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70. By Tim Gardner

[ Tim Gardner ]

* rebased on Ubuntu-3.5.0-17.28

[ Andy Whitcroft ]

* [packaging] we already have a valid src_pkg_name
* [packaging] allow us to select which builds have uefi signed versions

[ James M Leddy ]

* SAUCE: input: fix weird issue of synaptics psmouse sync lost after
  - LP: #717970

[ Paolo Pisati ]

* SAUCE: omap3 clocks .dev_id = NULL
  - LP: #1061599
* [Config] omap: disable USB_[EHCI|OHCI]_HCD_PLATFORM
  - LP: #1061599
* [Config] omap: enforce USB_[EHCI|OHCI]_HCD_PLATFORM=n
  - LP: #1061599

[ Stefan Bader ]

* SAUCE: net/ipv4: Always flush route cache on unregister batch call
  - LP: #1021471

[ Upstream Kernel Changes ]

* Bluetooth: Add USB_VENDOR_AND_INTERFACE_INFO() for Broadcom/Foxconn
  - LP: #1030233

[ Wen-chien Jesse Sung ]

* SAUCE: Bluetooth: Remove rules for matching Broadcom vendor specific
  - LP: #1030233

[ Andy Whitcroft ]

* [packaging] add custom upload for the kernel binary package

[ David Henningsson ]

* SAUCE: ALSA: hda - fix indices on boost volume on Conexant
  - LP: #1059523

[ Leann Ogasawara ]

* [Config] Build in CONFIG_X86_PCC_CPUFREQ=y
  - LP: #1061126

[ Rob Herring ]

* Revert "SAUCE: ahci_platform: add custom hard reset for Calxeda ahci
  - LP: #1059432
* Revert "SAUCE: net: calxedaxgmac: add write barriers around setting
  owner bit"
  - LP: #1059432
* Revert "SAUCE: ARM: highbank: use writel_relaxed variant for pwr
  - LP: #1059432
* Revert "SAUCE: force DMA buffers to non-bufferable on highbank"
  - LP: #1059432
* Revert "SAUCE: input: add a key driver for highbank"
  - LP: #1059432
* [Config] Align highbank config with amd64-generic and add new configs
  - LP: #1059432
* SAUCE: net: calxedaxgmac: enable operate on 2nd frame mode
  - LP: #1059432
* SAUCE: net: calxedaxgmac: remove explicit rx dma buffer polling
  - LP: #1059432
* SAUCE: net: calxedaxgmac: use relaxed i/o accessors in rx and tx paths
  - LP: #1059432
* SAUCE: net: calxedaxgmac: drop some unnecessary register writes
  - LP: #1059432
* SAUCE: net: calxedaxgmac: rework transmit ring handling
  - LP: #1059432
* SAUCE: ARM: highbank: retry wfi on reset request
  - LP: #1059432

[ Tim Gardner ]

* [Config] TIDSPBRIDGE=m
  - LP: #1058022
* rebase to v3.5.5

[ Upstream Kernel Changes ]

* common: DMA-mapping: add DMA_ATTR_NO_KERNEL_MAPPING attribute
  - LP: #1059432
* common: DMA-mapping: add DMA_ATTR_SKIP_CPU_SYNC attribute
  - LP: #1059432
* ARM: dma-mapping: add support for DMA_ATTR_SKIP_CPU_SYNC attribute
  - LP: #1059432
* ARM: add coherent dma ops
  - LP: #1059432
* ARM: add coherent iommu dma ops
  - LP: #1059432
* ARM: highbank: add coherent DMA setup
  - LP: #1059432
* sata: add platform driver for Calxeda AHCI controller
  - LP: #1059432
* xhci: Rate-limit XHCI_TRUST_TX_LENGTH quirk warning.
  - LP: #1039478
* agp/intel-gtt: remove dead code
  - LP: #1011440
* drm/i915: stop using dev->agp->base
  - LP: #1011440
* agp/intel-gtt: don't require the agp bridge on setup
  - LP: #1011440
* drm/i915 + agp/intel-gtt: prep work for direct setup
  - LP: #1011440
* agp/intel-gtt: move gart base addres setup
  - LP: #1011440
* drm/i915: don't use dev->agp
  - LP: #1011440
* drm/i915: disable drm agp support for !gen3 with kms enabled
  - LP: #1011440
* agp/intel-agp: remove snb+ host bridge pciids
  - LP: #1011440
* rebase to v3.5.5
  - LP: #1000424

[ <email address hidden> ]

* SAUCE: input: Cypress PS/2 Trackpad fix multi-source, double-click
  - LP: #1055788

[ Tim Gardner ]

* [Config] revert '[Config] enable CONFIG_X86_X32=y'
  - LP: #1041883

[ Upstream Kernel Changes ]

