the datasource code substantially, and
enables use of OPC-specific attributes in future.