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31. By Andy Whitcroft

[ Andy Whitcroft ]

* rebase to Ubuntu-2.6.32-21.31

[ Ubuntu: 2.6.32-21.31 ]

* allow modules.builtin to be optional
* d-i: add mpt2sas to the message-modules udeb
  - LP: #530361
* SAUCE: Nouveau: Add quirk framework to disable acceleration
  - LP: #544088, #546393
* SAUCE: Nouveau: Disable acceleration on MacBook Pros
  - LP: #546393
* SAUCE: Nouveau: Disable acceleration on GeForce3 cards
  - LP: #544088
* SAUCE: Nouveau: Disable acceleration on 6100 cards
  - LP: #542950
* SAUCE: dma-mapping: Remove WARN_ON in dma_free_coherent
  - LP: #458201
* SAUCE: sync before umount to reduce time taken by ext4 umount
  - LP: #543617
* tipc: Fix oops on send prior to entering networked mode (v3)
  - CVE-2010-1187
* KVM: x86 emulator: Add Virtual-8086 mode of emulation
  - LP: #561425
* KVM: x86 emulator: fix memory access during x86 emulation
  - LP: #561425
* KVM: x86 emulator: Check IOPL level during io instruction emulation
  - LP: #561425
* KVM: x86 emulator: Fix popf emulation
  - LP: #561425
* KVM: Fix segment descriptor loading
  - LP: #561425
* KVM: VMX: Update instruction length on intercepted BP
  - LP: #561425
* KVM: VMX: Use macros instead of hex value on cr0 initialization
  - LP: #561425
* KVM: SVM: Reset cr0 properly on vcpu reset
  - LP: #561425
* KVM: VMX: Disable unrestricted guest when EPT disabled
  - LP: #561425
* KVM: x86: disable paravirt mmu reporting
  - LP: #561425
* AppArmor: Fix put of unassigned ns if aa_unpack fails
* AppArmor: Fix refcount bug when exec fails
  - LP: #562063
* AppArmor: Take refcount on cxt->profile to ensure it remains a valid
  - LP: #367499
* AppArmor: fix typo in scrubbing environment variable warning
  - LP: #562060
* AppArmor: fix regression by setting default to mediate deleted files
  - LP: #562056
* AppArmor: fix refcount order bug that can trigger during replacement
  - LP: #367499
* AppArmor: Make sure to unmap aliases for vmalloced dfas before they are
  - LP: #529288
* AppArmor: address performance regression of replaced profile
  - LP: #549428
* AppArmor: make the global side the correct type
  - LP: #562047
* AppArmor: use the kernel shared workqueue to free vmalloc'ed dfas
* sky2: add register definitions for new chips
  - LP: #537168
* sky2: 88E8059 support
  - LP: #537168
* net: Fix Yukon-2 Optima TCP offload setup
  - LP: #537168
* net: Add missing TST_CFG_WRITE bits around sky2_pci_write
  - LP: #537168
* sky2: print Optima chip name
  - LP: #537168
* (Upstream) dell-laptop: defer dell_rfkill_update to worker thread
  - LP: #555261
* drm/nv40: add LVDS table quirk for Dell Latitude D620
  - LP: #539730

[ Ubuntu: 2.6.32-20.30 ]

* Revert "(pre-stable) ACPI: EC: Allow multibyte access to EC"
  - LP: #561151

[ Ubuntu: 2.6.32-20.29 ]

* Revert "SAUCE: Use MODULE_IMPORT macro to tie intel_agp to i915"
  - LP: #542251
* add Breaks: against hardy lvm2
  - LP: #528155
* d-i -- enable udebs for generic-pae
  - LP: #160366
* [Config] Add xen netboot support
  - LP: #160366
* (pre-stable): input: Support Clickpad devices in ClickZone mode
  - LP: #516329
* Revert "(pre-stable) Bluetooth: Fix sleeping function in RFCOMM within
  invalid context"
  - LP: #553837
* Revert "(pre-stable) USB: fix usbfs regression"
  - LP: #553837
* Revert "(pre-stable) softlockup: Stop spurious softlockup messages due
  to overflow"
  - LP: #553837
* Revert "(pre-stable) drm/nouveau: report unknown connector state if lid
  - LP: #553837
* drivers/scsi/ses.c: eliminate double free
  - LP: #553837
* decompress: fix new decompressor for PIC
  - LP: #553837
* ARM: Fix decompressor's kernel size estimation for ROM=y
  - LP: #553837
* MIPS: Cleanup forgotten label_module_alloc in tlbex.c
  - LP: #553837
* tg3: Fix tg3_poll_controller() passing wrong pointer to tg3_interrupt()
  - LP: #553837
* tg3: Fix 5906 transmit hangs
  - LP: #553837
* ALSA: hda - Fix input source elements of secondary ADCs on Realtek
  - LP: #553837
* ALSA: hda: enable MSI for Gateway M-6866
  - LP: #538918, #553837
* timekeeping: Prevent oops when GENERIC_TIME=n
  - LP: #553837
* Input: alps - add support for the touchpad on Toshiba Tecra A11-11L
  - LP: #553837
* Input: i8042 - add ALDI/MEDION netbook E1222 to qurik reset table
  - LP: #553837
* i2c-i801: Don't use the block buffer for I2C block writes
  - LP: #553837
* ath5k: dont use external sleep clock in AP mode
  - LP: #553837
* ath5k: fix setup for CAB queue
  - LP: #553837
* ring-buffer: Move disabled check into preempt disable section
  - LP: #553837
* function-graph: Init curr_ret_stack with ret_stack
  - LP: #553837
* Bluetooth: Fix sleeping function in RFCOMM within invalid context
  - LP: #553837
* tracing: Use same local variable when resetting the ring buffer
  - LP: #553837
* tracing: Disable buffer switching when starting or stopping trace
  - LP: #553837
* tracing: Do not record user stack trace from NMI context
  - LP: #553837
* PCI: unconditionally clear AER uncorr status register during cleanup
  - LP: #553837
* efifb: fix framebuffer handoff
  - LP: #553837
* coredump: suppress uid comparison test if core output files are pipes
  - LP: #553837
* V4L/DVB (13961): em28xx-dvb: fix memleak in dvb_fini()
  - LP: #553837
* hrtimer: Tune hrtimer_interrupt hang logic
  - LP: #553837
* x86, apic: Don't use logical-flat mode when CPU hotplug may exceed 8
  - LP: #553837
* mvsas: add support for Adaptec ASC-1045/1405 SAS/SATA HBA
  - LP: #553837
* pci: add support for 82576NS serdes to existing SR-IOV quirk
  - LP: #553837
* sched: Mark boot-cpu active before smp_init()
  - LP: #553837
* sparc64: Make prom entry spinlock NMI safe.
  - LP: #553837
* sysctl: require CAP_SYS_RAWIO to set mmap_min_addr
  - LP: #553837
* e1000e: enable new 82567V-3 device
  - LP: #553837
* ixgbe: add support for 82599 KR device 0x1517
  - LP: #553837
* ath9k: fix lockdep warning when unloading module
  - LP: #553837
* mqueue: fix mq_open() file descriptor leak on user-space processes
  - LP: #553837
* virtio: fix out of range array access
  - LP: #553837
* sched: Fix SCHED_MC regression caused by change in sched cpu_power
  - LP: #553837
* readahead: add blk_run_backing_dev
  - LP: #553837
* ALSA: hda: Use LPIB and 6stack-dig for eMachines T5212
  - LP: #538895, #553837
* ALSA: hda - Disable MSI for Nvidia controller
  - LP: #553837
* ALSA: hda - Fix secondary ADC of ALC260 basic model
  - LP: #553837
* ALSA: hda: Fix 0 dB offset for HP laptops using CX20551 (Waikiki)
  - LP: #420578, #553837
* ALSA: cmipci: work around invalid PCM pointer
  - LP: #553837
* gigaset: correct clearing of at_state strings on RING
  - LP: #553837
* gigaset: prune use of tty_buffer_request_room
  - LP: #553837
* perf: Make the install relative to DESTDIR if specified
  - LP: #553837
* perf_event: Fix oops triggered by cpu offline/online
  - LP: #553837
* tmpfs: fix oops on mounts with mpol=default
  - LP: #553837
* tmpfs: mpol=bind:0 don't cause mount error.
  - LP: #553837
* tmpfs: handle MPOL_LOCAL mount option properly
  - LP: #553837
* tmpfs: cleanup mpol_parse_str()
  - LP: #553837
* doc: add the documentation for mpol=local
  - LP: #553837
* SCSI: scsi_transport_fc: Fix synchronization issue while deleting vport
  - LP: #553837
* NFSv4: Don't ignore the NFS_INO_REVAL_FORCED flag in
  - LP: #553837
* NFS: Avoid a deadlock in nfs_release_page
  - LP: #553837
* NFS: Prevent another deadlock in nfs_release_page()
  - LP: #553837
* tty: Keep the default buffering to sub-page units
  - LP: #553837
* tty: Take a 256 byte padding into account when buffering below sub-page
  - LP: #553837
* USB: fix usbfs regression
  - LP: #553837
* USB: EHCI: fix ITD list order
  - LP: #553837
* USB: EHCI: adjust ehci_iso_stream for changes in ehci_qh
  - LP: #553837
* USB: qcserial: add new device ids
  - LP: #553837
* USB: xHCI: re-initialize cmd_completion
  - LP: #553837
* USB: serial: ftdi: add CONTEC vendor and product id
  - LP: #553837
* USB: option: fix incorrect manufacturer name in usb/serial/option:
  - LP: #553837
* USB: option: move hardcoded PID to a macro in usb/serial/option
  - LP: #553837
* USB: option: add support for a new CMOTECH device to usb/serial/option
  - LP: #553837
* usb: r8a66597-hcd: fix removed from an attached hub
  - LP: #553837
* wl1251: fix potential crash
  - LP: #553837
* jme: Fix VLAN memory leak
  - LP: #553837
* jme: Protect vlgrp structure by pause RX actions.
  - LP: #553837
* edac, mce: Filter out invalid values
  - LP: #553837
* iwlwifi: use dma_alloc_coherent
  - LP: #553837
* iwlwifi: Silence tfds_in_queue message
  - LP: #553837
* SUNRPC: Fix a potential memory leak in auth_gss
  - LP: #553837
* sunrpc: handle allocation errors from __rpc_lookup_create()
  - LP: #553837
* if_tunnel.h: add missing ams/byteorder.h include
  - LP: #553837
* fs/partitions/msdos: add support for large disks
  - LP: #553837
* fs/partition/msdos: fix unusable extended partition for > 512B sector
  - LP: #553837
* PCI: fix return value from pcix_get_max_mmrbc()
  - LP: #553837
* PCI: fix access of PCI_X_CMD by pcix get and set mmrbc functions
  - LP: #553837
* PCI: cleanup error return for pcix get and set mmrbc functions
  - LP: #553837
* rt2860sta: Fix argument to linux_pci_unmap_single()
  - LP: #553837
* ath9k: fix BUG_ON triggered by PAE frames
  - LP: #553837
* cpuset: fix the problem that cpuset_mem_spread_node() returns an
  offline node
  - LP: #553837
* softlockup: Stop spurious softlockup messages due to overflow
  - LP: #553837
* netfilter: xt_recent: fix regression in rules using a zero hit_count
  - LP: #553837
* x86: Fix placement of FIX_OHCI1394_BASE
  - LP: #553837
* x86, amd: Restrict usage of c1e_idle()
  - LP: #553837
* hwmon: (coretemp) Add missing newline to dev_warn() message
  - LP: #553837
* ALSA: hda: Use LPIB for ga-ma770-ud3 board
  - LP: #553837
* ALSA: ac97: Add Toshiba P500 to ac97 jack sense blacklist
  - LP: #481058, #553837
* ALSA: ac97: Add IBM ThinkPad R40e to Headphone/Line Jack Sense
  - LP: #303789, #553837
* ALSA: hda: Use ALC260_WILL quirk for another Acer model (0x1025007f)
  - LP: #418627, #553837
* ath9k: Enable TIM timer interrupt only when needed.
  - LP: #553837
* mac80211: Retry null data frame for power save
  - LP: #553837
* ath9k: Enable IEEE80211_HW_REPORTS_TX_ACK_STATUS flag for ath9k
  - LP: #553837
* mac80211: Reset dynamic ps timer in Rx path.
  - LP: #553837
* leds-gpio: fix default state handling on OF platforms
  - LP: #553837
* quota: manage reserved space when quota is not active [v2]
  - LP: #553837
* quota: Fix warning when a delayed write happens before quota is enabled
  - LP: #553837
* ahci: use BIOS date in broken_suspend list
  - LP: #553837
* Bluetooth: Fix potential bad memory access with sysfs files
  - LP: #553837
* Bluetooth: Fix kernel crash on L2CAP stress tests
  - LP: #553837
* sh: Fix zImage boot using fixed PMB.
  - LP: #553837
* b43: Workaround circular locking in hw-tkip key update callback
  - LP: #553837
* block: Backport of various I/O topology fixes from 2.6.33 and 2.6.34
  - LP: #553837
* s3cmci: initialize default platform data no_wprotect and no_detect with
  - LP: #553837
* x86: Fix sched_clock_cpu for systems with unsynchronized TSC
  - LP: #553837
* GFS2: Skip check for mandatory locks when unlocking
  - LP: #553837
* Linux
  - LP: #553837
* drm/i915: fix small leak on overlay error path
  - LP: #553837
* drm/i915: Avoid NULL deref in get_pages() unwind after error.
  - LP: #553837
* drm/nouveau: report unknown connector state if lid closed
  - LP: #553837
* Linux-
  - LP: #553837
* mmc: add module parameter to set whether cards are assumed removable
  - LP: #477106
* (pre-stable) ACPI: EC: Allow multibyte access to EC
  - LP: #526354
* PCI quirks: disable msi on AMD rs4xx internal gfx bridges
  - LP: #509273
* drm/i915: Add dependency on the intel agp module
  - LP: #542251
* (pre-stable) drm/edid: allow certain bogus edids to hit a fixup path
  rather than fail
  - LP: #540632
* drm/radeon/kms: rework pll algo selection
  - LP: #538377
* drm/radeon/kms: update new pll algo
  - LP: #538377
* PCI quirk: Disable MSI on VIA K8T890 systems
  - LP: #544741
* sched: update load count only once per cpu in 10 tick update window
  - LP: #513848