* vmwgfx: corruption in vmw_event_fence_action_create()
* drm/nvd0/disp: hopefully fix selection of 6/8bpc mode on DP outputs
  - LP: #1058088
* drm/nv50-/gpio: initialise to vbios defaults during init
  - LP: #1058088
* igb: A fix to VF TX rate limit
  - LP: #1058188
* igb: Add switch case for supported hardware to igb_ptp_remove.
  - LP: #1058188
* igb: Support the get_ts_info ethtool method.
  - LP: #1058188
* igb: Streamline RSS queue and queue pairing assignment logic.
  - LP: #1058188
* igb: Update firmware info output
  - LP: #1058188
* igb: Version bump
  - LP: #1058188
* igb: reset PHY in the link_up process to recover PHY setting after
  power down.
  - LP: #1058188
* igb: Fix for failure to init on some 82576 devices.
  - LP: #1058188
* igb: correct hardware type (i210/i211) check in igb_loopback_test()
  - LP: #1058188
* igb: don't break user visible strings over multiple lines in
  - LP: #1058188
* igb: add delay to allow igb loopback test to succeed on 8086:10c9
  - LP: #1058188
* igb: fix panic while dumping packets on Tx hang with IOMMU
  - LP: #1058188
* igb: Fix register defines for all non-82575 hardware
  - LP: #1058188
* e1000e: use more informative logging macros when netdev not yet
  - LP: #1058219
* e1000e: Cleanup code logic in e1000_check_for_serdes_link_82571()
  - LP: #1058219
* e1000e: Program the correct register for ITR when using MSI-X.
  - LP: #1058219
* e1000e: advertise transmit time stamping
  - LP: #1058219
* e1000e: 82571 Tx Data Corruption during Tx hang recovery
  - LP: #1058219
* e1000e: fix panic while dumping packets on Tx hang with IOMMU
  - LP: #1058219
* e1000: Combining Bitwise OR in one expression.
  - LP: #1058221
* e1000: advertise transmit time stamping
  - LP: #1058221
* e1000: Small packets may get corrupted during padding by HW
  - LP: #1058221
* sched: Fix migration thread runtime bogosity
  - LP: #1057593
* ACER: Add support for accelerometer sensor
  - LP: #1055433
* ACER: Fix Smatch double-free issue
  - LP: #1055433

[ Wen-chien Jesse Sung ]

* SAUCE: HID: ntrig: change default value of logical/physical
  width/height to 1
  - LP: #1044248

69. By Tim Gardner

[ Paolo Pisati ]

* [Config] Add hid-generic to input-modules udeb
  - LP: #1045855
* rebased on Ubuntu-3.5.0-16.24

[ Ubuntu: 3.5.0-16.24 ]

* SAUCE: ata_piix: add a disable_driver option
  - LP: #994870
* (pre-stable) drm/radeon: make 64bit fences more robust v3 (3.5 stable)
  - LP: #1029582
* SAUCE: ALSA: hda - use both input paths on Conexant auto parser
  - LP: #1037642
* SAUCE: ALSA: hda - fix control names for multiple speaker out on
  - LP: #1046734
* SAUCE: ALSA: hda/via - don't report presence on HPs with no presence
  - LP: #1052499
* SAUCE: ext4: fix crash when accessing /proc/mounts concurrently
  - LP: #1053019
* SAUCE: ALSA: hda/realtek - Fix detection of ALC271X codec
  - LP: #1006690
* SAUCE: input: Cypress PS/2 Trackpad fix disabling tap-to-click
  - LP: #1048816
* [Config] Disable CONFIG_DRM_AST
  - LP: #1053290
* [Config] Disable the Cirrus QEMU drm driver
  - LP: #1038055
* Revert "KVM: VMX: Fix KVM_SET_SREGS with big real mode segments"
  - LP: #1045027
* x86, efi: Handover Protocol
* drm/i915: HDMI - Clear Audio Enable bit for Hot Plug
  - LP: #1056729
* UBUNTU SAUCE: apparmor: fix IRQ stack overflow
  - LP: #1056078
* drm/nouveau: fix booting with plymouth + dumb support
  - LP: #1043518
* ALSA: hda - Add DeviceID for Haswell HDA
  - LP: #1057698
* ALSA: hda - add Haswell HDMI codec id
  - LP: #1057698
* ALSA: hda - Fix driver type of Haswell controller to AZX_DRIVER_SCH
  - LP: #1057698
* ALSA: hda_intel: Add Device IDs for Intel Lynx Point-LP PCH
  - LP: #1011438, #1057698
* SAUCE: ALSA: hda - Add another pci id for Haswell board
  - LP: #1057698
* SAUCE: drm/i915: Explicitly disable RC6 for certain models
  - LP: #1002170, #1008867

[ Ubuntu: 3.5.0-15.23 ]

* Revert "drm/i915: don't forget the PCH backlight registers"
  - LP: #1053269, #1055231, #1055665
* Revert "drm/i915: fix up PCH backlight #define mixup"
  - LP: #1053269, #1055665
* Revert "drm/i915: allow pipe A for lvds on gen4"
  - LP: #1053269, #1055665
* Revert "drm/i915: properly enable the blc controller on the right pipe"
  - LP: #1053269, #1055665
* Revert "drm/i915: clear up backlight #define confusion on gen4+"
  - LP: #1053269, #1055665
* Revert "drm/i915: pnv has a backlight polarity control bit, too"
  - LP: #1053269, #1055665

68. By Paolo Pisati

[ Paolo Pisati ]

* rebased on Ubuntu-3.5.0-15.22

[ Ubuntu: 3.5.0-15.22 ]

* fix regressions introduced by the last batch of i915 patches.
* drm/i915: fix up PCH backlight #define mixup
  - LP: #954661
* drm/i915: don't forget the PCH backlight registers
  - LP: #954661

[ Ubuntu: 3.5.0-15.21 ]

* ubuntu: AUFS -- update to 18e455787597579fe144cdb2f18aa6a0a32c46a4
* [Config] Enable aufs
  - LP: #908784
* eCryptfs: check for eCryptfs cipher support at mount
  - LP: #338914
* drm/i915: pnv has a backlight polarity control bit, too
  - LP: #954661
* drm/i915: clear up backlight #define confusion on gen4+
  - LP: #954661
* drm/i915: properly enable the blc controller on the right pipe
  - LP: #954661
* drm/i915: allow pipe A for lvds on gen4
  - LP: #954661

[ Ubuntu: 3.5.0-15.20 ]

