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29. By Alberto Milone on 2010-10-04

* New upstream release:
  - Fixed an interaction problem with a change in X server
    behavior that caused slow text rendering on X.Org xserver
    1.9 (LP: #629910).
  - Enhanced VDPAU to support interop with CUDA and OpenGL
    when Xinerama is active.
  - Fixed a bug in VDPAU that prevented temporal-spatial
    de-interlacing from operating when temporal de-interlacing
    was not also enabled.
  - Added support for configuring the dithering depth used when
    driving a flat panel with a GeForce 8 family or Quadro
    4600/5600 or newer GPU. See the "Dithering Controls" in the
    Flat Panel page in nvidia-settings.
* debian/headers, nvidia-current-dev.install{.in}:
 - Put the headers from 256.53 in debian/headers and install
   them in nvidia-current-dev as usual. Starting from the 260
   series, these headers are no longer distributed with the
   Nvidia installer. In Natty we'll package them separately
   but for now we'll keep them in nvidia-current-dev.
* debian/dkms/patches/nvidia-2.6.36-ioctl.patch:
  - Refresh patch.

28. By Alberto Milone on 2010-09-24

* debian/nvidia-current.postinst{.in}:
  - Call dpkg-trigger with "--by-package".

27. By Alberto Milone on 2010-09-06

* debian/dkms/patches/nvidia-2.6.36-ioctl.patch:
  - Fix malformed patch (LP: #630690).

26. By Alberto Milone on 2010-09-02

[ Alberto Milone ]
* New upstream release:
  - Fixed a bug that prevented XvMC from initializing in most
  - Added support for xorg-server video driver ABI version 8,
    which will be included in the xorg-server-1.9 series of
    releases (LP: #616023).
  - Fixed a bug that caused extremely slow rendering of OpenGL
    applications on X screens other than screen 0 when using a
    compositing manager.
  - Fixed a regression introduced after 256.35 that caused
    stability problems on GPUs such as GeForce GT 240.
  - Fixed a slow kernel virtual address space leak observed
    when starting and stopping OpenGL, CUDA, or VDPAU
  - Fixed a bug that left the system susceptible to hangs
    when running two or more VDPAU applications simultaneously.

[ Robert Hooker ]
* debian/dkms/patches/nvidia-2.6.36-ioctl.patch:
  - Add patch from nvnews to add compatibility with kernel

25. By Alberto Milone on 2010-08-13

* debian/rules:
  - Switch to new xsfbs variables to get the xserver ABI
    (LP: #616214).
* debian/nvidia-current.dirs.in:
  - Remove duplicate line.
* New upstream release:
  - Added Support for GeForce GTX 460.
  - Added Support for Quadro 4000, Quadro 5000, and Quadro 6000.
  - Fixed VDPAU to not print a debug error message when calling
    VdpVideoMixerQueryFeatureSupport with an unsupported or
    unknown VdpVideoMixerFeature.
  - Removed the requirement that in TwinView passive stereo,
    MetaModes must have identical viewports on each monitor.
  - Removed the requirement that in active stereo, all monitors
    must use identical modetimings.
  - Enhanced VDPAU to better report certain kinds of
    initialization error.
  - Fixed a regression that caused Xv to return BadAlloc errors
    on AGP systems when using the AGP GART driver contained in
    the NVIDIA driver.This fixes the problem reported in
    nvnews.net thread 151199.
 * This release still doesn't report to be compatible with the
   new xserver ABI but works fine if the ignoreABI option is
   set in xorg.conf.

24. By Alberto Milone on 2010-07-09

* debian/nvidia-current-dev*, debian/control.in:
  - Revert my previous changes which involved adding conflicts
    with other dev packages and installing the headers directly
    in /usr/include (LP: #600397).

