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0562ca6... by Adam Dobrawy <email address hidden> 3 hours ago

Add Rootbox & HyperOne to list of cloud in README (#176)

02fdd98... by Chad Smith on 2020-01-16

docs: add proposed SRU testing procedure (#167)

Co-Authored-By: Daniel Watkins <email address hidden>

651e240... by Dan Watkins on 2020-01-16

util: rename get_architecture to get_dpkg_architecture (#173)

This makes it clearer that we should only use this in code paths that
will definitely have dpkg available to them.

- Rename get_architecture -> get_dpkg_architecture
- Add docstring to get_dpkg_architecture

259d9c5... by Ryan Harper on 2020-01-16

Ensure util.get_architecture() runs only once (#172)

* Ensure util.get_architecture() runs only once

util.get_architecture() recently was wrapped using python3's lru_cache()
which will cache the result so we only invoke 'dpkg --print-architecture'
once. In practice, cloud-init.log will show multiple invocations of the
command. The source of this was that the debian Distro object implements
the get_primary_arch() with this command, but it was not calling it from
util, but issuing a util.subp() directly. This branch also updates
cc_apt_configure methods to fetch the arch value from the distro class,
and then ensure that the methods apt_configure calls pass the arch value

* utils: remove lsb_release and get_architecture wrappers

The original lsb_release wrapper was used to prevent polluting the
single value we cached, however lru_cache() already handles this
case by using args, kwargs values to cache different calls to the

* rename_apt_list: use all positional parameters

bb4131a... by Conrad Hoffmann <email address hidden> on 2020-01-14

Only use gpart if it is the BSD gpart (#131)

Currently, cloud-init will happily try to run `gpart` on Linux even
though on most distributions this a different tool [1]. Extend the
availability check to make sure the `gpart` present is really the BSD
variant, to avoid accidental execution.

Also add a pointer to the docs, so that people do not try to install
gpart on Linux in the expectation it will work with this module.


863394b... by Gonéri Le Bouder on 2020-01-14

freebsd: remove superflu exception mapping (#166)

We often map exception when is not necessary. This commit clean up
the FreeBSD distro file.

3f6192b... by Paride Legovini on 2020-01-10

ssh_auth_key_fingerprints_disable test: fix capitalization (#165)

Adapt the test to the new capitalization introduced in

c911afb... by Igor Galić <email address hidden> on 2020-01-10

util: move uptime's else branch into its own boottime function (#53)

Also fix bugs:
- pass binary instead of string to sysctlbyname(), and
- unpack the "return value" in a struct, rather than in single integer.

LP: #1853160

Co-Authored-By: Ryan Harper <email address hidden>

6e7f859... by Chad Smith on 2020-01-10

workflows: add contributor license agreement checker (#155)

Check whether the pull request submitter has signed the CLA due
to presence of in tools/.lp-to-git-user

Set 'CLA signed' if present, 'CLA not signed' label if absent

* grep for the full github username in CLA file

Co-authored-by: Daniel Watkins <email address hidden>

3aaa0f2... by Dan Watkins on 2020-01-08

lp-to-git-users: adding OddBloke (#159)

Mapped from daniel-thewatkins