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70. By Stefano Rivera on 2012-11-07

* Cherry-pick some bug fixes from 0.142-0.145:
  - syncpackage: Default to <current_series>-proposed.
  - syncpackage, requestsync: Check the Release pocket if we can't find an
    Ubuntu package in the requested pocket. (LP: #1069867)
  - pull-lp-source: Catch errors parsing JSON we got from DDE (LP: #1059848)
  - sponsor-patch: Don't fall over bugs targeted at the development release
    (LP: #936014)
  - requestsync: We now sync to proposed (LP: #1073060)
  - syncpackage: syncpackage: Don't throw away release pockets, returning
    correct errors when the source and destination match even though the
    destination release pocket doesn't.

69. By Stefano Rivera on 2012-04-12

* syncpackage: Log into Launchpad anonymously with --no-lp
  (LP: #979849)
* seeded-in-ubuntu: Log into Launchpad anonymously.

68. By Stefano Rivera on 2012-03-29

[ Stefano Rivera ]
* Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.3, no changes needed.
* Update machine-readable copyright Format to 1.0.
* pbuilder-dist: Use the same chroot, whether the system-architecture was
  the supplied architecture or was chosen by default (LP: #943435)
* backportpackage
  - Prompt to delete existing workdirs (LP: #885514)
  - Support a BACKPORTPACKAGE_UPLOAD configuration/enviornment variable
    (LP: #693217)
* requestsync:
  - New packages from non-free or contrib go into multiverse (LP: #935643)
  - Catch SeriesNotFoundException and display a friendly error (LP: #963888)

[ Daniel Hahler ]
* ubuntutools/archive.py: use ProxyHandler in _download_file.
  This makes use of the system proxy (e.g. http_proxy).
* pbuilder-dist: Do not force default value for `--aptcache` argument
  (LP: #956903)

[ John S Gruber ]
* Don't use --override-config with operations other than update.
  (LP: #409696)

67. By Stefano Rivera on 2012-02-15

[ Stefano Rivera ]
* syncpackage, backportpackage, sponsor-patch: Use -nc when building source
  packages. Avoids needing build-deps on the build machine.
* sponsor-patch:
  - Determine the task from the UDD branch.
  - Support syncs of new packages.
  - Support syncs from a non-default series (LP: #931644)
  - Check for dependencies that the package doesn't Depend on. Recommend
    dput, lintian, patch, quilt. (LP: #846385)
* Re-add dgetlp. Still needed for downloading source packages from +queue.
  (LP: #919805)
* pbuilder-dist:
  - Export DISTRIBUTION and ARCHITECTURE as well as DIST and ARCH. Thanks
    Alessio Treglia. (Closes: #659060, LP: #423609)
  - Pass DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS through (LP: #685786)
* reverse-depends: Now that Debian is supported server-side:
  - Convert Debian release aliases to codenames.
  - Default to the devel release of the vendor distribution.
  - Provide transitional reverse-build-depends wrapper to help users
    discover reverse-depends. (LP: #910420)
* backportpackage: Map Debian release aliases to codenames (LP: #918231)

[ Evan Broder]
* sponsor-patch, requestsync, syncpackage: Add a config variable for -k

66. By Benjamin Drung on 2011-12-21

[ Benjamin Drung ]
* sponsor-patch:
  - Use syncpackage instead of subscribing ubuntu-archive for sync requests,
    because syncpackage supports sponsorship now.
  - Check if the sponsored bug is marked as duplicate (LP: #896733).
  - Allow user to override sanity checks (LP: #896733).

[ Stefano Rivera ]
* Correct reference to qemu-user-static in pbuilder-dist.1 (Closes: #651999)
* mk-sbuild: Don't install devscripts by default (LP: #904502)
* backportpackage: Add --release-pocket option, rather than relying entirely
  on heuristics (Closes: #651546)
* syncpackage: Mention sponsorship when closing bugs (LP: #904288)