* rebase to v3.5.4
  - LP: #1003090
* eCryptfs: Copy up attributes of the lower target inode after rename
  - LP: #561129
* eCryptfs: Write out all dirty pages just before releasing the lower
  - LP: #1047261
* eCryptfs: Call lower ->flush() from ecryptfs_flush()
  - LP: #1047261
* af_netlink: force credentials passing [CVE-2012-3520]
  - LP: #1052097
  - CVE-2012-3520
* drm/i915: clarify IBX dp workaround
  - LP: #1011440
* drm/i915: Implement w/a for sporadic read failures on waking from rc6
  - LP: #1011440
* drm/i915: support Haswell force waking
  - LP: #1011440
* drm/i915: add RPS configuration for Haswell
  - LP: #1011440
* drm/i915: enable RC6 by default on Haswell
  - LP: #1011440
* drm/i915: introduce haswell_init_clock_gating
  - LP: #1011440
* drm/i915: enable RC6 workaround on Haswell
  - LP: #1011440
* drm/i915: re-initialize DDI buffer translations after resume
  - LP: #1011440
* drm/i915: fix PIPE_DDI_PORT_MASK
  - LP: #1011440
* drm/i915: try to train DP even harder
  - LP: #1011440
* drm/i915: add more Haswell PCI IDs
  - LP: #1011440
* rebase to v3.5.4
  - LP: #1038651

[ Ubuntu: 3.5.0-14.19 ]

* [Config] Fix debug FTBS on non-x86

[ Ubuntu: 3.5.0-14.18 ]

* SAUCE: Add 'used' to the video_cards structure attributes
  - LP: #1049650

[ Ubuntu: 3.5.0-14.17 ]

* SAUCE: Intel xhci: Only switch the switchable ports
  - LP: #1034814

67. By Paolo Pisati

[ Paolo Pisati ]

* rebased on Ubuntu-3.5.0-14.16

[ Ricardo Salveti de Araujo ]

* [Config] Disable CONFIG_OMAP2_DSS_VENC
* [Config] Disable DSS_DSI, not yet compatible with DSS_HL
* [Config] CONFIG_DRM_OMAP_NUM_CRTCS should be 2 for OMAP4
* [Config] Reducing VRAM size as it's not relevant anymore

[ Upstream Kernel Changes ]

* drm: remove unused fxn prototypes
* staging: omapdrm: Fix DMM sparse warnings
* staging: omapdrm: Remove unnecessary memcpy
* omapdrm: use alloc_ordered_workqueue() instead of UNBOUND w/ max_active
  = 1
* drm/omap: hold a ref to the bo while waiting for flip
* drm: refcnt drm_framebuffer
* OMAPDSS: workaround 'operation stopped while reading edid' error
* WIP: OMAPDSS: enable either high level or low level API
* omap2+: use dss_dispc hwmod for omapdrm
* WIP: drm/omap: use omapdss low lever API (v4)
* omapdss: fixing support for the low level API

[ Ubuntu: 3.5.0-14.16 ]

* SAUCE: apple-gmux: Fix index read functions
* SAUCE: input: Cypress PS/2 Trackpad move PSMOUSE_CYPRESS enum
  - LP: #1041594
* SAUCE: Input: synaptics - Adjust threshold for treating position values
  as negative
  - LP: #1046512
* mei: check for error codes that mei_flow_ctrl_creds retuns
* mei: make mei_write_message more readable
* mei: mei_irq_thread_write_handler check for overflow
* mei: group wd_interface_reg with watchdog variables within struct
* mei: don't query HCSR for host buffer depth
* mei: revamp host buffer interface function
* mei: mei_device can be const for mei register access functions
* mei: remove write only wariable wd_due_counter
* mei: mei_wd_host_init: update the comment
* mei: introduce mei_data2slots wrapper
* mei: streamline the _mei_irq_thread_close/ioctol functions
* mei: mei_irq_thread_write_handler - line break fix
* mei: use module_pci_driver
* mei: fix device stall after wd is stopped

[ Ubuntu: 3.5.0-14.15 ]

* SAUCE: fs: d_revalidate methods may be passed a NULL nameidata
  - LP: #1038075
* SAUCE: drm/vmwgfx: add MODULE_DEVICE_TABLE so vmwgfx loads at boot
  - LP: #1039157
* [Config] Enable CONFIG_DEVPTS_MULTIPLE_INSTANCES for highbank
  - LP: #1038259
* SAUCE: wlcore: Declare MODULE_FIRMWARE usage
  - LP: #1042918
* asus-nb-wmi: add some video toggle keys
  - LP: #1022427
* [media] uvcvideo: Fix frame drop in bulk video stream
* [media] uvcvideo: Fix alternate setting selection
* Input: wacom - add support to Cintiq 22HD
  - LP: #1043733
* ALSA: HDA: Create phantom jacks for fixed inputs and outputs
* ALSA: HDA: Support single 3-pin jack without VREF on the actual pin
  - LP: #1018262
* ALSA: hda - give 3-pin jack the name "Headphone Mic Jack"
* ALSA: hda - Do not set GPIOs for speakers on IDT if there are no
  - LP: #1040077
* ALSA: hda - Fix pop noise in headphones on S3 for Asus X55A, X55V
  - LP: #1034779
* ALSA: hda - Always call standard unsolicited event for Realtek codecs
  - LP: #1021192
* ALSA: hda - Add the inverted digital mic workaround to Realtek codecs
* ALSA: hda - Add inverted mic quirks for Asus U41SV, Acer 1810TZ and
  - LP: #1006089, #996611, #997227
* ALSA: hda - don't create dysfunctional mixer controls for ca0132
  - LP: #1038651
* ALSA: hda - Don't send invalid volume knob command on IDT 92hd75bxx

[ Ubuntu: 3.5.0-13.14 ]

* [Config] Disable CONFIG_DRM_MGAG200
  - LP: #1042903
* [media] uvcvideo: Reset the bytesused field when recycling an erroneous
  - LP: #1042809

[ Ubuntu: 3.5.0-13.13 ]

* rebase to v3.5.3
* [Config] Add smsc{79}5xx to nic-usb-modules
  - LP: #1041397
* rebase to v3.5.3

[ Ubuntu: 3.5.0-12.12 ]

