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33. By Colin Watson on 2013-10-11

* Drop --force-missing-framework from PackageKit plugin now that
  /usr/share/click/frameworks/ubuntu-sdk-13.10.framework is in
* Show a neater error message when a package's framework is not installed
  (LP: #1236671).
* Show a neater error message when building a package whose manifest file
  cannot be parsed (LP: #1236669).
* Show a neater error message when running "click install" with
  insufficient privileges (LP: #1236673).

32. By Colin Watson on 2013-09-30

When removing packages, only drop privileges after ensuring the
existence of the database directory (LP: #1233280).

31. By Colin Watson on 2013-09-30

* Explicitly build-depend on pkg-config, since it's needed even if the
  PackageKit/GLib-related build-dependencies are removed for backporting.
* Remove some stray documentation references to Ubuntu 13.04.
* Ensure that the user's overlay database directory exists when
  unregistering a preinstalled package (LP: #1232066).
* Support packages containing code for multiple architectures, and
  document the "architecture" manifest field (LP: #1214380, #1214864).
* Correctly pass through return values of commands as the exit status of
  the "click" wrapper.
* Extend "click info" to take a registered package name as an alternative
  to a path to a Click package file (LP: #1232118).
* Force unpacked files to be owner-writeable (LP: #1232128).

30. By Colin Watson on 2013-09-24

* Show a proper error message if "click build" or "click buildsource" is
  called on a directory that does not exist or does not contain a manifest
  file, rather than crashing (LP: #1228619).
* Restore missing newlines after JSON dumps in "click info" and "click
  list --manifest".
* Tidy up use of PackageKit IDs; local:click should refer to uninstalled
  packages, while installed:click refers to installed packages.
* Expose application names and whether a package is removable via the
  PackageKit API: the IDs of installed applications are now formed as
  comma-separated key/value pairs, e.g.
  "installed:click,removable=1,app_name=foo,app_name=bar" (LP: #1209329).
* Rename ClickUser.__setitem__ to ClickUser.set_version and
  ClickUser.__delitem__ to ClickUser.remove; with multiple databases it
  was impossible for these methods to fulfil the normal contract for
  mutable mappings, since deleting an item might simply expose an item in
  an underlying database.
* Allow unregistering preinstalled packages. A preinstalled package
  cannot in general actually be removed from disk, but unregistering it
  for a user records it as being hidden from that user's list of
  registered packages. Reinstalling the same version unhides it.
* Consolidate ClickInstaller.audit_control into ClickInstaller.audit.
* Validate the shipped md5sums file in "click verify" (LP: #1217333).

29. By Colin Watson on 2013-09-20

* Run system hooks when removing a package from the file system
  (LP: #1227681).
* If a hook symlink is already correct, don't unnecessarily remove and
  recreate it.
* Improve "click hook install-system" and "click hook install-user" to
  remove any stale symlinks they find, and to run Exec commands only once
  per hook. This significantly speeds up system and session startup when
  lots of applications are installed (LP: #1227604).
* Rename "click hook install-system" and "click hook install-user" to
  "click hook run-system" and "click hook run-user" respectively, to
  better fit their semantics. (I expect these commands only to have been
  used internally by click's own Upstart jobs.)
* Filter version control metadata and editor backup files out of binary
  packages in "click build" (LP: #1223640).

28. By Colin Watson on 2013-09-17

Make sure all unpacked files and directories are group- and
world-readable, and (if owner-executable) also groupand
world-executable (LP: #1226553).

27. By Colin Watson on 2013-09-16

* Document --force-missing-framework option in the error message produced
  when a package's required framework is not present.
* Make "click pkgdir" exit 1 if a directory for the given package name or
  path is not found, rather than letting the exception propagate
  (LP: #1225923).
* Run system hooks at boot time, in particular so that AppArmor profiles
  for packages in /custom are generated and loaded (LP: #1223085).

26. By Colin Watson on 2013-09-09

* Amend "click help install" to recommend using "pkcon install-local".
* Run hooks when removing a per-user package registration.
* Adjust usage lines for "click help verify" and "click help pkgdir" to
  indicate that options are allowed.
* Add a click(1) manual page.
* Use json.dump and json.load in most places rather than json.dumps and
  json.loads (which unnecessarily construct strings).
* Add "click unregister", which unregisters a package for a user and
  removes it from disk if it is not being used.
* Add RemovePackage support to the PackageKit plugin, mapped to "click
* Attempt to remove the old version of a package after installing or
  registering a new one.
* Remove code supporting PackageKit 0.7 API, and instead arrange to
  disable the PackageKit plugin if the new API is not available, since we
  don't need to build it on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.
* Report errors from click subprocesses in PackageKit plugin
  (LP: #1218483).
* Implement PackageKit search by name and by details.
* Reserve manifest keys starting with an underscore for use as dynamic
  properties of installed packages.
* Add the dynamic key "_directory" to "click list --manifest" output,
  showing the directory where each package is unpacked (LP: #1221760).
* Add the dynamic key "_removable" to "click list --manifest" output,
  which is 1 if a package is unpacked in a location from which it can be
  removed, otherwise 0.

25. By Colin Watson on 2013-09-04

* Add support for multiple installation root directories, configured in
  /etc/click/databases/. Define /usr/share/click/preinstalled,
  /custom/click, and /opt/click.ubuntu.com by default.
* Add --all-users option to "click install" and "click register": this
  registers the installed package for a special pseudo-user "@all", making
  it visible to all users.
* Add "click hook install-user", which runs all user-level hooks for all
  packages for a given user. This is useful at session startup to catch
  up with packages that may have been preinstalled and registered for all
* Run "click hook install-user" on session startup from an Upstart user
* Avoid calling "click desktophook" if
  /usr/share/click/hooks/upstart-app-launch-desktop.hook exists.
* Force umask to a sane value when dropping privileges (022 for clickpkg,
  current-umask | 002 for other users; LP: #1215480).
* Use aa-exec-click rather than aa-exec in .desktop files generated by
  "click desktophook" (LP: #1197047).

24. By Colin Watson on 2013-09-03

Suppress dpkg calls to lchown when not running as root (LP: #1220125).

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