30. By Andy Whitcroft

[ Andy Whitcroft ]

* rebase to Ubuntu-2.6.32-19.28
* update configs following rebase to Ubuntu-2.6.32-19.28
* [Config] lgs8gl5 and mimio are no longer built

[ Eric Miao ]

* [Config]: sync with Dove LSP 5.1.0

[ Upstream Kernel Changes ]

* add option to reserve memory for PVT tests
* update missed mcu-ds2782 battery driver
* config: small change to align with Ubuntu kernel configuration
* Update standby mode support for AV-D1 X0 board.
* Disable ADI9889 by default to remove this error during kernel booting:
  "ERROR at adi9889_error_callback - error code 14"
* Fix compiling error on Android caused by the patch
* Fix EDID parsing error in ADI9889 device driver
* Disabled some annonying debug information of KG2 due to it flashs
  console output
* Decrease ALSA soc period_size min and max parameter to fix video not
  fluent on Android issue.
* Enable two Android PMEM device files: /dev/pmem --> 24M, for Graphics
  /dev/pmem_adsp --> 64M, for Video
* Fix various settings for new AV-D1 X0 boards
* add back rt5630 i2c device in dove-rd-avng-setup.c
* dvs: make changes to dove_rd_avng_setup.c
* DVS: Fix compilation error and disable DVS by default for AVD1 board
* Modify dove_gpu's name to galcore for Android to keep align with other
  Android platform.
* dove: build dmatest as module
* dove: disable MTD_VERIFY_WRITE and enable MTD test support
* dove: alway use the galcore name for the gpu driver
* update dove_avng_x0_defconfig and dove_avng_y1_defconfig
* fix ADI9889/9389 HDMI audio no sound (SPDIF) issue
* Added Headset detection feature.
* Fix wrong bit operation
* Fix warning message when compiling
* Lower debug message's level and mark it
* Lower wait for vsync's debug message level and double confirm isr
  before printing the message.
* Remove unused function.
* refine the comments
* Fix ADI9889 PM suspend/resume issue
* rt5611: only swap touchscreen Y-axis for ANDROID
* enable bmm driver as module in dove_avng_x0_defconfig
* remove dove_avng_x0_defconfig and dove_avng_y1_defconfig
* dove: disable CH7025_COMPOSITE
* eth643: fix suspend/resume by deatach/attach phy

[ Ubuntu: 2.6.32-19.28 ]

* [Config] enable various multitouch devices
  - LP: #541453
* (pre-stable): input: ALPS - Add signature for HP Pavilion dm3 laptops
  - LP: #545307
* SAUCE: Disable function tracing after hitting __schedule_bug
* SAUCE: Reduce ACPI resource conflict message to KERN_INFO, printf
  - LP: #440470
* SAUCE: drm/i915: don't change DRM configuration when releasing load
  detect pipe
  - LP: #488328
* SAUCE: AppArmor: Remove null_profile's use of PFLAG_NO_LIST_REF
  - LP: #539437
* SAUCE: AppArmor: Stop page allocation warnings that can occur on policy
  - LP: #458299
* SAUCE: AppArmor: Return string len rather than the allocation size
  - LP: #551844
* SAUCE: AppArmor: Fix oops in profile verification if profile unpack
* [Config] Enable Nouveau DRM module on powerpc
* SAUCE: Pull in thinkpad-acpi from v2.6.34-rc1
  - LP: #357673
* [Config] Enable thinkpad-acpi ALSA volume control
  - LP: #357673
* SAUCE: drm/i915: Disable FBC on 915GM and 945GM
  - LP: #492392, #539609
* Revert "(pre-stable) drm/i915: blacklist lid status: Sony VGN-BX196VP,
  Dell Inspiron 700m"
  - LP: #515246
* (pre-stable) softlockup: Stop spurious softlockup messages due to
  - LP: #551068
* backlight: mbp_nvidia_bl - add five more MacBook variants
  - LP: #511965
* drm/nv04-nv40: Fix up the programmed horizontal sync pulse delay.
  - LP: #529130
* drm/nouveau: Fix fbcon corruption with font width not divisible by 8
  - LP: #544739
* (pre-stable) USB: fix usbfs regression
* drm/radeon/bo: add some fallback placements for VRAM only objects.
  - LP: #507148
* drm/radeon/kms: don't print error on -ERESTARTSYS.
  - LP: #507148
* Input: add the ABS_MT_PRESSURE event
  - LP: #541453
* HID: Support for 3M multitouch panel
  - LP: #541453
* HID: make 3M PCT touchscreen driver standalone config option
  - LP: #541453
* HID: add support for Stantum multitouch panel
  - LP: #541453
* HID: make Stantum driver standalone config option
  - LP: #541453
* HID: add support for Acer T230H multitouch
  - LP: #541453
* HID: add support for Pixart Imaging Optical Touch Screen
  - LP: #541453
* HID: fixed bug in single-touch emulation on the stantum panel
  - LP: #541453
* HID: add pressure support for the Stantum multitouch panel
  - LP: #541453
* HID: Support for MosArt multitouch panel
  - LP: #541453
* HID: hid-ntrig add multi input quirk and clean up
  - LP: #541453
* HID: n-trig: remove unnecessary tool switching
  - LP: #541453
* HID: hid-ntrig: multitouch cleanup and fix
  - LP: #541453
* HID: hid-ntrig: Single touch mode tap
  - LP: #541453
* hid: ntrig touch events
  - LP: #541453
* (pre-stable) x86-32, resume: do a global tlb flush in S4 resume
  - LP: #531309
* drm/i915: Part of: Add initial bits for VGA modesetting bringup on
  - LP: #515246
* drm/i915: Stop trying to use ACPI lid status to determine LVDS
  - LP: #515246

[ Ubuntu: 2.6.32-18.27 ]

* SAUCE: Don't register vga16fb framebuffer if other framebuffers are
  - LP: #527369
* [Config] armel/versatile: Set CRAMFS=m
  - LP: #524893
* [Config] armel: Reset default command-line
  - LP: #524893
* build/modules: Update d-i to reflect recent config changes
  - LP: #546929
* (pre-stable) drm/nouveau: report unknown connector state if lid closed
  - LP: #523072
* (pre-stable) Staging: rt2870: Add USB ID for Buffalo Airstation
  - LP: #441990
* (pre-stable) iwlwifi: fix nfreed--
  - LP: #545585
* (pre-stable) pata_via: Add VIA VX900 support
  - LP: #548675

[ Ubuntu: 2.6.32-17.26 ]