* [Config] Fix typo on control.stub.in
* [Config] installing omapdrm specific headers for external drivers
  - LP: #1038846
* SAUCE: apple-gmux: Fix port address calculation in gmux_pio_write32()
* SAUCE: (no-up) x86/mm: Fix 64bit size of mapping tables
  - LP: #1022561
* SAUCE: firmware: Remove sb16 files duplicated in linux-firmware
* net: Allow driver to limit number of GSO segments per skb
  - LP: #1037456
  - CVE-2012-3412
* sfc: Fix maximum number of TSO segments and minimum TX queue size
  - LP: #1037456
  - CVE-2012-3412
* tcp: Apply device TSO segment limit earlier
  - LP: #1037456
  - CVE-2012-3412
* cfg80211: add channel flag to prohibit OFDM operation
* brcmsmac: use channel flags to restrict OFDM
* gmux: Add generic write32 function
* apple_gmux: Add support for newer hardware
* apple_gmux: Fix ACPI video unregister
* apple-gmux: Fix kconfig dependencies
* vga_switcheroo: Don't require handler init callback
* vga_switcheroo: Remove assumptions about registration/unregistration
* apple-gmux: Add display mux support
* mei: add mei_quirk_probe function
  - LP: #1041164
* mutex: Place lock in contended state after fastpath_lock failure
  - LP: #1041114

66. By Paolo Pisati

[ Upstream Kernel Changes ]

* Revert "ARM: OMAP: remove ipu_c1"
* Revert "dss: GLOBAL_BUFFER hack"
* Revert "OMAP3PLUS DVFS: Remove frequency based usecounting in DVFS"
* OMAP3+: pm-debug: expose wakeup_timer_seconds in debugfs
* usb: musb: Save controller state during system suspend
* ARM: OMAP: fix build without OMAP5
* improve default hdmi timings
* omap: rpmsg_resmgr: add support for regulators lookup
* omap: rpmsg_resmgr: add lookup function for omap4+ auxclk
* omap: rpmsg_resmgr: define and add opt clk definitions for iss
* rpmsg: resmgr : omap: move call to omap_get_clk_by_name into mach-omap2
* rpmsg: omx: copy_from_user() errors should return -EFAULT
* rpmsg: omx: return ENXIO in rpmsg_omx_write
* rpmsg: omx: fix copy_to_user in register/unregister ioctls
* rpmsg: omx: initialize completion event in rpmsg_omx_open
* rpmsg: omx: remove pvr ion header include
* rpmsg-omx: Use ion abstraction to get handle from PVR fd
* rpmsg: omx: implement separate register ioctl for sgx buffers
* rpmsg: protect virtqueue in the receive path
* rpmsg: resmgr: omap: rename constraint ops variable
* rpmsg: resmgr: move regulator resource to the omap resmgr file
* rpmsg: resmgr: omap: enable iss optional clock
* rpmsg: resmgr: omap: request regulator based on ids
* rpmsg: resmgr: omap: request auxclk based on ids
* ARM: OMAP4+: devices: Add McASP.
* OMAP4: VxREC: register VxREC platform device
* arm: omap: device: create a device for system control module
* OMAP: devices: Make sure VXREC device is included as a module.
* ARM: OMAP5: Fix AESS init modpost warning
* arm: omap: devices: add support for registering rprm regulators
* ARM: OMAP: hwmod: Fix error handling in functions used OMAP4 onwards
* ARM: OMAP2+: hwmod: add omap_hwmod_get_main_clk() API
* ARM: omap: hwmod: warn only when clkdm is missing from both clk and
* HWMOD: Fix to disable dma to allow system to go to OFF
* ARM: OMAP2+: omap_hwmod: Add api to enable/disable module level wakeup
* omap: clock: export symbol 'omap_clk_get_by_name'
* Blaze: add cam2pwr regulator
* Blaze: register regulators to resource manager
* omapdce: simplify the logic a bit
* omapdce: synchronize with GPU
* mfd: omap: control: core system control driver
* mfd: omap: control: usb-phy: introduce the ctrl-module usb driver
* omapdce: workaround for a codec bug in vc1vdec and mpeg2vdec
* fix ref leak of external buffers (merge back to plugin API)
* HACK: drm_gem_mmap - do not check valid size
* GLP: free the camera regulator so Ducati can set it
* OMX: add support for DMAbuf
* OMAP: I2C: disable IRQ when not used to not conflict with Ducati
* omap: hwmod: enable clocks before deasserting hardreset
* rpmsg: avoid premature deallocation of endpoints
* OMAPDSS: DISPC: Read fifo size of Writeback pipeline
* OMAPDSS: DISPC: HACK: Transfer writeback pipeline FIFOs to graphics
  pipeline FIFO
* omapdce: simplify the code to set mem_type on buffer descriptors
* omapdce: add support for encoders
* drm/prime: fixup the dma buf export cache locking
* drm/prime: drop reference on imported dma-buf
* HWMOD: remove duplicate structure definition
* omapdce: handle in_args->input_id == 0 correctly
* HACK: usb: mass_storage: Increase write throughput by 2x on musb
* usb: musb: fix suspend/resume after gadget driver is loaded and
* OMAP3+: PM: DVFS: scale only target_device freq when list is empty
* OMAP4: DVFS: Return max OPP if no match for volt in opp_find_freq_ceil
* OMAP4: DVFS: Scale freq when dependent volt is scaled
* OMAP3+: PM: DVFS: Scale dependent domains to existing OPP
* OMAP3+: PM: VP: dereference voltdm after checking valid voltdm
* OMAP3+: voltage: use volt_data pointer instead values
* OMAP3+: PM: DVFS: fix making wrong scale direction decision
* OMAP3+: PM: DVFS: decide to scale dependent domains based on nominal
* OMAP3+: VP/VC: ensure vp errgen is configured for the right OPP
* OMAP3+: DVFS: ensure proper volt config if curr_volt==new_volt
* ARM: OMAP4_Panda: Configure pins meant to wakeup the board from suspend
* OMAP4: config: Enable KEYBOARD_GPIO
* OMAPDSS: DISPC: HACK: Fix Transfer writeback pipeline FIFOs
* OMAPDSS: DISPC: Fix buffer underflow err on downscaling
* staging: omapdrm: Fix error paths during dmm init
* OMAP4: config: Allow Blaze support
* Defeat disable of bandgap_fclk during boot breaking thermal