23. By Alberto Milone on 2010-06-28

[ Alberto Milone ]
* debian/nvidia-current-dev*:
  - Make the dev package conflict with other dev packages which
    provide nvidia-dev so as to make it possible to install
    headers directly in /usr/include.
* Adapt the packaging scripts to the new NVIDIA installers.
* New upstream release:
  - Fixed a 3D Vision Stereo bug that caused the stereo glasses
    to not toggle when the flat panel was not running at its
    native mode timings.
  - Fixed a bug which prevented use of high performance PowerMizer
    levels on systems with certain ACPI configurations.
  - Fixed a bug that caused non-primary Fermi GPUs to fail to
    initialize framebuffer memory. This caused a variety of
    symptoms, up to and including system hangs.
  - Added unofficial GLX protocol support (i.e., for GLX indirect
    rendering) for the following OpenGL extensions:
    o GL_ARB_blend_func_extended
    o GL_ARB_draw_buffers_blend
    o GL_ARB_sample_shading
    o GL_ARB_timer_query
    o GL_EXT_draw_buffers2
    o GL_EXT_separate_shader_objects
    o GL_NV_explicit_multisample
    o GL_NV_transform_feedback
  - Fixed an interaction problem between Compiz and
    'screen-scraping' VNC servers like x11vnc and vino that
    caused the screen to stop updating (LP: #353126).
  - Enhanced VDPAU to add basic support for Xinerama. VDPAU will
    now operate on a single physical X screen under Xinerama.
    See the README for more details.
  - Enhanced VDPAU's handling of corrupt clips of all formats
    on GPUs with VDPAU feature set C to be at least as good as
    on GPUs with VDPAU feature set B. This significantly
    improves various clips provided by nvnews.net user eamiller.
  - Fixed a bug in Xv attribute handling that caused hue,
    saturation, brightness and contrast values to be misapplied
    when using an Xv overlay adaptor.
  - Fixed a bug in the XvMC driver that prevented it from
    working on systems with AGP graphics cards.
  - Enhanced VDPAU to clear all VdpVideoSurfaces to black when
    allocated. This provides more consistent results when using
    a surface as a reference when no prior decode operation has
    written to that surface. In turn, this improves the results
    of decoding some corrupt streams, such as "p_only_no_play"
    from ffmpeg bug 1124.
  - Implemented new APIs to allow sharing VDPAU surfaces with
    OpenGL andCUDA. The OpenGL extension is GL_NV_vdpau_interop.
    For CUDA, please see the documentation in the CUDA toolkit
    for details.
  - Worked around a bug where the combination of a GPU with
    VDPAU feature set A together with specific motherboard
    chipsets could cause visible corruption when decoding some
    MPEG-2 streams.
  - Fixed a bug that prevented the VDPAU overlay-based
    presentation queue from being used more than a few hundred
    times per X server invocation.
  - Renamed the driver file libGLcore.so.VERSION to
    libnvidia-glcore.so.VERSION, as a small step towards
    reducing the filename collisions between NVIDIA's and
    MESA's OpenGL implementations.This driver file is used by
    NVIDIA's libGL.so and libglx.so, and should never be used
    directly by applications.
  - Changed the SONAME of libnvidia-glcore.so.VERSION,
    libnvidia-tls.so.VERSION, and libnvidia-compiler.so.VERSION
    to be ".so.VERSION", rather than ".so.1". These driver files
    are only used by other NVIDIA driver components, and are
    only intended to be usedby components of the matching NVIDIA
    driver version.
  - Removed the "-pkg#" suffix from the NVIDIA Linux .run files.
    The packages are now simply named "NVIDIA-Linux-ARCH-VERSION.run".
    On Linux-x86_64, a package which omits the 32-bit compatibility
    libraries is also available:
  - Compressed the nvidia-settings, nvidia-installer and
    nvidia-xconfig tarballs with bzip2, rather than gzip.

[ Johan Kiviniemi ]
* debian/nvidia_supported:
  - nVidia changed the driver blob so that the old heuristic for finding the
    symbol with the PCI ID list failed. Implement a new heuristic by finding
    the symbol that matches the ID list in README closely enough. (README is
    missing a great number of IDs, which is why we need to grab the list
    from the blob in the first place).

22. By Chris Halse Rogers on 2010-06-10

No change rebuild for new Xserver 1.8 ABI

21. By Alberto Milone on 2010-05-17

* New upstream release:
  - Added support for the following GPUs:
    o GeForce GTX 480
    o GeForce GTX 470
    o Tesla C2050
  - Fixed a problem that caused occasional red flashes in XVideo
    frames (LP: #580763).
  - Added official support for xserver 1.8. The -ignoreABI option
    is no longer required with this version of the server.
  - Updated the "Supported NVIDIA GPU Products" list to include
    various supported GPUs that were missing previously.
* debian/nvidia-current.dirs.in:
  - Do not install empty directories (GL, CL, cuda) in
    /usr/share/include (LP: #540171).

20. By Alberto Milone on 2010-05-04

* debian/dkms/patches/vga_arbiter_workaround.patch:
  - Prevent X from crashing with kernel 2.6.32 when 2 or more
    nvidia cards are available (LP: #573557).

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