* [Config] SECURITY_FILE_CAPABILITIES dissapeared in 2.6.33
* rules -- allow architecture configurations to be missing
* SAUCE: cdrom -- default to not locking the tray when in use
  - LP: #397734
* expose the kernel EXTRAVERSION in dmesg and /proc/version_signature
* record the drm version in EXTRAVERSION
* linux-tools -- pull out the perf binary into a binary package
* [Config] enable MMIOTRACE for graphics debugging
* [Config] enable BLK_DEV_BSG
* debian -- fix builds when tools are disabled
* allow us to build default configs for automated builds
* config -- allow locally specified configuration overrides
* [Config] de-modularise PATA disk controllers
* [Config] de-modularise SATA disk controllers
* Revert "SAUCE: (pre-stable) netfilter: xt_recent: fix buffer overflow"
  - LP: #540231
* Revert "SAUCE: (pre-stable) netfilter: xt_recent: fix false match"
  - LP: #540231
* [Config] Update configs for
  - LP: #540231
* [Config] Add vmw_pvscsi and vmxnet3 to -virtual flavour
  - LP: #531017
* SAUCE: igb: Supress an upstream compiler complaint
* [Config] Fix sub-flavours package conflicts
  - LP: #454827
* Revert "tpm_tis: TPM_STS_DATA_EXPECT workaround"
  - LP: #540231
* Revert "(pre-stable) sched: Fix SMT scheduler regression in
  - LP: #540231
* (pre-stable) Bluetooth: Fix sleeping function in RFCOMM within invalid
  - LP: #534549
* igb: remove unused temp variable from stats clearing path
* igb: update comments for serdes config and update to handle duplex
* igb: update the approach taken to acquiring and releasing the phy lock
* igb: add locking to reads of the i2c interface
* igb: add combined function for setting rar and pool bits
* igb: make use of the uta to allow for promiscous mode filter
* igb: add support for 82576NS SerDes adapter
* igb: add function to handle mailbox lock
* igb: fix a few items where weren't correctly setup for mbx timeout
* igb: change how we handle alternate mac addresses
* igb: remove microwire support from igb
* igb: move the generic copper link setup code into e1000_phy.c
* igb: add code to retry a phy read in the event of failure on link check
* igb: add additional error handling to the phy code
* igb: add flushes between RAR writes when setting mac address
* igb: Use the instance of net_device_stats from net_device.
* igb: Fix erroneous display of stats by ethtool -S
* igb: add new data structure for handling interrupts and NAPI
* igb: remove rx checksum good counter
* igb: increase minimum rx buffer size to 1K
* igb: move the tx and rx ring specific config into seperate functions
* igb: remove rx_ps_hdr_len
* igb: move SRRCTL register configuration into ring specific config
* igb: change the head and tail offsets into pointers
* igb: add pci device pointer to ring structure
* igb: move rx_buffer_len into the ring structure
* igb: move alloc_failed and csum_err stats into per rx-ring stat
* igb: add a flags value to the ring
* igb: place a pointer to the netdev struct in the ring itself
* igb: move the multiple receive queue configuration into seperate
* igb: delay VF reset notification until after interrupts are enabed
* igb: setup vlan tag replication stripping in igb_vmm_control
* igb: re-use ring configuration code in ethtool testing
* igb: make tx ring map and free functionality non-static
* igb: make ethtool use core xmit map and free functionality
* igb: add single vector msi-x testing to interrupt test
* igb: cleanup "todo" code found in igb_ethtool.c
* igb: add support for seperate tx-usecs setting in ethtool
* igb: cleanup some of the code related to hw timestamping
* igb: misc cleanups within igb_ethtool.c
* igb: use packet buffer sizes from RXPBS register
* igb: replace the VF clear_to_send with a flags value
* igb: rework use of VMOLR in regards to PF and VFs
* igb: rework handling of the vfta and vlvf registers in relation to
* igb: move vf init into a seperate function
* igb: only process global stats in igb_update_stats
* igb: move global_quad_port_a from global into local static define
* igb: make tx hang check multiqueue, check eop descriptor
* igb: cleanup code related to ring resource allocation and free
* igb: change queue ordering for 82576 based adapters
* igb: cleanup interrupt enablement in regards to msix_other
* igb: Remove invalid stats counters
* igb: cleanup igb.h header whitespace and some structure formatting
* igb: cleanup igb xmit frame path
* igb: cleanup clean_rx_irq_adv and alloc_rx_buffers_adv
* igb: replace unecessary &adapter->hw with just hw where applicable
* igb: add pci_dev in few spots to clean up use of dev_err/info/warn
* igb: limit minimum mtu to 68 to keep ip bound to interface
* igb: open up SCTP checksum offloads to all MACs 82576 and newer
* igb: cleanup whitespace issues in igb_main.c
* igb: Fix warnings in igb_set_ringparam()
* igb: change type for ring sizes to u16 in igb_set_ring_param
* igb: move timesync init into a seperate function
* igb: when number of CPUs > 4 combine tx/rx queues to allow more queues
* igb: Rework how netdev->stats is handled
* igb: removed unused tx/rx total bytes/packets from adapter struct
* igb: check for packets on all tx rings when link is down
* igb: only recycle page if it is on our numa node
* igb: add support for the 82580 phy
* igb: add support for 82580 MAC
* igb: Add full support for 82580 devices
* igb: remove use of skb_dma_map from driver
* igb: fix handling of mailbox collisions between PF/VF
* igb: do not force pcs link when in KX mode
* igb: do not force retry count to 1 on 82580 phy
* igb: correctly offset 82575 flow control watermarks by 16 bytes
* igb: check both function bits in status register in wol exception
* igb: make certain to reassign legacy interrupt vectors after reset
* igb/igbvf: cleanup exception handling in tx_map_adv
* fix LOOKUP_FOLLOW on automount "symlinks"
  - LP: #540231
* ARM: 5944/1: scsi: fix timer setup in fas216.c
  - LP: #540231
* V4L/DVB: dvb: l64781.ko broken with gcc 4.5
  - LP: #540231
* bfin: fix max timeout calculation
  - LP: #540231
* V4L/DVB: Video : pwc : Fix regression in pwc_set_shutter_speed caused
  by bad constant => sizeof conversion.
  - LP: #540231
* V4L/DVB: bttv: Move I2C IR initialization
  - LP: #540231
* V4L/DVB: cxusb: Select all required frontend and tuner modules
  - LP: #540231
* memcg: fix oom killing a child process in an other cgroup
  - LP: #540231
* fs/exec.c: fix initial stack reservation
  - LP: #540231
* iwlwifi: error checking for number of tfds in queue
  - LP: #540231
* iwlwifi: set HT flags after channel in rxon
  - LP: #540231
* iwlwifi: sanity check before counting number of tfds can be free
  - LP: #540231
* netlabel: fix export of SELinux categories > 127
  - LP: #540231
* ahci: disable FPDMA auto-activate optimization on NVIDIA AHCI
  - LP: #540231
* PCI hotplug: ibmphp: read the length of ebda and map entire ebda region
  - LP: #540231
* PCI hotplug: check ioremap() return value in ibmphp_ebda.c
  - LP: #540231
* ACPI: remove Asus P2B-DS from acpi=ht blacklist
  - LP: #540231
* ACPI: fix "acpi=ht" boot option
  - LP: #540231
* thinkpad-acpi: wrong thermal attribute_group removed in thermal_exit()
  - LP: #540231
* ACPI: Be in TS_POLLING state during mwait based C-state entry
  - LP: #540231
* mpt2sas: Delete volume before HBA detach.
  - LP: #540231
* slab: initialize unused alien cache entry as NULL at
  - LP: #540231
* mac80211: quit addba_resp_timer if Tx BA session is torn down
  - LP: #540231
* V4L/DVB (13991): gspca_mr973010a: Fix cif type 1 cameras not streaming
  on UHCI controllers
  - LP: #540231
* vfs: take f_lock on modifying f_mode after open time
  - LP: #540231
* readahead: introduce FMODE_RANDOM for POSIX_FADV_RANDOM
  - LP: #540231
* HID: remove TENX iBuddy from blacklist
  - LP: #540231
* HID: add multi-input quirk for NextWindow Touchscreen.
  - LP: #540231
* HID: usbhid: introduce timeout for stuck ctrl/out URBs
  - LP: #540231
* airo: fix setting zero length WEP key
  - LP: #540231
* idr: fix a critical misallocation bug, take#2
  - LP: #540231
* Switch proc/self to nd_set_link()
  - LP: #540231
* sparc: Align clone and signal stacks to 16 bytes.
  - LP: #540231
* sparc32: Fix page_to_phys().
  - LP: #540231
* sparc32: Fix struct stat uid/gid types.
  - LP: #540231
* sparc: leds_resource.end assigned to itself in clock_board_probe()
  - LP: #540231
* sparc64: Fix sun4u execute bit check in TSB I-TLB load.
  - LP: #540231
* net: Fix sysctl restarts...
  - LP: #540231
* net-sysfs: Use rtnl_trylock in wireless sysfs methods.
  - LP: #540231
* net: bug fix for vlan + gro issue
  - LP: #540231
* inet: Remove bogus IGMPv3 report handling
  - LP: #540231
* ipv6: conntrack: Add member of user to nf_ct_frag6_queue structure
  - LP: #540231
* drivers/net: ks8851_mll ethernet network driver
  - LP: #540231
* sky2: fix transmit DMA map leakage
  - LP: #540231
* SCSI: qla2xxx: Obtain proper host structure during response-queue
  - LP: #540231
* rtc-core: fix memory leak
  - LP: #540231
* offb: Add support for framebuffer handoff to offb.
  - LP: #540231
* tpm_tis: TPM_STS_DATA_EXPECT workaround
  - LP: #540231
* rndis_wlan: handle NL80211_AUTHTYPE_AUTOMATIC
  - LP: #540231
* rndis_wlan: fix buffer overflow in rndis_query_oid
  - LP: #540231
* rndis_wlan: disable stall workaround
  - LP: #540231
* net/via-rhine: Fix scheduling while atomic bugs
  - LP: #540231
* clocksource: Fix up a registration/IRQ race in the sh drivers.
  - LP: #540231
* SCSI: qla1280: Drop host_lock while requesting firmware
  - LP: #540231
* Staging: hv: add a pci device table
  - LP: #540231
* Staging: hv: match on DMI values to know if we should run.
  - LP: #540231
* Staging: mimio: remove the mimio driver
  - LP: #540231
* dvb-core: Fix DoS bug in ULE decapsulation code that can be triggered
  by an invalid Payload Pointer
  - LP: #540231
* V4L/DVB (13148): uvcvideo: Handle V4L2_CTRL_TYPE_BUTTON control type in
  - LP: #540231
* PM / Hibernate: Fix preallocating of memory
  - LP: #540231
* macintosh/therm_adt746x: Fix sysfs attributes lifetime
  - LP: #540231
* macintosh/hwmon/ams: Fix device removal sequence
  - LP: #540231
* oprofile/x86: fix perfctr nmi reservation for mulitplexing
  - LP: #540231
* oprofile: remove tracing build dependency
  - LP: #540231
* oprofile/x86: remove node check in AMD IBS initialization
  - LP: #540231
* oprofile/x86: use kzalloc() instead of kmalloc()
  - LP: #540231
* oprofile/x86: fix msr access to reserved counters
  - LP: #540231
* ALSA: hda: Use 3stack quirk for Toshiba Satellite L40-10Q
  - LP: #524948, #540231
* ALSA: via82xx: add quirk for D1289 motherboard
  - LP: #540231
* ALSA: pcm core - fix fifo_size channels interval check
  - LP: #540231
* ALSA: USB MIDI support for Access Music VirusTI
  - LP: #540231
* ALSA: hda: Use LPIB for Dell Latitude 131L
  - LP: #530346, #540231
* ALSA: hda: Use LPIB for a Biostar Microtech board
  - LP: #523953, #540231
* ALSA: hda - Add a position_fix quirk for MSI Wind U115
  - LP: #540231
* ALSA: hda - Add position_fix quirk for HP dv3
  - LP: #540231
* ALSA: hda-intel: Add position_fix quirk for ASUS M2V-MX SE.
  - LP: #540231
* ASoC: fix ak4104 register array access
  - LP: #540231
* driver-core: fix race condition in get_device_parent()
  - LP: #540231
* Driver-Core: devtmpfs - reset inode permissions before unlinking
  - LP: #540231
* tty: Fix the ldisc hangup race
  - LP: #540231
* serial: imx: fix NULL dereference Oops when pdata == NULL
  - LP: #540231
* USB: serial: sierra driver indat_callback fix
  - LP: #511157, #540231
  - LP: #540231
* USB: fix I2C API usage in ohci-pnx4008.
  - LP: #540231
* p54usb: Add the USB ID for Belkin (Accton) FD7050E ver 1010ec
  - LP: #540231
* p54pci: handle dma mapping errors
  - LP: #540231
* gpiolib: Actually set output state in wm831x_gpio_direction_output()
  - LP: #540231
* hwmon: (tmp421) Fix temperature conversions
  - LP: #540231
* hwmon: (tmp421) Restore missing inputs
  - LP: #540231
* pata_hpt3x2n: always stretch UltraDMA timing
  - LP: #540231
* scm: Only support SCM_RIGHTS on unix domain sockets.
  - LP: #540231
* ath9k: fix beacon timer restart after a card reset
  - LP: #540231
* ath9k: fix rate control fallback rate selection
  - LP: #540231
* ath9k: disable RIFS search for AR91xx based chips
  - LP: #540231
* ath5k: use correct packet type when transmitting
  - LP: #540231
* b43/b43legacy: Wake queues in wireless_core_start
  - LP: #540231
* netfilter: xt_recent: fix buffer overflow
  - LP: #540231
* netfilter: xt_recent: fix false match
  - LP: #540231
* sunxvr500: Additional PCI id for sunxvr500 driver
  - LP: #540231
* thinkpad-acpi: fix poll thread auto-start
  - LP: #540231
* thinkpad-acpi: R52 brightness_mode has been confirmed
  - LP: #540231
* thinkpad-acpi: document HKEY event 3006
  - LP: #540231
* thinkpad-acpi: make driver events work in NVRAM poll mode
  - LP: #540231
* thinkpad-acpi: fix bluetooth/wwan resume
  - LP: #540231
* ocfs2: Only bug out in direct io write for reflinked extent.
  - LP: #540231
* x86, ia32_aout: do not kill argument mapping
  - LP: #540231
* x86: Add iMac9,1 to pci_reboot_dmi_table
  - LP: #540231
* x86, xen: Disable highmem PTE allocation even when CONFIG_HIGHPTE=y
  - LP: #540231
* x86: Avoid race condition in pci_enable_msix()
  - LP: #540231
* x86: Fix SCI on IOAPIC != 0
  - LP: #540231
* USB: xhci: Fix finding extended capabilities registers
  - LP: #540231
* USB: fix the idProduct value for USB-3.0 root hubs
  - LP: #540231
* USB: fix crash in uhci_scan_schedule
  - LP: #540231
* USB: remove debugging message for uevent constructions
  - LP: #540231
* USB: Move hcd free_dev call into usb_disconnect to fix oops
  - LP: #540231
* USB: ftdi_sio: isolate all device IDs to new ftdi_sio_ids.h header
  - LP: #540231
* USB: ftdi_sio: sort PID/VID entries in new ftdi_sio_ids.h header
  - LP: #540231
* USB: ftdi_sio: new device id for papouch AD4USB
  - LP: #540231
* USB: ftdi_sio: add device IDs (several ELV, one Mindstorms NXT)
  - LP: #540231
* USB: add new ftdi_sio device ids
  - LP: #540231
* USB: serial: ftdi: add CONTEC vendor and product id
  - LP: #540231
* USB: cp210x: Add 81E8 (Zephyr Bioharness)
  - LP: #540231
* USB: unusual_devs: Add support for multiple Option 3G sticks
  - LP: #540231
* sunrpc: remove unnecessary svc_xprt_put
  - LP: #540231
* SUNRPC: Handle EINVAL error returns from the TCP connect operation
  - LP: #540231
* s3cmci: s3cmci_card_present: Use no_detect to decide whether there is a
  card detect pin
  - LP: #540231
* rtc-coh901331: fix braces in resume code
  - LP: #540231
* NFS: Fix an allocation-under-spinlock bug
  - LP: #540231
* dm: free dm_io before bio_endio not after
  - LP: #540231
* KVM: x86 emulator: Add group8 instruction decoding
  - LP: #540231
* KVM: x86 emulator: Forbid modifying CS segment register by mov
  - LP: #540231
* KVM: x86 emulator: Add group9 instruction decoding
  - LP: #540231
* KVM: x86 emulator: Check CPL level during privilege instruction
  - LP: #540231
* sched: Fix sched_mv_power_savings for !SMT
  - LP: #540231
* sched: Fix SMT scheduler regression in find_busiest_queue()
  - LP: #540231
* sched: Don't use possibly stale sched_class
  - LP: #540231
* x86, mm: Allow highmem user page tables to be disabled at boot time
  - LP: #540231
* Linux
  - LP: #540231
* drm/i915: give up on 8xx lid status
  - LP: #540231
* drm/i915: Use a dmi quirk to skip a broken SDVO TV output.
  - LP: #540231
* drm/ttm: handle OOM in ttm_tt_swapout
  - LP: #540231
* drm/radeon/kms/atom: fix shr/shl ops
  - LP: #540231
* Linux
  - LP: #540231