[ Xavier Boudet ]

* add include guards to iomap.h

65. By Paolo Pisati

[ Paolo Pisati ]

* rebased on Ubuntu-3.5.0-11.11
* UBUNTU: SAUCE: fixup: retire "goto next" in omap_init_opp_table

[ Ricardo Salveti de Araujo ]

* [Config] installing omapdrm specific headers for external drivers
  - LP: #1038846

[ Ubuntu: 3.5.0-11.11 ]

* [Config] enable CONFIG_X86_X32=y
* SAUCE: input: Cypress PS/2 Trackpad mouse driver
  - LP: #978807
* SAUCE: input: Cypress PS/2 Trackpad link driver into psmouse-base
  - LP: #978807
* [Config] compile the rtc-pl031 driver as static on the highbank kernel
  - LP: #1035110
* [Config] Enable CONFIG_DEBUG_HIGHBANK_UART for highbank
  - LP: #1034781
* SAUCE: input: Cypress PS/2 Trackpad code style cleanup
  - LP: #978807
* SAUCE: input: Cypress PS/2 Trackpad eliminate dead code
  - LP: #978807
* SAUCE: input: Cypress PS/2 Trackpad fix no-config stubs
  - LP: #978807
* SAUCE: input: Cypress PS/2 Trackpad set default debug_level=0
  - LP: #978807
* SAUCE: [Config] add MOUSE_PS2_CYPRESS=y
  - LP: #978807
* SAUCE: Yama: access task_struct->comm directly
* SAUCE: Yama: add link restrictions
* SAUCE: security: unconditionally chain to Yama LSM
* SAUCE: (drop after 3.6) irq_remap: disable IRQ remapping if any IOAPIC
  lacks an IOMMU
  - LP: #1034459
* (config) Enable getabis to use local package copies
* rebase to v3.5.2
* rds: set correct msg_namelen
  - LP: #1031112
  - CVE-2012-2340
* rebase to v3.5.2
  - LP: #1027789
  - LP: #1001251

[ Ubuntu: 3.5.0-10.10 ]

* rebase to v3.5.1
* [Config] Enable CONFIG_AFS_FSCACHE=y
  - LP: #728977
* SAUCE: firmware: Remove emi62 files duplicated in linux-firmware
* SAUCE: firmware: Remove tehuti files duplicated in linux-firmware
* overlayfs: copy up i_uid/i_gid from the underlying inode
  - LP: #944386
* hwmon: (applesmc) Shorten minimum wait time
  - LP: #1034449
* hwmon: (applesmc) Decode and act on read/write status codes
  - LP: #1034449
* rebase to v3.5.1
  - LP: #1026953
  - LP: #1025377

64. By Paolo Pisati

[ Paolo Pisati ]

* Start new release

[ Stefan Bader ]

* (config) Enable getabis to use local package copies

[ Upstream Kernel Changes ]

* fixup: gargabe collect iva_seq[0|1] init
* [Config] enable all SND_OMAP_SOC_*s
* fixup: cm2xxx_3xxx.o is needed for omap2_cm_read|write_reg
* fixup: add some snd_soc_dai* helper functions
* fixup: s/snd_soc_dpcm_params/snd_soc_dpcm/g
* fixup: typo, no_host_mode and useless SDP4430 init
* fixup: enable again aess hwmod

63. By Paolo Pisati

[ Upstream Kernel Changes ]

