Last commit made on 2019-10-08
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13c2610... by Iain Lane

ubi-partman: Handle ZFS option not being implemented on KDE frontend

LP: #1847228

992944a... by Steve Langasek

fix up for wrong import-dsc that pulled d-i source into the git repo confusingly

e31192c... by Iain Lane

Finalise changelog

2beb39c... by Iain Lane

Update changelog

cb27b93... by Iain Lane

Run debconf-updatepo to re-generate translation template

19c9fab... by Jean-Baptiste Lallement

debian/rules: Do not patch grub-installer when it doesn't exist

3020c47... by Iain Lane

Merge branch 'zfs_install_two' of git+ssh://git.launchpad.net/~jibel/ubiquity/+git/ubiquity

7cb3325... by Iain Lane

gtk: Set a maximum width for the "Installation Complete" dialog

This has been stupidly wide for many years, and it's about time we
fixed it.

15b9490... by Jean-Baptiste Lallement

Adjust width of final dialog. Thanks Laney

25a8a77... by Jean-Baptiste Lallement

Check that user is a directory before moving to it's own dataset