[ Ubuntu: 2.6.32-16.25 ]

* linux-tools -- move to Suggests: with explicit seeding
  - LP: #534635
* [Config] CONFIG_HID=m
* (pre-stable) sched: Fix SMT scheduler regression in
* KVM: introduce kvm_vcpu_on_spin
* KVM: VMX: Add support for Pause-Loop Exiting

29. By Stefan Bader

[ Andy Whitcroft ]

* rules -- allow architecture configurations to be missing

[ Eric Miao ]

* [Config]: Make UIO_DOVE_VMETA driver builtin
  - LP: #541921

[ Upstream Kernel Changes ]

* sound: skip error handling inside soc_pcm_open
  - LP: #530404
* DVS: Fixed a potential conflict of defining dvs_enable as global for
  two diffrent baords
  - LP: #537311
* rt5611_ts: swap touchscreen Y axis
  - LP: #537311
* dove: fix section mismatch error
  - LP: #537311

28. By Andy Whitcroft

[ Andy Whitcroft ]

armel -- disable linux-tools

27. By Andy Whitcroft

[ Andy Whitcroft ]

* rebase to Ubuntu-2.6.32-16.24
* [Config] updateconfigs following rebase to Ubuntu-2.6.32-16.24
* [Config] updateconfigs following rebase to Ubuntu-2.6.32-16.24
* lintian -- update debhelper package version dependancy
* lintian -- fix ghostscript dependancy
* lintian -- add required misc:Depends
* rename the debug packages to match archive standard
  - LP: #527837

[ Eric Miao ]

* SAUCE: dove: disable conflicting v6 cache fns in zImage head.S
* [Config]: update configs for latest Marvell patchset
* [Config]: disable OABI_COMPAT
  - LP: #534277

[ Saeed Bishara ]

* SAUCE: arm: invalidate TLBs when enabling mmu
* SAUCE: arm: disable L2 cache in the v7 finish function

[ Tony Lindgren ]

* SAUCE: arm: Fix init_atags_procfs() to check tag->hdr.size

[ Upstream Kernel Changes ]