* Revert "drm/i915/dp: Use auxch precharge value of 5 everywhere"
  - LP: #301
* isdn/gigaset: ratelimit CAPI message dumps
* isdn/gigaset: fix CAPI disconnect B3 handling
* isdn/gigaset: improve error handling querying firmware version
* vfs: make AIO use the proper rw_verify_area() area helpers
* regulator: core: Release regulator-regulator supplies on error
* Fix blocking allocations called very early during bootup
* s390/pfault: fix task state race
* SCSI: mpt2sas: Fix for panic happening because of improper memory
* isci: fix oem parameter validation on single controller skus
* RDMA/cxgb4: Always wake up waiters in c4iw_peer_abort_intr()
* RDMA/cxgb4: Use dst parameter in import_ep()
* RDMA/cxgb4: Drop peer_abort when no endpoint found
* powerpc: Fix broken cpu_idle_wait() implementation
* KEYS: Use the compat keyctl() syscall wrapper on Sparc64 for Sparc32
* SELinux: if sel_make_bools errors don't leave inconsistent state
* fbdev: sh_mobile_lcdc: Don't confuse line size with pitch
* IB/core: Fix mismatch between locked and pinned pages
* drivers/staging/comedi/comedi_fops.c: add missing vfree
* perf/x86: Update event scheduling constraints for AMD family 15h models
* HID: wiimote: Fix IR data parser
* usbhid: prevent deadlock during timeout
* HID: logitech: read all 32 bits of report type bitfield
* um: Fix __swp_type()
* um: Implement a custom pte_same() function
* persistent_ram: Fix buffer size clamping during writes
* docs: update HOWTO for 2.6.x -> 3.x versioning
* USB: cdc-wdm: sanitize error returns
* USB: cdc-wdm: fix memory leak
* USB: cdc-wdm: poll must return POLLHUP if device is gone
* USB: cdc-wdm: cannot use dev_printk when device is gone
* USB: cdc-wdm: remove from device list on disconnect
* workqueue: skip nr_running sanity check in worker_enter_idle() if
  trustee is active
* mm: mempolicy: Let vma_merge and vma_split handle vma->vm_policy
* md: using GFP_NOIO to allocate bio for flush request
* Add missing call to uart_update_timeout()
* 8250.c: less than 2400 baud fix.
* 8250_pci: fix pch uart matching
* tty: Allow uart_register/unregister/register
* USB: ftdi-sio: add support for Physik Instrumente E-861
* usb-serial: ftdi_sio: fix oops during autosuspend
* usb-storage: unusual_devs entry for Yarvik PMP400 MP4 player
* USB: ffs-test: fix length argument of out function call
* usb: usbtest: two super speed fixes for usbtest
* USB: ehci-platform: remove update_device
* USB: EHCI: OMAP: Finish ehci omap phy reset cycle before adding hcd.
* USB: gpio_vbus: provide an appropriate debounce interval
* USB: ohci-at91: add a reset function to fix race condition
* USB: Remove races in devio.c
* USB: serial: ti_usb_3410_5052: Add support for the FRI2 serial console
* usb: gadget: fsl_udc_core: dTD's next dtd pointer need to be updated
  once written
* usb: add USB_QUIRK_RESET_RESUME for M-Audio 88es
* xhci: Add Lynx Point to list of Intel switchable hosts.
* xHCI: keep track of ports being resumed and indicate in hub_status_data
* xhci: Avoid dead ports when CONFIG_USB_XHCI_HCD=n
* usb-xhci: Handle COMP_TX_ERR for isoc tds
* xhci: Reset reserved command ring TRBs on cleanup.
* xhci: Add new short TX quirk for Fresco Logic host.
* USB: fix resource leak in xhci power loss path
* usbcore: enable USB2 LPM if port suspend fails
* gma500: Fix Poulsbo suspend/resume crash on devices with SDVO ports
* b43legacy: Fix error due to MMIO access with SSB unpowered
* drm/i915: Avoid a double-read of PCH_IIR during interrupt handling
* drm/i915: [GEN7] Use HW scheduler for fixed function shaders
* drm/i915: don't clobber the pipe param in sanitize_modesetting
* gpio: mpc8xxx: Prevent NULL pointer deref in demux handler
* spi/spi-fsl-spi: reference correct pdata in fsl_spi_cs_control
* hvc_xen: NULL dereference on allocation failure
* xen: do not map the same GSI twice in PVHVM guests.
* nouveau: nouveau_set_bo_placement takes TTM flags
* smsusb: add autodetection support for USB ID 2040:c0a0
* media: uvcvideo: Fix ENUMINPUT handling
* x86, relocs: Build clean fix
* x86-32, relocs: Whitelist more symbols for ld bug workaround
* x86, relocs: Add jiffies and jiffies_64 to the relative whitelist
* x86/mce: Fix check for processor context when machine check was taken.
* mmc: sdio: avoid spurious calls to interrupt handlers
* mmc: cd-gpio: protect against NULL context in mmc_cd_gpio_free()
* mmc: omap_hsmmc: pass IRQF_ONESHOT to request_threaded_irq
* tile: fix bug where fls(0) was not returning 0
* intel-iommu: Add device info into list before doing context mapping
* iommu: Fix off by one in dmar_get_fault_reason()
* ARM: dt: tegra cardhu: fix typo in SDHCI node name
* MCE: Fix vm86 handling for 32bit mce handler
* i2c: davinci: Free requested IRQ in remove
* i2c: tegra: notify transfer-complete after clearing status.
* Linux 3.4.1
* exofs: Fix CRASH on very early IO errors.
* microblaze: Do not select GENERIC_GPIO by default
* SCSI: fix scsi_wait_scan
* SCSI: Fix dm-multipath starvation when scsi host is busy
* mm/fork: fix overflow in vma length when copying mmap on clone
* mm: fix NULL ptr deref when walking hugepages
* mm: consider all swapped back pages in used-once logic
* mm: fix faulty initialization in vmalloc_init()
* iwlwifi: update BT traffic load states correctly
* iwlwifi: do not use shadow registers by default
* cifs: Include backup intent search flags during searches {try #2)
* cifs: fix oops while traversing open file list (try #4)
* PARISC: fix boot failure on 32-bit systems caused by branch stubs
  placed before .text
* PARISC: fix TLB fault path on PA2.0 narrow systems
* solos-pci: Fix DMA support
* MIPS: BCM63XX: Add missing include for bcm63xx_gpio.h
* mac80211: fix ADDBA declined after suspend with wowlan
* ixp4xx: fix compilation by adding gpiolib support
* ath9k: fix a use-after-free-bug when ath_tx_setup_buffer() fails
* x86, amd, xen: Avoid NULL pointer paravirt references
* NFS: kmalloc() doesn't return an ERR_PTR()
* NFSv4: Map NFS4ERR_SHARE_DENIED into an EACCES error instead of EIO
* hugetlb: fix resv_map leak in error path
* sunrpc: fix loss of task->tk_status after rpc_delay call in
* iommu/amd: Check for the right TLP prefix bit
* iommu/amd: Add workaround for event log erratum
* drm/radeon: fix XFX quirk
* drm/radeon: fix typo in trinity tiling setup
* drm/i915: properly handle interlaced bit for sdvo dtd conversion
* drm/i915: Adding TV Out Missing modes.
* drm/i915: wait for a vblank to pass after tv detect
* drm/i915: no lvds quirk for HP t5740e Thin Client
* kbuild: install kernel-page-flags.h
* mm: fix vma_resv_map() NULL pointer
* ALSA: usb-audio: fix rate_list memory leak
* slub: fix a memory leak in get_partial_node()
* vfs: umount_tree() might be called on subtree that had never made it
* vfs: increment iversion when a file is truncated
* fec_mpc52xx: fix timestamp filtering
* x86, x32, ptrace: Remove PTRACE_ARCH_PRCTL for x32
* x86: Reset the debug_stack update counter
* mtd: nand: fix scan_read_raw_oob
* mtd: of_parts: fix breakage in Kconfig
* mtd: block2mtd: fix recursive call of mtd_writev
* mtd: mxc_nand: move ecc strengh setup before nand_scan_tail
* drm/radeon: fix regression in UMS CS ioctl
* drm/radeon: fix bank information in tiling config
* drm/radeon: properly program gart on rv740, juniper, cypress, barts,
