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44. By PS Jenkins bot on 2014-04-08

[ Colin Watson ]
* When a hook command fails, include the command in the error message.
* Don't allow failure of a single hook to prevent other hooks being run.
* Log hook failures to stderr and exit non-zero, rather than propagating
  an exception which is then logged as a click crash.

43. By PS Jenkins bot on 2014-03-24

[ Colin Watson ]
Create system hook symlinks for all installed packages, not just current
versions. This avoids missing AppArmor profiles when there are
unregistered user-installed versions of packages lying around.

42. By PS Jenkins bot on 2014-03-18

[ Colin Watson ]
* Set Click.User.ensure_db visibility back to private, since it's no
  longer used by Click.Hook. (The C ABI is unaffected.)
* Add brief documentation on Click's multiple-database scheme, based on my
  recent mail to ubuntu-phone.
* Fix a few potential GLib critical messages from the PackageKit plugin.
* Make libclick-0.4-dev depend on libjson-glib-dev for
* Add Requires.private to click-0.4.pc, so that programs built against
  libclick pick up the proper CFLAGS including glib and json-glib.
* chroot: Allow creating 14.04 chroots.
* Include _directory and _removable dynamic manifest keys in "click info"
  output (LP: #1293788).
* Document -f and -s options to "click chroot" in click(1).
* chroot: Fix code to make /finish.sh executable.
* chroot: Make /usr/sbin/policy-rc.d executable in the chroot, as
  otherwise it has no effect.
* chroot: Run apt-get dist-upgrade on the chroot before trying to install
  the basic build tool set. Fixes chroot creation for saucy.

[ Benjamin Zeller ]
* Take pkexec env vars into account when creating a chroot.

[ Dimitri John Ledkov ]
* Add session management to click chroot.

41. By PS Jenkins bot on 2014-03-12

[ Colin Watson ]
Take a slightly different approach to fixing "click hook run-user": only
try to update user registration symlinks if they already exist in the
overlay database.

40. By PS Jenkins bot on 2014-03-11

[ Colin Watson ]
* If a user attempts to install a version of a package that is already
  installed in an underlay database, then just register the appropriate
  version for them rather than unpacking another copy.
* Make "click hook run-system" and "click hook run-user" consistently use
  the bottom-most unpacked copy of a given version of a package, and
  update hook symlinks and user registration symlinks if necessary.

39. By PS Jenkins bot on 2014-03-06

[ Colin Watson ]
Fix Click.User construction in "click pkgdir".

38. By PS Jenkins bot on 2014-03-04

[ Colin Watson ]
* hooks: Fix expansion of "$$" in hook patterns to conform to the
  documented behaviour of expanding to the single character "$".
* Move version detection out of configure.ac into a separate get-version
  script, since intltool-update has trouble with the previous approach.
* Stop using unittest2 if available; the relevant improvements were
  integrated into the standard library's unittest in Python 2.7, and we no
  longer support 2.6.
* user: When setting the registered version of a package to the version in
  an underlay database (e.g. a preinstalled version vs. one in the
  user-installed area), remove the overlay link rather than setting a new
  one equal to the underlay; this was always the intended behaviour but
  didn't work that way due to a typo.
* Add Python 3.4 to list of tested versions.
* Call setup.py from the top-level Makefile.am rather than from
  debian/rules, to make the build system a bit more unified.
* Drop AM_GNU_GETTEXT and call intltoolize before autoreconf in
  autogen.sh; this fixes a bug whereby "make" after "./configure" always
  immediately needed to run aclocal.
* Build-depend on python3-pep8 so that test_pep8_clean doesn't need to be
  skipped when running under Python 3. This can safely be removed for
  backports to precise.
* Simplify click -> python3-click dependency given that both are
  Architecture: any.
* Tighten packagekit-plugin-click -> click dependency to require a
  matching version.
* Use dh_install --fail-missing to avoid future mistakes.
* Sync up substvar use with what debhelper actually generates for us: add
  ${misc:Pre-Depends} to click and packagekit-plugin-click, and remove
  ${python3:Depends} from click-dev.
* Reset SIGPIPE handling from Python's default of raising an exception to
  the Unix default of terminating the process (LP: #1285790).

37. By PS Jenkins bot on 2014-01-30

[ St├ęphane Graber ]
* Set X-Auto-Uploader to no-rewrite-version
* Set Vcs-Bzr to the new target branch

36. By Colin Watson on 2014-01-23

[ Colin Watson ]
* chroot: Print help if no subcommand given (LP: #1260669).
* chroot: Recommend debootstrap from click-dev, and explicitly check for
  it in "click chroot create" (LP: #1260487).
* chroot: Check for root in "create" and "destroy" (LP: #1260671).
* hooks: Add a ${short-id} expansion to hook patterns; this is valid only
  in user-level or single-version hooks, and expands to a new "short
  application ID" without the version (LP: #1251635).
* hooks: Strip any trailing slashes from the end of patterns, as they
  cause confusion with symlink-to-directory semantics and can never be
  useful (LP: #1253855).
* install: Extend the interpretation of "framework" a little bit to allow
  a Click package to declare that it requires multiple frameworks. This
  will allow splitting up the SDK framework declarations into more
  fine-grained elements.
* Policy version 3.9.5: no changes required.
* build: Enforce only a single framework declaration for now, by request.

[ Zoltan Balogh ]
* Add qtmultimedia5-dev to the SDK framework list.

[ Dimitri John Ledkov ]
* chroot: Add "cmake" to build_pkgs, as it is expected for cmake to be
  available on any (Ubuntu) framework.

35. By Colin Watson on 2013-12-10

[ Robert Bruce Park ]
* Ignore click packages when building click packages.

[ Colin Watson ]
* If "click build" or "click buildsource" is given a directory as the
  value of its -m/--manifest option, interpret that as indicating the
  "manifest.json" file in that directory (LP: #1251604).
* Ensure correct permissions on /opt/click.ubuntu.com at boot, since a
  system image update may have changed clickpkg's UID/GID (LP: #1259253).

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