* Revert "printk: remove unused code from kernel/printk.c"
* Revert "Save thread registers in coredumps" Because this patch is
  already in the kernel.
* Revert "dove: enable cpu mode (v6/v7) in run-time detection"
* Revert "ARM: provide the cpu_match function to PJ4"
* Revert "ARM: introduce the cpu_match function to the proc_info"
* ARM: 5884/1: arm: Fix DCC console for v7
* ARM: 5885/1: arm: Flush TLB entries in setup_mm_for_reboot()
* ARM: 5886/1: arm: Fix cpu_proc_fin() for proc-v7.S and make kexec work
* ARM: 5888/1: arm: Update comments in cacheflush.h and remove
  unnecessary V6 and V7 comments
* rt5630: fix codec->hw_read function
* mm: Check if any page in a pageblock is reserved before marking it
* Add build option to to set the default panic timeout.
* sched: Enable might_sleep before initializing drivers.
* Add code to prevent system calls from being restarted muliple times
  before returning from the kernel.
* Save thread registers in coredumps
* armv6 dcc tty driver
* PM: Add wake lock api.
* PM: Add early suspend api.
* PM: Implement wakelock api.
* PM: Implement early suspend api
* PM: Add user-space wake lock api.
* PM: wakelock: Abort task freezing if a wake lock is held.
* PM: earlysuspend: Add console switch when user requested sleep state
* PM: earlysuspend: Removing dependence on console.
* rtc: Add android alarm driver.
* rtc: Try to prevent RTC errors from accumulating.
* switch: switch class and GPIO drivers.
* pmem: Add pmem driver
* Add android_aid.h
* ashmem for 2.6.27.
* Add missing conflict codes for 0079-ashmem-for-2.6.27.patch
* Paranoid network.
* net: socket ioctl to reset connections matching local address
* sysfs_net_ipv4: Add sysfs-based knobs for controlling TCP window size
* uidstat: Adding uid stat driver to collect network statistics.
* adding conflict patch codes for
* FAT: Add new ioctl VFAT_IOCTL_GET_VOLUME_ID for reading the volume ID.
* Grants system server access to /proc/<pid>/oom_adj for Android
* Input: Generic GPIO Input device.
* add missing conflict code for
* Input: Hold wake lock while event queue is not empty.
* Input: Use monotonic time for event time stamps.
* Input: synaptics_i2c_rmi: Driver for Synaptics Touchscreens using RMI
  over I2C.
* input: Add keyreset driver.
* mmc: Add status IRQ and status callback function to mmc platform data
* mmc: sd: Add new CONFIG_MMC_PARANOID_SD_INIT for enabling retries
  during SD detection
* mmc: Add concept of an 'embedded' SDIO device.
* trout: Add functions for WiFi
* mmc: Add new API call 'sdio_reset_comm' for resetting communication
  with an SDIO device
* mmc: sd: When resuming, try a little harder to init the card
* mmc: mmcblk: Add new feature 'CONFIG_MMC_BLOCK_PARANOID_RESUME'
* mmc: sd: Add retries in re-detection
* android_usb: Composite USB gadget driver for android.
* rfkill: Introduce CONFIG_RFKILL_PM and use instead of CONFIG_PM to
  power down
* tiwlan: Add abstract wifi control functions support
* android: Add android config documentation to boot framework.
* block: block_dump: Add number of sectors to debug output
* fs: block_dump: Don't display inode changes if block_dump < 2
* regenerated code for
* mmc: sd: Remove debugging printk
* printk: Fix log_buf_copy termination.
* kernel_debugger_core: add interrupt-context debugger core
* kernel_debugger_core: Add sysrq command.
* pmem: Add include sched.h to fix compile errors
* net: Fix compilation of the IPv6 module
* ashmem: Don't install fault handler for private mmaps.
* ashmem: Add common prefix to name reported in /proc/pid/maps
* net: add PPP on L2TP Access Concentrator (PPPoLAC) driver.
* cgroup: Add generic cgroup subsystem permission checks.
* add missing conflict codes for
* nohz: Fix ondemand governor not always ramping up on 100% load.
* usb: gadget: android: Allow usb charging to draw up to 500mA instead of
* regnerate patch for
* Optionally flush entire dcache from v6_dma_flush_range
* net: add PPP on PPTP Network Server (PPPoPNS) driver.
* sdio: fix sdio_reset_comm() error path
* net: Fix a bitmask in PPPoPNS and rename constants in PPPoPNS and
* net: Fix a potential deadlock while releasing PPPoLAC/PPPoPNS socket.
* ashmem: don't require a page aligned size
* security: Add AID_NET_RAW and AID_NET_ADMIN capability check in
* net: Replace AID_NET_RAW checks with capable(CAP_NET_RAW).
* net: Force PPPoLAC and PPPoPNS to bind an interface before creating PPP
* Add default configuration for Android
* Sync with the newest dove_defconfig
* Turn off TLS feature for android in v7
* Fix compiling error for lowmemorykiller
* Fix Compiling error for shmem
* Temporary disable pm_suspend call.
* Fix crash error for shmem
* Fix met compiling errors from 2.6.31 kernel to 2.6.32 kernel.
* Sync up with's dove_defconfig
* cesa: add address decoding windows initialization code
* Refine comments and algorithm for easier to understand LCD's HW RGB
* PM: runtime support for V6 or V7 mode
* Remove all Z0 specific code
* dove: remove remaning Z0 stuff
* Add auto-calibration
* fix compilation error (kernel/power/Makefile)
* update dove_avng_y1_defconfig
* 1. fill initial data for dcon. 2. refine backlight driver interface.
* 1. add clock disable and enable interface 2. refine changing LCD source
  clock implementation.
* Fill backlight driver platform data
* 1. apply Tawfik's patch to hook fb_blank event. 2. add LCD power on and
  off interface.
* Refine backlight interface more portable
* 1. Refine dcon power management feature 2. Implement sysfs interfaces.
* 1. Fix blank function setting to wrong mode when suspend. 2. Add SRAM
  power down interface.
* remove compiling warning.
* dove: remove another DOVE_REV_Z0 stuff
* dove: sync dove_defconfig with latest patches
* dove: fix compilation warning in pm.c
* Adds ADI9889 HDMI transmitter support
* Dove: Add Video Plug support
* MPP changes for Dove -
* Swap R&B for Video plug on video overlay Unclear why this is required,
  but it solves color bitmapping. Keep now for Video plug but requires
  more research
* 1. Remove testing code. 2. disable dumb interface as well when receives
* Dove nand: add support for Two CS for the DB board
* Dove nand: Add support for "cmdlinepart" option Add support for
  "cmdlinepart" option in kernel command line dove-nand should be used as
  the NAND HAL device name. example: mtdparts=dove-nand:1g(swap),-(root)
* dove: use dove_cesa_addr_dec_data instead of dove_eth_addr_dec_data for
  cesa driver
* dovefb: fix compilation error when mv_spi is disabled
* Dove: remove gpu_size, vmeta_size and pvt_size kernel command line
  parameters from code as they have no effect because fixup function is
  called before parse_cmdline function ( see arch/arm/kernel/setup.c )
* VMeta PM func: 1. Power on the VMeta only when VMeta was been used 2.
  Support suspend/resume when VMeta was been used (also need user space
  player support)
* Add a watch dog timer for Vmeta suspend/resume func
* Dove NAND: fix double byte command on writing small pages
* Change Vmeta PM clock control to using Linux clock framework
* Disable the Vmtea clock/power as default
* Fix MMC/SD cannot be detected issue due to merge upgraded from .31 to
  .32 Signed-off-by: Steve Guo <email address hidden>
* dove: disable some andriod features
* dove: fix crash in shmem
* PM: Debugger Reset Workaround in Deep-Idle
* dove: increase BOOT_PARAMS_SIZE for dram params
* Add support for AV-D1 X0 board and modify ADI9889 driver to fit Linux
  coding style
* remove android config from dove_defconfig
* update dove_avng_y1_defconfig
* Fixed AC97 read error issue. Modified SOC sound control items.
* update dove_avng_x0_defconfig : Disable CONFIG_DOVE_DEBUGGER_MODE_V6
* dove: enable UBIFS extended features and advanced compression
* crypt: update ocf to latest release
* dove: enable kexec support
* sound: rt5623 codec: deprecate hw_read and fix driver name
* dove: use updated i2s codec name
* dove: fix dai structure for avengers boards.
* dove: delete the i2c-dummy.c driver which is not used by any system
* sound: rename cs42l51 codec i2c driver from i2s_i2c to cs42l51
* sound: change rt5630 name from i2s_i2c to rt5630
* dove: configure pm mpps for new revision of avengers board
* dove: change power button code to KEY_SLEEP
* Add more resolution support in kernel driver according VGA timing spec
  disabled accurate clock option in runtime if both LCD units are
  enabled; this will enable using the same uImage for dual and non-dual
* 1. fill initial data for dcon. 2. refine backlight driver interface.
* dove: cleanup gpu_size kernel parameter
* pcie - add option to disable scan by command line parameter
* PM: add FB notifier to manage Book/Deep-Idle toggeling
* ARM: Ensure ARMv6/7 mm files are built using appropriate assembler
* kirkwood: fix compilation errors
* dove: disable highmem and enable CONFIG_VMSPLIT_2G
* dove: set SKB_HEADROOM to 32 instead of 16
* bmm: export outer_cache
* dove: add missing pj4 name entries
* Fix thread stack overflow caused by Dove NAND HAL driver
* Remove unused include file and declaration
* Roll back wait for vsync mechanism to wait_event_interruptable_timeout
  and give timeout delay from 40ms to 4ms.
* dovefb: remove another DOVE_REV_Z0 stuff
* mv643xx_eth: don't include cache padding in rx desc buffer size
* fix build error introduced by add missing conflict codes for
* crypto: add openssl patch for user space to utilize the cesa engine
* crypto: update openswan patch for version 2.6.24
* dove: add device driver for the GPU gc600 engine
* Marvell Buffer Management Module for VPU & GPU memory buffer maintain
* BMM: split VPU & GPU to choice use BMM or not
* dove: enable building the bmm driver as module
* cesa: remove patch for openswan version 2.6.18
* Configure new LCD register for upcoming DOVE A0 Chip
* fix pixclk when under interlaced mode
* Not to power off LCD SRAM when system blanks screen.
* dvs: make dvs_enable variable depend on board, and change the default
  to enable instead of disable on Dove DB board.

[ Ubuntu: 2.6.32-16.24 ]

* armel -- perf userspace does not support arm
* ia64 -- libelf-dev/binutils-dev to not provide necessary libraries

[ Ubuntu: 2.6.32-16.23 ]

* SAUCE: PM report driver and device suspend/resume times -- move config
* update to standards version
* printenv -- expose all of the package selectors
* source package -- cleanup source content control
* doc package -- ensure we do build package content on buildd
* lintian -- correct the address in the debian/copyright
* lintian -- update debhelper package version dependancy
* lintian -- fix ghostscript dependancy
* lintian -- add required misc:Depends
* lintian -- move our debhelper compat level to debian/compat
* perf -- build the kernel carried tools
* perf -- add linux-tools carrying the version switches and manuals
* SAUCE: fix up Kconfig for staging drivers
* [Config] enable NOUVEAU etc following drm backport
* update DRM to mainline v2.6.33
* [Config] Remove AppArmor config options that no longer exist (ports)
* [Config] updateportsconfigs following drm update
* ubuntu: AppArmor -- update to mainline 2010-03-04
* SAUCE: AppArmor: Reintroduce AppArmor 2.4 compatibility
* SAUCE: AppArmor: replace strim with strstrip for 2.6.32 kernels
* [Config] Remove AppArmor config options that no longer exist
* ubuntu: rtl8192se -- version 2010-0115,0014
  - LP: #530275
* [Config] added CONFIG_RTL8192SE module.
  - LP: #530275
* [Config] Added vmw_pvscsi to d-i/scsi-modules
  - LP: #531017
* [Upstream] netfilter: xt_recent: Add an entry reaper
* Revert "KVM: x86 emulator: Check CPL level during privilege instruction
* Revert "KVM: x86 emulator: Fix popf emulation"
* Revert "KVM: x86 emulator: Check IOPL level during io instruction
* Revert "KVM: x86 emulator: Add Virtual-8086 mode of emulation"
* Revert "KVM: fix memory access during x86 emulation."
* Add vlan (8021.Q) module package for d-i.
* (pre-stable) drm/i915: blacklist lid status: Sony VGN-BX196VP, Dell
  Inspiron 700m
  - LP: #515246
* [Upstream] docbook: need xmldoclinks for all doc types
* x86: set_personality_ia32() misses force_personality32
* lib: Introduce generic list_sort function
* drm/nv50: Implement ctxprog/state generation.
* drm/nv50: Remove redundant/incorrect ctxvals initialisation.
* (pre-stable) drm/i915: blacklist lid status: Sony VGN-BX196VP, Dell
  Inspiron 700m
  - LP: #515246

[ Ubuntu: 2.6.32-15.22 ]

* Revert "[Config] added new config option CONFIG_SR_REPORT_TIME_LIMIT"
* Revert "SAUCE: PM report driver and device suspend/resume times."
* SAUCE: PM report driver and device suspend/resume times.