65. By Stefano Rivera on 2011-12-09

[ Stefano Rivera ]
* mk-sbuild: Make --eatmydata command line flag actually work.
* Remove dgetlp. No longer needed.
* Use httplib2 everywhere that we do https. The python stdlib doesn't do
  certificate verification.
* requestbackport:
  - Check for existing backport bugs first.
  - Check that there are published binaries (i.e. not stuck in bin-NEW).
* pull-lp-source, requestbackport: Take the latest version from any
  non-backports pocket. Implemented by making lpapicache's getSourcePackage
* sponsor-patch: Build a source package for lintian to run on, when not
  test-building syncs.
* sponsor-patch: Check the bug's title, not the task, when determining
  source series for syncs.
* mk-sbuild, pbuilder-dist, ubuntu-build: Add armhf.
* pull-debian-source, pull-lp-source: Resolve the source package (via DDE),
  if a binary package was requested (LP: #617349)
* submittodebian:
  - Do the report boiler-plate checking in a script that wraps an editor, so
    that we only edit the report once, after checking for duplicates.
  - rm the tmpdir with a little more force (shutil.rmtree) (LP: #899399)
* New Tools: (LP: #876554)
  - ubuntu-upload-permission: Query upload permissions.
  - seeded-in-ubuntu: Query a package's seed status. Whether it is on
    current daily images and/or part of the supported seed.
* syncpackage: Support sponsorship for native-syncs, now that LP does.

[ Andreas Moog ]
* sponsor-patch: Check permission to unsubscribe sponsors-team (LP: #896884)
* grep-merges: We already require a UTF-8 enabled terminal, so encode
  package and uploader name in UTF-8 (LP: #694388)
* requestsync: Give user option to retry in case of temporary error
  (LP: #850360)

64. By Stefano Rivera on 2011-11-16

[ Marc Deslauriers ]
* mk-sbuild,doc/mk-sbuild.1: switch from aufs to overlayfs, as aufs is no
  longer in the Precise kernel.

[ Stefano Rivera ]
* mk-sbuild,doc/mk-sbuild.1: aufs may still be used if overlayfs isn't
  available (as is the case on Debian).
* mk-sbuild: debootstrap with all components, so that eatmydata can be
* EditFile: Don't try and store temporary files in /usr/bin.
* EditBugReport: Don't include a newline in the bug title.

63. By Stefano Rivera on 2011-11-15

* grab-merge: Use wget -nv rather than -q, so that we see error messages
  (LP: #881967)
* requestsync: Make --lp the default.
* submittodebian: Use prettier patch filenames (LP: #887333)
* mk-sbuild:
  -Allow creating experimental chroots again (LP: #885499)
  - experimental shouldn't be the default in experimental chroots.
  - Add --eatmydata flag (LP: #888440)
* pbuilder-dist:
  - Support using non-master mirrors. Thanks Mathieu Parent. (LP: #824285)
  - Enable non-release pockets by default (LP: #781003)
* New scripts:
  - reverse-depends: Replaces reverse-build-depends. Uses an UbuntuWire
    webservice for determining all reverse(-build)-dependencies for a
    package. (LP: #696373)
  - requestbackport: Files a backport request bug report, including a full
    testing checklist.
* Don't allow boilerplate prompts through in submittodebian and requestsync
  (LP: #887336)
* Add changelog retrieval to lpapicache, and use this in syncpackage and
  requestsync. The changelogs should be available in Launchpad sooner than
  Debian PTS.

62. By Stefano Rivera on 2011-10-28

[ Stefano Rivera ]
* mk-sbuild: Correct typo in variable name. Thanks Laurent Declercq.
  (Closes: #645917)
* Remove massfile. Neglected and unused (LP: #145598)
* syncpackage, requestsync: Sync from testing for LTSs (LP: #876400)
* syncpackage:
  - Ignore CURRENT blacklisting: it's buggy, and we don't have a good use
    for it.
  - Always display blacklist comments, if they exist.
  - Display timestamps for DSD blacklist comments.
  - Add --fakesync option, relegating --no-lp to really crazy corner cases.
* sponsor-patch: Compare new sync version to the current Ubuntu version,
  rather than itself (LP: #878499)
* sponsor-patch.1: Mention syncs (LP: #882085)

[ Benjamin Drung ]
* syncpackage: Catch user abort.

[ Scott Moser ]
* mk-sbuild: better support apt http proxy (LP: #881654)

61. By Benjamin Drung on 2011-10-19

[ Stefano Rivera ]
* mk-sbuild: Only grant access to the admin group when it exists
  (Closes: #642824)
* Add Depends and Build-Depends for python-distro-info, which has split out
  of distro-info.
* syncpackge: Gracefully deal with no available changelog from Debian (PTS
  changelogs aren't available immediately)

[ Benjamin Drung ]
* syncpackage: Allow syncing to -proposed with --no-lp.

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