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83. By Didier Roche on 2010-06-09

[ Martin Mai ]
* debian/patches/git_dont_delete_emailed_files_after_a_fixed_time-out.patch:
  + Leave it up to the os to clear emailed files in /tmp/ (LP: #112684)

[ Didier Roche ]
* debian/patches/ubuntu_only_update_timestamp_of_unprotected_versions.patch:
  - deleted as it has some corner cases
* add git_never_touch_photo_timestamps.patch to fix timestamp incorrectly
  imported (LP: #175191)

82. By Chris Halse Rogers on 2010-04-01

* debian/patches/ubuntu_add_save_and_undo.patch:
  + Use save-temporary->overwrite saving everywhere. Fixes some
    inconsistent image sizes when saving on close. (LP: #548937)
  + Apply view transformation before editing, so that the selection region
    for the editor matches the region displayed onscreen.
  + Display filename in titlebar, and add an indication when the image has
    unsaved changes (LP: #541605)
* debian/patches/ubuntu_default_view_size.patch:
  + Set a reasonable default for f-spot viewer window size. (LP: #544980)
* debian/patches/ubuntu_fix_folder_export_hang.patch:
  + Fix the hang which sometimes occurs when using the local folder exporter.
    (LP:# 533435)

81. By Chris Halse Rogers on 2010-03-18

* debian/patches/ubuntu_add_save_and_undo.patch:
  + Save over existing files more safely.
  + Save orientation where possible.
* debian/patches/ubuntu_add_other_files_in_directory_in_view_mode.patch:
  + Watch directories that f-spot is viewing, and add newly created images to
    the viewer.
* debian/patches/ubuntu_only_update_timestamp_of_unprotected_versions.patch:
  + Only write out DateTimeOriginal if the file is an unprotected version.
    The initially imported file is a protected version which is not written
    to. Prevents the most obnoxious part of (LP: #175191)
* debian/patches/ubuntu_handle_broken_uris_to_view_mode.patch:
  + Catch exceptions interpreting the paths passed to the --view option.
    (LP: #513252)
* debian/patches/git_fix_soft_focus_memleak.patch:
* debian/patches/git_fix_straighten_editor_memleak.patch:
  + Fix memleaks in straighten and soft-focus editors (LP: 378954).
    Patches taken from f-spot git.

80. By Chris Halse Rogers on 2010-03-12

* debian/patches/ubuntu_add_filmstrip_browsing_to_view_mode.patch:
  + Fix a crash when right-clicking on the filmstrip in view mode.
* debian/patches/ubuntu_add_save_and_undo.patch:
  + Change the current item after Save As, so further saves will go to the
    new file.
  + Only display save confirmation dialog on exit when there are unsaved
    changes to an image.
* debian/patches/ubuntu_add_other_files_in_directory_in_view_mode.patch:
  + When passing a filename to f-spot --view, also display all the other
    images in the directory. (LP: #484887)
* debian/patches/ubuntu_clear_selection_on_crop.patch:
  + Clear the selection after using the crop editor (LP: #535186)

79. By Chris Halse Rogers on 2010-03-09

* debian/patches/ubuntu_add_editing_to_view_mode.patch:
  + Enable image editing in view mode (LP: #484888)
* debian/patches/ubuntu_fix_disposed_pixbuf_errors_in_adjustment.patch
  + Fix an incorrectly Dispose()d pixbuf exposed by the previous patch.
* debian/patches/ubuntu_add_save_and_undo.patch:
  + Wait until the user hits "save" before writing edited images to disc.
    Add an undo stack to revert previous edits.
* debian/patches/ubuntu_add_editing_to_view_mode.patch:
  + Add filmstrip navigation to View mode

78. By Sebastien Bacher on 2010-03-05

* debian/rules:
  - clean the desktop translations and add the gettext domain so langpacks
    translation are used as they should (lp: #514240)

77. By Sebastien Bacher on 2010-03-01

* debian/patches/git_copy_attribute_normal.patch:
  - git change to set the copy attributes to normal, fix a write permission
    issue (lp: #483268)
* debian/patches/git_no_urlencode.patch:
  - git change to not urlencode the mail subjects (lp: #454972)
* debian/patches/git_correct_description.patch:
  - git change to fix the profiles description displayed (lp: #502744)
* debian/patches/git_color_profile_printing_breakage.patch:
  - git change to fix printing when a color profile is selected (lp: #496134)
* debian/patches/git_key_conflict.patch:
  - git change to fix a shortcut conflict (lp: #516801)
* debian/patches/git_set_default_resize_value.patch:
  - git change to set a correct default resize value (lp: #513864)
* debian/patches/ubuntu_edit_tag.patch:
  - change the edit tag label to be consistent with other entries
    (lp: #513452)
* debian/patches/ubuntu_transition_timing.patch:
  - change by Alex Launi to make the transition effect between modes take 1s
    (lp: #513045)
* debian/patches/ubuntu_slider_animation_tweaking.patch:
  - change by Alex Launi to reduce the slider animation timing (lp: #513004)
* debian/patches/ubuntu_check_duplicate.patch:
  - change by Matt Perry to use a better label for the duplicates checking
    (lp: #511767)

76. By Iain Lane on 2010-01-09

* debian/control, debian/patches/debian_link-system-*.patch: Update
  flickrnet and keyring-sharp dependencies to use the new -dev packages.
  Update patches to search for unversioned pcfiles (Closes: #556802)
* debian/control:
 + Bump mono-devel build-dep to >= 2.4.3 and remove all build-depends on
   packages now provided transitively by mono-devel.
 + Replace library build-depends with -dev counterparts which now contain
   the pcfiles.
* debian/ltmain-as-needed.sh: Steal updated version from Tomboy

75. By Iain Lane on 2009-11-09

* New upstream release
 - make IconView responsive to mouseclicks on gdk 2.18 (LP: #448162)
 - do not ignore .rw2 files
 - avoid an Array.OORE on empty dbs (Mike Gemuende)
* debian/rules: Make get-orig-source policy compliant

74. By Iain Lane on 2009-11-05

* Fakesync to Karmic from Debian unstable
* New upstream release
 - make IconView responsive to mouseclicks on gdk 2.18 (LP: #448162)
 - do not ignore .rw2 files
 - avoid an Array.OORE on empty dbs (Mike Gemuende)

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