[ Ubuntu: 2.6.32-15.21 ]

* Revert "(pre-stable) drm/i915: Increase fb alignment to 64k"
* Revert "[Config] lenovo-sl-laptop -- enable"
* Revert "ubuntu: lenovo-sl-laptop -- git tip (b19a08f81f)"
* armel -- cramfs module will no longer be built
* d-i -- make all modules optional
* rename the debug packages to match archive standard
  - LP: #527837
* lenovo-sl-laptop is no longer built
* Disable 4MB page tables for Atom, work around errata AAE44
  - LP: #523112
* ubuntu: dm-raid4-5: Depend on XOR_BLOCKS
* ubuntu: fsam7400: Depend on CHECK_SIGNATURE
* SAUCE: drm/i915: don't change DRM configuration when releasing load
  detect pipe
  - LP: #488328
* [Config] armel Update versatile initrd configs
  - LP: #524893
* SAUCE: [um] Don't use nx_enabled under UML
  - LP: #524849
* [Config] added new config option CONFIG_SR_REPORT_TIME_LIMIT
* SAUCE: v3 - Add Dell Business Class Netbook LED driver
* SAUCE: PM report driver and device suspend/resume times.
* Revert "[Upstream] e1000e: enhance frame fragment detection"
  - CVE-2009-4538
* Revert "[Upstream] e1000: enhance frame fragment detection"
  - CVE-2009-4536
* SAUCE: (pre-stable) netfilter: xt_recent: fix buffer overflow
* SAUCE: (pre-stable) netfilter: xt_recent: fix false match
* Revert "(pre-stable) eCryptfs: Add getattr function"
* Fix potential crash with sys_move_pages
* futex_lock_pi() key refcnt fix
* futex: Handle user space corruption gracefully
* futex: Handle futex value corruption gracefully
* Fix race in tty_fasync() properly
* hwmon: (w83781d) Request I/O ports individually for probing
* hwmon: (lm78) Request I/O ports individually for probing
* hwmon: (adt7462) Wrong ADT7462_VOLT_COUNT
* ALSA: ctxfi - fix PTP address initialization
* drm/i915: disable hotplug detect before Ironlake CRT detect
* drm/i915: enable self-refresh on 965
* drm/i915: Disable SR when more than one pipe is enabled
* drm/i915: Fix DDC on some systems by clearing BIOS GMBUS setup.
* drm/i915: Add HP nx9020/SamsungSX20S to ACPI LID quirk list
* drm/i915: Fix the incorrect DMI string for Samsung SX20S laptop
* drm/i915: Add MALATA PC-81005 to ACPI LID quirk list
* usb: r8a66597-hcd: Flush the D-cache for the pipe-in transfer buffers.
* i2c-tiny-usb: Fix on big-endian systems
* drm/i915: handle FBC and self-refresh better
* drm/i915: Increase fb alignment to 64k
* drm/i915: Update write_domains on active list after flush.
* regulator: Fix display of null constraints for regulators
* ALSA: hda-intel: Avoid divide by zero crash
* CPUFREQ: Fix use after free of struct powernow_k8_data
* freeze_bdev: don't deactivate successfully frozen MS_RDONLY sb
* cciss: Make cciss_seq_show handle holes in the h->drv[] array
* ioat: fix infinite timeout checking in ioat2_quiesce
* resource: add helpers for fetching rlimits
* fs/exec.c: restrict initial stack space expansion to rlimit
* cifs: fix length calculation for converted unicode readdir names
* NFS: Fix a reference leak in nfs_wb_cancel_page()
* NFS: Try to commit unstable writes in nfs_release_page()
* NFSv4: Don't allow posix locking against servers that don't support it
* NFSv4: Ensure that the NFSv4 locking can recover from stateid errors
* NFS: Fix an Oops when truncating a file
* NFS: Fix a umount race
* NFS: Fix a bug in nfs_fscache_release_page()
* NFS: Fix the mapping of the NFSERR_SERVERFAULT error
* md: fix 'degraded' calculation when starting a reshape.
* V4L/DVB: dvb-core: fix initialization of feeds list in demux filter
* Export the symbol of getboottime and mmonotonic_to_bootbased
* kvmclock: count total_sleep_time when updating guest clock
* KVM: PIT: control word is write-only
* tpm_infineon: fix suspend/resume handler for pnp_driver
* amd64_edac: Do not falsely trigger kerneloops
* netfilter: nf_conntrack: fix memory corruption with multiple namespaces
* netfilter: nf_conntrack: per netns nf_conntrack_cachep
* netfilter: nf_conntrack: restrict runtime expect hashsize modifications
* netfilter: xtables: compat out of scope fix
* netfilter: nf_conntrack: fix hash resizing with namespaces
* drm/i915: remove full registers dump debug
* drm/i915: add i915_lp_ring_sync helper
* drm/i915: Don't wait interruptible for possible plane buffer flush
* dasd: remove strings from s390dbf
* crypto: padlock-sha - Add import/export support
* wmi: Free the allocated acpi objects through wmi_get_event_data
* dell-wmi, hp-wmi, msi-wmi: check wmi_get_event_data() return value
* /dev/mem: introduce size_inside_page()
* devmem: check vmalloc address on kmem read/write
* devmem: fix kmem write bug on memory holes
* SCSI: mptfusion : mptscsih_abort return value should be SUCCESS instead
  of value 0.
* sh: Couple kernel and user write page perm bits for CONFIG_X2TLB
* ALSA: hda - use WARN_ON_ONCE() for zero-division detection
* dst: call cond_resched() in dst_gc_task()
* ALSA: hda - Improved MacBook (Pro) 5,1 / 5,2 support
* befs: fix leak
* rtc-fm3130: add missing braces
* Call flush_dcache_page after PIO data transfers in libata-sff.c
* ahci: add Acer G725 to broken suspend list
* pktgen: Fix freezing problem
* x86/amd-iommu: Fix IOMMU-API initialization for iommu=pt
* x86/amd-iommu: Fix deassignment of a device from the pt_domain
* x86: Re-get cfg_new in case reuse/move irq_desc
* Staging: fix rtl8187se compilation errors with mac80211
* ALSA: usb-audio - Avoid Oops after disconnect
* serial: 8250: add serial transmitter fully empty test
* sysfs: sysfs_sd_setattr set iattrs unconditionally
* class: Free the class private data in class_release
* USB: usbfs: only copy the actual data received
* USB: usbfs: properly clean up the as structure on error paths
* rtl8187: Add new device ID
* ACPI: Add NULL pointer check in acpi_bus_start
* ACPI: fix High cpu temperature with 2.6.32
* drm/radeon/kms: use udelay for short delays
* NFS: Too many GETATTR and ACCESS calls after direct I/O
* eCryptfs: Add getattr function
* b43: Fix throughput regression
* ath9k: Fix sequence numbers for PAE frames
* mac80211: Fix probe request filtering in IBSS mode
* iwlwifi: Fix to set correct ht configuration
* dm stripe: avoid divide by zero with invalid stripe count
* dm log: userspace fix overhead_size calcuations
* Linux
* sfc: Fix SFE4002 initialisation
* sfc: Fix sign of efx_mcdi_poll_reboot() error in efx_mcdi_poll()
* sfc: SFE4002/SFN4112F: Widen temperature and voltage tolerances
* (pre-stable) HID: handle joysticks with large number of buttons
  - LP: #492056
* (pre-stable) HID: extend mask for BUTTON usage page
  - LP: #492056
* PM: Measure device suspend and resume times
* e1000: enhance frame fragment detection
  - CVE-2009-4536
* e1000e: enhance frame fragment detection
  - CVE-2009-4538
* KVM: fix memory access during x86 emulation.
  - CVE-2010-0306
* KVM: x86 emulator: Add Virtual-8086 mode of emulation
  - CVE-2010-0306
* KVM: x86 emulator: Check IOPL level during io instruction emulation
  - CVE-2010-0306
* KVM: x86 emulator: Fix popf emulation
  - CVE-2010-0306
* KVM: x86 emulator: Check CPL level during privilege instruction
  - CVE-2010-0306
* Input: wacom - ensure the device is initialized properly upon resume
* Input: wacom - add defines for packet lengths of various devices
* Input: wacom - add support for new LCD tablets
  - LP: #516777

[ Ubuntu: 2.6.32-14.20 ]

* rebuild following the GCC update to match compiler for out of tree modules
* Revert "[Config] drbd -- enable"
* Revert "ubuntu: drbd -- version 8.3.1"
* SAUCE: khubd -- switch USB product/manufacturer/serial handling to RCU
  - LP: #510937

26. By Andy Whitcroft

[ Upstream Kernel Changes ]

* ARM: VFP: add support to sync the VFP state of the current thread
  - LP: #507503
* ARM: VFP: preserve the HW context when calling signal handlers
  - LP: #507503

25. By Andy Whitcroft

[ Andy Whitcroft ]

* rebase to Ubuntu-2.6.32-14.19

[ Vendor Kernel Changes ]

* PM: Workaround for M_RESET and CKE using 2 PMU MPPs
* PM: Enhance ASM code sharing in PMU SRAM to be optimized for size
* dove: configure pm mpps for new revision of db board
* Dove PM: Change deepIdle default to disable and add new command line
  kernel parameter "pmu_enable" that can be passed to enable deepIdle if
* pm: restrict the new standby fix on the board only to DB boards with
  Dove X0 chip and enable the possibility of using the old mode for
  boards without the ECO passing "standby_fix=0" through the kernel
  command line ( In U-Boot) .