* drm/radeon: fix HD6790, HD6570 backend programming
* drm/ttm: Fix spinlock imbalance
* drm/vmwgfx: Fix nasty write past alloced memory area
* asix: allow full size 8021Q frames to be received
* ipv4: fix the rcu race between free_fib_info and ip_route_output_slow
* ipv6: fix incorrect ipsec fragment
* l2tp: fix oops in L2TP IP sockets for connect() AF_UNSPEC case
* skb: avoid unnecessary reallocations in __skb_cow
* xfrm: take net hdr len into account for esp payload size calculation
* ext4: fix potential NULL dereference in ext4_free_inodes_counts()
* ext4: force ro mount if ext4_setup_super() fails
* ext4: fix potential integer overflow in alloc_flex_gd()
* ext4: disallow hard-linked directory in ext4_lookup
* ext4: add missing save_error_info() to ext4_error()
* ext4: don't trash state flags in EXT4_IOC_SETFLAGS
* ext4: add ext4_mb_unload_buddy in the error path
* ext4: remove mb_groups before tearing down the buddy_cache
* radix-tree: fix contiguous iterator
* drm/radeon/audio: don't hardcode CRTC id
* drm/radeon: fix vm deadlocks on cayman
* drm/radeon/kms: add new Trinity PCI ids
* drm/radeon/kms: add new Palm, Sumo PCI ids
* drm/radeon/kms: add new BTC PCI ids
* drm/radeon/kms: add new SI PCI ids
* iommu/amd: Cache pdev pointer to root-bridge
* iommu/amd: Fix deadlock in ppr-handling error path
* ACPI battery: only refresh the sysfs files when pertinent information
* vfs: Fix /proc/<tid>/fdinfo/<fd> file handling
* md: raid1/raid10: fix problem with merge_bvec_fn
* wl1251: fix oops on early interrupt
* drm/i915: always use RPNSWREQ for turbo change requests
* drm/i915/dp: Flush any outstanding work to turn the VDD off
* drm/i915: enable vdd when switching off the eDP panel
* IA64: Add cmpxchg.h to exported userspace headers
* ext4: don't set i_flags in EXT4_IOC_SETFLAGS
* Linux 3.4.2
* drm/nouveau/disp: fix dithering not being enabled on some eDP macbooks
* drm/i915: Reset last_retired_head when resetting ring
* char/agp: add another Ironlake host bridge
* btree: fix tree corruption in btree_get_prev()
* powerpc/time: Sanity check of decrementer expiration is necessary
* powerpc: Fix kernel panic during kernel module load
* timekeeping: Fix CLOCK_MONOTONIC inconsistency during leapsecond
* ext4: fix the free blocks calculation for ext3 file systems w/
* x86/uv: Fix UV2 BAU legacy mode
* x86, MCE, AMD: Make APIC LVT thresholding interrupt optional
* hwrng: atmel-rng - fix race condition leading to repeated bits
* crypto: aesni-intel - fix unaligned cbc decrypt for x86-32
* drm/ttm: Fix buffer object metadata accounting regression v2
* Btrfs: fall back to non-inline if we don't have enough space
* iwlwifi: disable WoWLAN if !CONFIG_PM_SLEEP
* iwlwifi: unregister LEDs if mac80211 registration fails
* iwlwifi: don't mess up the SCD when removing a key
* iwlwifi: disable the buggy chain extension feature in HW
* mac80211: fix error in station state transitions during reconfig
* mac80211: clean up remain-on-channel on interface stop
* mac80211: fix non RCU-safe sta_list manipulation
* ASoC: wm8994: Ensure all AIFnCLK events are run from the _late variants
* ASoC: wm8994: Apply volume updates with clocks enabled
* bcma: add ext PA workaround for BCM4331 and BCM43431
  - LP: #925577
* ALSA: HDA: Pin fixup for Zotac Z68 motherboard
  - LP: #993162
* cfg80211: fix interface combinations check
* rt2x00: use atomic variable for seqno
* wireless: rt2x00: rt2800usb add more devices ids
* wireless: rt2x00: rt2800usb more devices were identified
* net: sierra_net: device IDs for Aircard 320U++
* can: c_can: fix "BUG! echo_skb is occupied!" during transmit
* can: c_can: fix an interrupt thrash issue with c_can driver
* can: c_can: fix race condition in c_can_open()
* gma500: don't register the ACPI video bus
* acpi_video: fix leaking PCI references
* sched: Fix the relax_domain_level boot parameter
* drm/radeon: fix tiling and command stream checking on evergreen v3
* drm/i915: Mark the ringbuffers as being in the GTT domain
* fuse: fix stat call on 32 bit platforms
* libata: add a host flag to ignore detected ATA devices
* ata_piix: defer disks to the Hyper-V drivers by default
  - LP: #929545, #942316
* Linux 3.4.3
* ARM i.MX53: Fix PLL4 base address
* ARM: imx6: exit coherency when shutting down a cpu
* ARM i.MX imx21ads: Fix overlapping static i/o mappings
* drm/radeon: add some additional 6xx/7xx/EG register init
* drm via: initialize object_idr
* drm/udl: only bind to the video devices on the hub.
* drm sis: initialize object_idr
* xen/hvc: Collapse error logic.
* xen/hvc: Fix error cases around HVM_PARAM_CONSOLE_PFN
* xen/hvc: Check HVM_PARAM_CONSOLE_[EVTCHN|PFN] for correctness.
* xen/setup: filter APERFMPERF cpuid feature out
* NFSv4.1: Fix a request leak on the back channel
* NFSv4: Fix unnecessary delegation returns in nfs4_do_open
* nfsd4: BUG_ON(!is_spin_locked()) no good on UP kernels
* tracing: Have tracing_off() actually turn tracing off
* rpc_pipefs: allow rpc_purge_list to take a NULL waitq pointer
* SCSI: mpt2sas: Fix unsafe using smp_processor_id() in preemptible
* swap: fix shmem swapping when more than 8 areas
* USB: option: Add Vodafone/Huawei K5005 support
* USB: option: Updated Huawei K4605 has better id
* USB: option: add more YUGA device ids
* USB: option: fix memory leak
* USB: option: fix port-data abuse
* kdump: Execute kmsg_dump(KMSG_DUMP_PANIC) after smp_send_stop()
* hfsplus: fix overflow in sector calculations in hfsplus_submit_bio
* hfsplus: fix bless ioctl when used with hardlinks
* Make hard_irq_disable() actually hard-disable interrupts
* xhci: Fix invalid loop check in xhci_free_tt_info()
* xhci: Don't free endpoints in xhci_mem_cleanup()
* xHCI: Increase the timeout for controller save/restore state operation
* usb-storage: Add 090c:1000 to unusal-devs
* USB: mos7840: Fix compilation of usb serial driver
* USB: qcserial: Add Sierra Wireless device IDs
* USB: mct_u232: Fix incorrect TIOCMSET return
* usb: musb: davinci: Fix build breakage
* usb: musb_gadget: fix crash caused by dangling pointer
* USB: fix PS3 EHCI systems
* USB: serial: cp210x: add Optris MS Pro usb id
* USB: ftdi-sio: Add support for RT Systems USB-RTS01 serial adapter
* USB: add NO_D3_DURING_SLEEP flag and revert 151b61284776be2
* USB: cdc-wdm: Add Vodafone/Huawei K5005 support
* usb: cdc-acm: fix devices not unthrottled on open
* USB: serial: sierra: Add support for Sierra Wireless AirCard 320U modem
* USB: serial: Enforce USB driver and USB serial driver match
* USB: fix gathering of interface associations
* ASoC: wm8904: Fix GPIO and MICBIAS initialisation for regmap conversion
* hwrng: atmel-rng - fix data valid check
* edac: avoid mce decoding crash after edac driver unloaded
* edac: fix the error about memory type detection on SandyBridge
* 9p: BUG before corrupting memory
* remoteproc/omap: fix dev_err typo
* remoteproc: fix print format warnings
* remoteproc: fix missing fault indication in error-path
* e1000e: Disable ASPM L1 on 82574
* e1000e: Remove special case for 82573/82574 ASPM L1 disablement
* ntp: Correct TAI offset during leap second
* iwlwifi: fix the Transmit Frame Descriptor rings
* iwlwifi: use correct supported firmware for 6035 and 6000g2
* iwlwifi: fix TX power antenna access
* target: Return error to initiator if SET TARGET PORT GROUPS emulation
* Linux 3.4.4

