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16. By Billy Olsen on 2015-06-25

* Detect when underlying kombu connection to rabbitmq server has been
  disconnected and allow oslo.messaging to go through the reconnect
  logic (LP: #1448650):
  - d/p/redeclare-consumers-when-ack-requeue-fails.patch: redeclare
    consumers when ack/requeue fails.

15. By James Page on 2015-06-23

* New upstream point release (LP: #1467959):
  - RabbitMQ driver:
    + Adding publisher acknowledgements/confirms for better handling
      of messages during broker shutdown/network failure.
    + Ensure consumer connections closed properly (LP: #1458917).
    + Set timeout on the underlying socket (LP: #1436788).
    + Disable and mark heartbeat as experimental (LP: #1436769).
    + Fix ipv6 support.
  - ZeroMQ driver:
    + Don't raise Timeout on no-matchmaker results (LP: #1186310).
    + Fix issue with Redis not deleting expired keys (LP: #1417464).
    + d/p/Fix-changing-keys-during-iteration-in-matchmaker-hea.patch,
      d/p/Add-pluggability-for-matchmakers.patch: Dropped, included

14. By James Page on 2015-03-30

* New upstream release for OpenStack Kilo, including enablement
  of RabbitMQ heartbeating for improved connection failure detection
  (LP: #856764):
  - d/p/zmq-redis-fix-topic-registration.patch,
    d/p/disable-zmq-tests.patch: Dropped, included upstream.
  - d/p/zmq-client-pooling.patch: Rebase.
  - d/p/disable-new-executors.patch: Disable hard requirement for
    trollius and aioeventlet executors for vivid release.
  - d/control: Align minimum version requirements with upstream.
* d/pydist-overrides: Add overrides for new oslo package naming.
* Misc fixes for zmq driver:
  - d/p/Fix-changing-keys-during-iteration-in-matchmaker-hea.patch:
    Fix changing keys during iteration in matchmaker heartbeat
    (LP: #1432966).
  - d/p/Add-pluggability-for-matchmakers.patch: Add entry points
    for matchmaker drivers (LP: #1291701).

13. By James Page on 2015-03-19

* d/p/zmq-client-pooling.patch: Fixup references to oslo.messaging
  -> oslo_messaging, resolving config file generation failures in
  other OpenStack packages (LP: #1433993).
* Tidy lintian warnings and error messages.

12. By James Page on 2015-02-10

* New upstream release:
  - d/control: Transition to new package name.
  - d/control: Switch to new package names for python-oslo.*.
  - d/control: Add new BD on python-concurrent.futures.
  - d/p/*: Refresh.
* d/p/disable-zmq-tests.patch: Rebase based on patch submitted
* d/p/zmq-client-pooling: Add patch to enable pooling of outbound
  client connections, avoiding a tcp connection per sent message.
* d/p/zmq-redis-fix-topic-registration.patch: Cherry pick fix for
  Redis matchmaker topic registration problems.

11. By James Page on 2014-12-11

* New upstream release.
  - d/p/*: Dropped, patches accepted upstream.
  - d/control: Add new dependencies, update minimum version
    requirements inline with new release.
  - d/p/enable-zmq-tests.patch: Cherry pick patch to fix misc
    ZeroMQ issues and enable test suite.
  - d/p/matchmaker-redis-fix.patch: Cherry pick fix for Redis
  - d/p/disable-zmq-tests.patch: Make conditional execution of
    zmq tests a little more intelligent.
* Enable easier use of ZeroMQ receiver daemon:
  - d/control: Add new oslo-messaging-zmq-receiver package.
  - d/oslo-messaging-zmq-receiver.{upstart,service}: Add upstart
    and systemd configuration files for receiver.
  - d/oslo-messaging-zmq-receiver.postinst: Create oslo user and
    group for daemon processes to run under.
  - d/etc/oslo-messaging.conf: Add default configuration file.
* d/control: Add Suggests on python-zmq to python-oslo.messaging.
* d/control,compat: Bump compat level to 9.
* d/control,rules: Add subunit to BD's, generate pretty test output.
* d/control: Align dependency version requirements with upstream.
* d/control: Bumped Standards-Version to 3.9.6, no changes.
* d/control: Add dh-python to BD's.

10. By James Page on 2014-09-26

* New upstream final release for OpenStack Juno:
  - d/p/skip-qpid-tests.patch: Dropped, equivalent upstream.
  - d/control: Drop dependency on python-iso8601, add dependency on

9. By James Page on 2014-09-11

d/p/zmq-server-routing.patch: Cherry pick WIP to ensure that ZMQ
messages get routed correctly for call's (LP: #1301723).

8. By Chuck Short on 2014-07-09

New upstream release.

7. By Chuck Short on 2014-06-30

* New upstream release.
* debian/patches/skip-qpid-tests.patch: Rediffed

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