[ Ubuntu: 2.6.32-14.19 ]

* ensure we build the source package contents when enabled
  - LP: #522308
* [Config] enable CONFIG_X86_MCE_XEON75XX
* SAUCE: AppArmor -- add linux/kref.h for struct kref
* [Config] enable CONFIG_HID_ORTEK
* enable udeb generation for arm versatile flavour
  - LP: #522515
* ubuntu: AppArmor -- update to mainline 2010-02-18
  - LP: #439560, #496110, #507069
* SAUCE: HID: add support for Ortek WKB-2000
  - LP: #405390
* tpm_tis: TPM_STS_DATA_EXPECT workaround
  - LP: #490487
* x86, mce: Xeon75xx specific interface to get corrected memory error
* x86, mce: Rename cpu_specific_poll to mce_cpu_specific_poll
* x86, mce: Make xeon75xx memory driver dependent on PCI
* drm/edid: Unify detailed block parsing between base and extension
  - LP: #500999
* (pre-stable) eCryptfs: Add getattr function
  - LP: #390833

24. By Andy Whitcroft

[ Andy Whitcroft ]

sub-makefile builder invocation should use $SHELL

23. By Andy Whitcroft

[ Andy Whitcroft ]

* rebase to Ubuntu-2.6.32-13.18

[ Eric Miao ]

* [Config]: CONFIG_UIO_DOVE_VMETA_MEM_SIZE=96 for 1080p playback
  - LP: #452558

[ Ubuntu: 2.6.32-13.18 ]

* Revert "enforcer -- make the enforcement configuration common"
* Revert "(pre-stable) Input: ALPS - add interleaved protocol support
  (Dell E6x00 series)"
* Revert "(pre-stable) driver-core: fix devtmpfs crash on s390"
* Revert "(pre-stable) Driver-Core: devtmpfs - set root directory mode to
* Revert "SAUCE: Adds support for COMPAL JHL90 webcam"
* Revert "SAUCE: fix kernel oops in VirtualBox during paravirt patching"
* Revert "SAUCE: make fc transport removal of target configurable"
* enforcer -- make the enforcement configuration common
* getabis -- add preempt flavour to the list
* [Config] enforce DEVTMPFS options
* [Config] armel -- cleanup to-be builtin modules
* [Config] cleanup ports configs
  - LP: #485536
* add printdebian target to find branch target
* distclean -- do not remove debian.env
* [Config] generic-pae switch to M586TSC
  - LP: #519448
* git-ubuntu-log -- commonise duplicated log handling
* git-ubuntu-log -- tighten up Bug: NNNN matching
* git-ubuntu-log -- sort the bug numbers
* (pre-stable) drm/i915: Increase fb alignment to 64k
  - LP: #404064
* arm -- enable ubuntu/ directory
* SAUCE: crypto: ghash - Add PCLMULQDQ accelerated implementation
* SAUCE: crypto: ghash-intel - Fix building failure on x86_32
* [Config] cleanup preempt configuration
* [Config] versatile: Fix video output
  - LP: #517594
* [Config] armel DEFAULT_MMAP_MIN_ADDR=32768
* [Config] Large update to armel/versatile
* [Config] versatile: Add RTC support
* [Config] armel: Enable NEON
* [Config] versatile: Builtin MMC support
* [Config] versatile Builtin SCSI controller
* [Config] armel Disable dma_cache_sync callers
* [Config] armel Disable asm/time.h users
* [Config] armel Disable out of range udelay()
* [Config] armel Disable flush_cache_range() users
* [Config] armel -- Enable ubuntu/ drivers
* SAUCE: drm/i915: Add display hotplug event on Ironlake
* SAUCE: drm/i915: Add ACPI OpRegion support for Ironlake
* Revert "[Upstream]: oprofile/x86: add Xeon 7500 series support"
* Revert "Revert "[Bluetooth] Eliminate checks for impossible conditions
  in IRQ handler""
* clockevent: Don't remove broadcast device when cpu is dead
* clockevents: Add missing include to pacify sparse
* ACPI: don't cond_resched if irq is disabled
* be2net: Add support for next generation of BladeEngine device.
* be2net: Add the new PCI IDs to PCI_DEVICE_TABLE.
* mpt2sas: New device SAS2208 support is added
* ar9170: Add support for D-Link DWA 160 A2
* powerpc/fsl: Add PCI device ids for new QoirQ chips
* davinci: dm646x: Add support for 3.x silicon revision
* Input: ALPS - add interleaved protocol support (Dell E6x00 series)
* Driver-Core: devtmpfs - set root directory mode to 0755
* driver-core: fix devtmpfs crash on s390
* vfs: get_sb_single() - do not pass options twice
* ALSA: hda - Add PCI IDs for Nvidia G2xx-series
* V4L/DVB (13569): smsusb: add autodetection support for five additional
  Hauppauge USB IDs
* USB: mos7840: add device IDs for B&B electronics devices
* USB: ftdi_sio: add USB device ID's for B&B Electronics line
* V4L/DVB (13168): Add support for Asus Europa Hybrid DVB-T card (SAA7134
  SubVendor ID: 0x1043 Device ID: 0x4847)
* iTCO_wdt: Add support for Intel Ibex Peak
* atl1c:use common_task instead of reset_task and link_chg_task
* atl1e:disable NETIF_F_TSO6 for hardware limit
* V4L/DVB (13680a): DocBook/media: copy images after building HTML
* V4L/DVB (13680b): DocBook/media: create links for included sources
* netfilter: xtables: fix conntrack match v1 ipt-save output
* partitions: read whole sector with EFI GPT header
* partitions: use sector size for EFI GPT
* ALSA: ice1724 - Patch for suspend/resume for ESI Juli@
* sched: Fix isolcpus boot option
* sched: Fix missing sched tunable recalculation on cpu add/remove
* nohz: Prevent clocksource wrapping during idle
* nfsd: Fix sort_pacl in fs/nfsd/nf4acl.c to actually sort groups
* timers, init: Limit the number of per cpu calibration bootup messages
* PCI: Always set prefetchable base/limit upper32 registers
* iscsi class: modify handling of replacement timeout
* NFS: Revert default r/wsize behavior
* HID: fixup quirk for NCR devices
* scsi_devinfo: update Hitachi entries (v2)
* scsi_dh: create sysfs file, dh_state for all SCSI disk devices
* scsi_transport_fc: remove invalid BUG_ON
* lpfc: fix hang on SGI ia64 platform
* libfc: fix typo in retry check on received PRLI
* libfc: fix ddp in fc_fcp for 0 xid
* fcoe: remove redundant checking of netdev->netdev_ops
* libfc: Fix wrong scsi return status under FC_DATA_UNDRUN
* libfc: lport: fix minor documentation errors
* libfc: don't WARN_ON in lport_timeout for RESET state
* fcoe: initialize return value in fcoe_destroy
* libfc: Fix frags in frame exceeding SKB_MAX_FRAGS in fc_fcp_send_data
* libfc: fix memory corruption caused by double frees and bad error
* libfc: fix free of fc_rport_priv with timer pending
* libfc: remote port gets stuck in restart state without really
* fcoe, libfc: fix an libfc issue with queue ramp down in libfc
* fcoe: Fix checking san mac address
* fcoe: Fix getting san mac for VLAN interface
* qlge: Remove explicit setting of PCI Dev CTL reg.
* qlge: Set PCIE max read request size.
* qlge: Don't fail open when port is not initialized.
* qlge: Add handler for DCBX firmware event.
* qlge: Bonding fix for mode 6.
* PCI: AER: fix aer inject result in kernel oops
* DMI: allow omitting ident strings in DMI tables
* Input: i8042 - remove identification strings from DMI tables
* Input: i8042 - add Gigabyte M1022M to the noloop list
* Input: i8042 - add Dritek quirk for Acer Aspire 5610.
* ALSA: hda - select IbexPeak handler for Calpella
* ALSA: hda - Fix quirk for Maxdata obook4-1
* ALSA: hda - Add missing Line-Out and PCM switches as slave
* iTCO_wdt.c - cleanup chipset documentation
* iTCO_wdt: add PCI ID for the Intel EP80579 (Tolapai) SoC
* iTCO_wdt: Add Intel Cougar Point and PCH DeviceIDs
* ahci: disable SNotification capability for ich8
* ata_piix: fix MWDMA handling on PIIX3
* md: fix small irregularity with start_ro module parameter
* V4L/DVB (13826): uvcvideo: Fix controls blacklisting
* cio: fix double free in case of probe failure
* cio: dont panic in non-fatal conditions
* netiucv: displayed TX bytes value much too high
* ipc ns: fix memory leak (idr)
* ALSA: hda - Fix HP T5735 automute
* hwmon: (fschmd) Fix a memleak on multiple opens of /dev/watchdog
* UBI: fix memory leak in update path
* UBI: initialise update marker
* ASoC: fix a memory-leak in wm8903
* mac80211: check that ieee80211_set_power_mgmt only handles STA
* cfg80211: fix channel setting for wext
* KVM: S390: fix potential array overrun in intercept handling
* KVM: only allow one gsi per fd
* KVM: Fix race between APIC TMR and IRR
* KVM: MMU: bail out pagewalk on kvm_read_guest error
* KVM: x86: Fix host_mapping_level()
* KVM: x86: Fix probable memory leak of vcpu->arch.mce_banks
* KVM: x86: Fix leak of free lapic date in kvm_arch_vcpu_init()
* KVM: fix lock imbalance in kvm_*_irq_source_id()
* KVM: only clear irq_source_id if irqchip is present
* IPoIB: Clear ipoib_neigh.dgid in ipoib_neigh_alloc()
* x86: Reenable TSC sync check at boot, even with NONSTOP_TSC
* ACPI: enable C2 and Turbo-mode on Nehalem notebooks on A/C
  - LP: #516325
* iwlwifi: Fix throughput stall issue in HT mode for 5000
* fnctl: f_modown should call write_lock_irqsave/restore
* x86, msr/cpuid: Pass the number of minors when unregistering MSR and
  CPUID drivers.
* Linux
* scsi_lib: Fix bug in completion of bidi commands
* mptsas: Fix issue with chain pools allocation on katmai
* mm: add new 'read_cache_page_gfp()' helper function
* drm/i915: Selectively enable self-reclaim
* firewire: ohci: fix crashes with TSB43AB23 on 64bit systems
* S390: fix single stepped svcs with TRACE_IRQFLAGS=y
* x86: Set hotpluggable nodes in nodes_possible_map
* x86: Remove "x86 CPU features in debugfs" (CONFIG_X86_CPU_DEBUG)
* libata: retry FS IOs even if it has failed with AC_ERR_INVALID
* zcrypt: Do not remove coprocessor for error 8/72
* dasd: fix possible NULL pointer errors
* ACPI: Add a generic API for _OSC -v2
* ACPI: Add platform-wide _OSC support.
* ACPI: fix OSC regression that caused aer and pciehp not to load
* ACPI: Advertise to BIOS in _OSC: _OST on _PPC changes
* UBI: fix volume creation input checking
* e1000/e1000e: don't use small hardware rx buffers
* drm/i915: Reload hangcheck timer too for Ironlake
* Fix a leak in affs_fill_super()
* Fix failure exits in bfs_fill_super()
* fix oops in fs/9p late mount failure
* fix leak in romfs_fill_super()
* Fix remount races with symlink handling in affs
* fix affs parse_options()
* Fix failure exit in ipathfs
* mm: fix migratetype bug which slowed swapping
* FDPIC: Respect PT_GNU_STACK exec protection markings when creating
  NOMMU stack
* Split 'flush_old_exec' into two functions
* sparc: TIF_ABI_PENDING bit removal
* x86: get rid of the insane TIF_ABI_PENDING bit
* Input: winbond-cir - remove dmesg spam
* x86: Disable HPET MSI on ATI SB700/SB800
* iwlwifi: set default aggregation frame count limit to 31
* drm/i915: only enable hotplug for detected outputs
* firewire: core: add_descriptor size check
* SECURITY: selinux, fix update_rlimit_cpu parameter
* regulator: Specify REGULATOR_CHANGE_STATUS for WM835x LED constraints
* x86: Add Dell OptiPlex 760 reboot quirk
  - LP: #488319
* x86: Add quirk for Intel DG45FC board to avoid low memory corruption
* x86/amd-iommu: Fix possible integer overflow
* clocksource: fix compilation if no GENERIC_TIME
* tcp: update the netstamp_needed counter when cloning sockets
* sky2: Fix oops in sky2_xmit_frame() after TX timeout
* net: restore ip source validation
* af_packet: Don't use skb after dev_queue_xmit()
* ax25: netrom: rose: Fix timer oopses
* KVM: allow userspace to adjust kvmclock offset
* oprofile/x86: add Xeon 7500 series support
* oprofile/x86: fix crash when profiling more than 28 events
* libata: retry link resume if necessary
* mm: percpu-vmap fix RCU list walking
* mm: purge fragmented percpu vmap blocks
* block: fix bio_add_page for non trivial merge_bvec_fn case
* Fix 'flush_old_exec()/setup_new_exec()' split
* random: drop weird m_time/a_time manipulation
* random: Remove unused inode variable
* block: fix bugs in bio-integrity mempool usage
* usb: r8a66597-hdc disable interrupts fix
* connector: Delete buggy notification code.
* be2net: Bug fix to support newer generation of BE ASIC
* be2net: Fix memset() arg ordering.
* mm: flush dcache before writing into page to avoid alias
* mac80211: fix NULL pointer dereference when ftrace is enabled
* imxfb: correct location of callbacks in suspend and resume
* mx3fb: some debug and initialisation fixes
* starfire: clean up properly if firmware loading fails
* kernel/cred.c: use kmem_cache_free
* uartlite: fix crash when using as console
* pktcdvd: removing device does not remove its sysfs dir
* ath9k: fix eeprom INI values override for 2GHz-only cards
* ath9k: fix beacon slot/buffer leak
* powerpc: TIF_ABI_PENDING bit removal
* NET: fix oops at bootime in sysctl code
* Linux