62. By Leann Ogasawara

[ Paolo Pisati ]

* [Config] disable IKCONFIG
* [Config] disable BCMDHD
* [Config] BT_CMTP=m and BT_HCIUART_ATH3K=y
* [Config] CS89x0=m and CS89x0_PLATFORM=y
* [Config] sync DVB* wrt master
* [Config] DW_DMAC=m and DW_WATCHDOG=m
* [Config] EASYCAP=m
* [Config] disable DM_DELAY and DM_LOG_USERSPACE
* [Config] EEPROM_93XX46=m
* [Config] FSCACHE=m
* [Config] BLK_DEV* sync wrt master
* [Config] sync PHY* support wrt master
* [Config] RTC_DRV_AB3100=m and RTC_DRV_TEST=n
* [Config] keyboard/mouse sync wrt master
* [Config] usb sync wrt master
* [Config] CIFS_ACL and CIFS_FSCACHE =y

61. By Leann Ogasawara

[ Paolo Pisati ]

* tilt/tilt-tracking import @ 44fef05d56961d0f34178e3c7ca4e362948e3107
* [Config] turn off Linux's boot LOGO
* [Config] compile in led support
* [Config] QNX6FS=m
* [Config] NET_DSA*=m
* [Config] sync input drivers(=m) wrt master
* [Config] sync hid drivers (=m) wrt master
* [Config] SENSORS_MCP3021=m
* [Config] LIB80211_CRYPT*=m, CRYPTO_MICHAEL_MIC=m and HOSTAP=m
* [Config] battery, charger and PMU sync wrt master
* [Config] GPIO sync wrt master
* [Config] sync led support wrt master
* [Config] NETFILER*=m sync wrt master
* [Config] sync touchscreen support wrt master
* [Config] CRYPTO_ARC4=m
* [Config] AB8500_USB=m
* [Config] CRC8=m and CORDIC=m
* [Config] sync MTD* wrt master
* [Config] BINFMT_MISC=m
* [Config] BPF_JIT=y
* [Config] CAIF_USB and CAIF_HSI = m
* [Config] CAN_CC770*, CAN_EMS_PCMCIA, CAN_GW, CAN_PEAK* and
  CAN_SJA1000_ISA = m
* [Config] disable CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_EETI, brk due to irq_to_gpio()
* [Config] disable CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_EGALAX, brk due to irq_to_gpio()
* [Config] updateconfigs

[ Tim Gardner ]

* [Config] omap4.ignore.modules

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