[ Ubuntu: 2.6.32-12.17 ]

* restore linux-image prefix -- master
* enforce -- we require SELINUX enabled -- master
* enforce -- ensure APPARMOR is our default LSM -- master
* make doc package completely optional -- master
* make source package completely optional -- master
* make linux-libc-dev completly optional -- master
* convert package disable to a deps list -- master
* allow common headers to switch from indep to arch -- master
* convert binary package disable to a deps list -- master
* add configuration option for a full source build tree -- master
* add support for uImage kernels in package control scripts
* getabis -- cleanup and parameterise repository list -- master
* getabis -- move configuration to etc/getabi -- master
* kernelconfig -- move configuration to etc -- master
* rules -- make debian/debian.env master for branch name
* set the current branch name -- master
* pull back common debian.master files into debian -- master
* enforcer -- make the enforcement configuration common
* insert-changes -- correctly link to debian/rules in DROOT
* future-proof ddeb handling against buildd changes
* Add modules.builtin.bin to prerm rm list
  - LP: #516584
* [Config] Implement the amd64 preempt flavour
* syslog: distinguish between /proc/kmsg and syscalls
  - LP: #515623
* sfc: Fix polling for slow MCDI operations
* sfc: Fix conditions for MDIO self-test
* sfc: QT202x: Remove unreliable MMD check at initialisation
* sfc: Add workspace for GMAC bug workaround to MCDI MAC_STATS buffer
* sfc: Use fixed-size buffers for MCDI NVRAM requests

[ Ubuntu: 2.6.32-12.16 ]

* Revert "SAUCE: acpi battery -- delay first lookup of the battery until
  first use"
* SAUCE: acpi battery -- move first lookup asynchronous
  - LP: #507211
* [Config] update configs to cleanup generic configs
* [Config] disable CONFIG_X86_CPU_DEBUG for amd64
* [Config] enable USER_NS
  - LP: #480739, #509808
* (pre-stable) driver-core: fix devtmpfs crash on s390
  - LP: #512370
* [Config] for server and virtual flavours make CONFIG_SCSI_SYM53C8XX_2=y
  - LP: #494565
* [Config] VIRTIO=y for server/virtual flavours
  - LP: #494565
* (pre-stable) Driver-Core: devtmpfs - set root directory mode to 0755
  - LP: #512370
* SAUCE: x86: brk away from exec rand area
  - LP: #452175
* [Upstream] e1000: enhance frame fragment detection
  - CVE-2009-4536
* [Upstream] e1000e: enhance frame fragment detection
  - CVE-2009-4538
* (pre-stable) Input: ALPS - add interleaved protocol support (Dell E6x00
  - LP: #296610
* inotify: do not reuse watch descriptors
  - LP: #485556
* inotify: only warn once for inotify problems
* revert "drivers/video/s3c-fb.c: fix clock setting for Samsung SoC
* memcg: ensure list is empty at rmdir
* drm/i915: remove loop in Ironlake interrupt handler
* block: Fix incorrect reporting of partition alignment
* x86, mce: Thermal monitoring depends on APIC being enabled
* futexes: Remove rw parameter from get_futex_key()
* page allocator: update NR_FREE_PAGES only when necessary
* x86, apic: use physical mode for IBM summit platforms
* edac: i5000_edac critical fix panic out of bounds
* x86: SGI UV: Fix mapping of MMIO registers
* mfd: WM835x GPIO direction register is not locked
* mfd: Correct WM835x ISINK ramp time defines
* ALSA: hda - Fix missing capture mixer for ALC861/660 codecs
* V4L/DVB (13868): gspca - sn9c20x: Fix test of unsigned.
* reiserfs: truncate blocks not used by a write
* HID: add device IDs for new model of Apple Wireless Keyboard
* PCI/cardbus: Add a fixup hook and fix powerpc
* Input: pmouse - move Sentelic probe down the list
* asus-laptop: add Lenovo SL hotkey support
* sched: Fix cpu_clock() in NMIs, on !CONFIG_HAVE_UNSTABLE_SCHED_CLOCK
* sparc64: Fix NMI programming when perf events are active.
* sparc64: Fix Niagara2 perf event handling.
* i2c: Do not use device name after device_unregister
* i2c/pca: Don't use *_interruptible
* serial/8250_pnp: add a new Fujitsu Wacom Tablet PC device
* sched: Fix task priority bug
* vfs: Fix vmtruncate() regression
* Linux
* x86, msr/cpuid: Register enough minors for the MSR and CPUID drivers
* V4L/DVB (13900): gspca - sunplus: Fix bridge exchanges.
* Staging: asus_oled: fix oops in
* Staging: hv: fix smp problems in the hyperv core code
* tty: fix race in tty_fasync
* ecryptfs: use after free
* ecryptfs: initialize private persistent file before dereferencing
* nozomi: quick fix for the close/close bug
* serial: 8250_pnp: use wildcard for serial Wacom tablets
* usb: serial: fix memory leak in generic driver
* USB: fix bitmask merge error
* USB: Don't use GFP_KERNEL while we cannot reset a storage device
* USB: EHCI: fix handling of unusual interrupt intervals
* USB: EHCI & UHCI: fix race between root-hub suspend and port resume
* USB: add missing delay during remote wakeup
* USB: add speed values for USB 3.0 and wireless controllers
* ACPI: EC: Accelerate query execution
* ACPI: EC: Add wait for irq storm
* SCSI: enclosure: fix oops while iterating enclosure_status array
* drm/i915: Read the response after issuing DDC bus switch command
* drm/i915: try another possible DDC bus for the SDVO device with
  multiple outputs
* block: bdev_stack_limits wrapper
* DM: Fix device mapper topology stacking
* x86/PCI/PAT: return EINVAL for pci mmap WC request for !pat_enabled
* USB: fix usbstorage for 2770:915d delivers no FAT
* vmalloc: remove BUG_ON due to racy counting of VM_LAZY_FREE
* perf timechart: Use tid not pid for COMM change
* perf events: Dont report side-band events on each cpu for
  per-task-per-cpu events
* perf: Honour event state for aux stream data
* Linux

22. By Andy Whitcroft

[ Andy Whitcroft ]

* [Config] fix SECURITY and LSM configuration -- mvl-dove
* (buildenv) Add a distclean target to remove temporary files -- mvl-dove
* update remaining references from karmic to lucid -- mvl-dove
* undo slamming architecture to armel -- mvl-dove
* restore linux-image prefix -- mvl-dove
* include modules.builtin in the binary debs -- mvl-dove
* resync kernelconfig with lucid -- mvl-dove
* config-check -- add a configuration enforcer -- mvl-dove
* config-check -- add a unit-test suite to the checker -- mvl-dove
* config-check -- ensure the checks get run at build time -- mvl-dove
* config-check -- check the processed config during updateconfigs --
* enforcer -- resync configuration with master -- mvl-dove
* clean up whitespace differences -- mvl-dove
* copy over minor modification -- mvl-dove
* make doc package completely optional -- mvl-dove
* install the full changelog with the binary package -- mvl-dove
* make source package completely optional -- mvl-dove
* make linux-libc-dev completly optional -- mvl-dove
* convert package disable to a deps list -- mvl-dove
* move back to common headers in arch mode -- mvl-dove
* convert binary package disable to a deps list -- mvl-dove
* disable linux-libc-dev -- mvl-dove
* add configuration option for a full source build tree -- mvl-dove
* getabis -- cleanup and parameterise repository list -- mvl-dove
* kernelconfig -- fix minor whitespace damage -- mvl-dove
* getabis -- move configuration to etc/getabis -- mvl-dove
* kernelconfig -- move configuration to etc -- mvl-dove
* set the current branch name -- mvl-dove
* remove common files -- mvl-dove
* remove generated files
* insert-changes -- correctly link to debian/rules in DROOT

[ Bryan Wu ]

* Add 3 missing files to prerm remove file list -- mvl-dove
  - LP: #345623, #415832

[ Eric Miao ]

* [Config]: Enable devtmpfs for mvl-dove kernel
  - LP: #512321
* SAUCE: Enable CPUFREQ by default
  - LP: #513254
* [Config]: Turn on CONFIG_HIBERNATE
  - LP: #502983
* [Config]: Turn on CONFIG_ARM_THUMBEE
* [Config]: Disable V6 debugger mode and use V7

[ Tim Gardner ]

* [Config] DH_COMPAT=5 -- mvl-dove

[ Upstream Kernel Changes ]

* ARM VFP supprot code bug: If any of the status flags are set, update
  the FPSCR
* Marvell Dove VFP errata

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