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88. By Iain Lane on 2010-09-15

* [3adbc62] Imported Upstream version 0.8.0
  + First long-term stable release of the 0.8.x series.
  + Contains everything from the 0.7.x series as well as some critical extra
    fixes that were added during the past week.
  + Some regressions in terms of support for obscure RAW formats, but lots of
    improvements overall, definitely in terms of stability.
  + Nearly 300 bugs closed since 0.6.2 (http://bit.ly/bqXLLt)
* [6d29af4] Don't crash with empty databases.
* [9cb5934] Update ltmain.sh (again) to be compatible with upstream's

87. By Iain Lane on 2010-09-15

* Upload to Ubuntu from Debian's git repository to Ubuntu to get this stable
  release in before the Final Freeze.
* [3adbc62] Imported Upstream version 0.8.0
  + First long-term stable release of the 0.8.x series.
  + Contains everything from the 0.7.x series as well as some critical extra
    fixes that were added during the past week.
  + Some regressions in terms of support for obscure RAW formats, but lots of
    improvements overall, definitely in terms of stability.
  + Nearly 300 bugs closed since 0.6.2 (http://bit.ly/bqXLLt)
* [6d29af4] Don't crash with empty databases.
* [9cb5934] Update ltmain.sh (again) to be compatible with upstream's

86. By Iain Lane on 2010-08-11

* New upstream release 0.7.2 "Retooled"
  + Third release of the unstable 0.7 development series. Features a
    fully restructured source tree with full Monodevelop build
    support. Solves some of the regressions introduced in 0.7.1.
  + Reorganized source tree for clarity, builds with Monodevelop.
  + Switched from QueuedSqliteDatabase to HyenaSqliteConnection (Mike
  + Build tweaks (Christian Krause)
  + More GtkBuilder transition (Eric Faehnrich)
  + Reliability improvements (lots of them) for metadata handling (Mike
    Gemünde, Ruben Vermeersch)
  + Prune empty directories when deleting photos, import usability
    enhancements (Mike Wallick)
  + Big race-condition fix in import (Paul Wellner Bou)
  + Loads of improvements to Taglib#, in terms of handling broken files,
    extra format support (Pentax, Panasonic, Leica), stability and
    correctness (Ruben Vermeersch)
    - Runs out of memory Importing photo with suspect EXIF data
      (LP: #272822)
    - Metadata parsing of broken file causes large memory allocation
      (LP: #597720)
    - Photo import: cancel & copy have same keyboard shortcut (LP: #244423)
    - Facebook export will not create new album (LP: #563495)
    - Allow export to iPod (LP: #518344)
  + Reporting of import errors.
  + Speedups to repeated imports of the same directory.
  + Piles of cleanups and general stability improvements.
  + Over 50 bugs closed (http://bit.ly/cqpC3y)

85. By Iain Lane on 2010-07-17

[ Iain Lane ]
* New upstream release 0.7.1 "The Big Switch"
 + Second release of the unstable 0.7 development series. Most notably
   including a switch to Taglib#. Regressions in the amount of RAW
   types supported, will be fixed before releasing 0.8.
 + Switched to a new Taglib#-backed metadata layer. This is a huge change
   which should bring us increased stability (in the long run) and a much
   easier to maintain metadata layer than the one we previously had. Also
   enables some funky new features like XMP sidecars. (Ruben Vermeersch,
   Mike Gemünde) (LP: #279440, #69577, #260706)
 + Add support for XMP sidecars (Ruben Vermeersch)
 + Add "remove from camera after import"-option (Ruben Vermeersch)
 + Start of a massive backend cleanup (Mike Gemünde)
 + Upstreaming of a lot of Debian/Ubuntu patches (Iain Lane)
 + Several dialogs converted from glade to GtkBuilder (Ademir Mendoza,
   Nick Van Eeckhout, Peter Goetz, Trevor Buchanan)
 + Code refactorings and cleanups, increased Hyena adoption (Evan Briones,
   Paul Lange, Paul Wellner Bou)
 + Small usability improvements (Alex Launi, Anton Keks, Iain Churcher,
   Tomas Kovacik)
 + More build retooling (Bertrand Lorentz, Christian Krause, Gabriel Burt)
 + Many bugs fixed and improvements in stability: Over 85 bugs closed
   - Forced lowercase when import is triggered by gnome-volume-manager
     (LP: #249230)
* ubuntu_nofuse_fix_photo_import.patch: Drop — obsolete with new import
* Drop libfspot-linkage patch: Applied upstream
* Drop jpegtran-linkage patch: Obsolete
* Drop ubuntu_fix_export_crash_FlickrRemote.cs.patch: Fixed upstream
* Refresh ubuntu_xdg-photo-dir to apply cleanly
* Drop default_view_size patch: Fixed upstream
* Standards-Version → 3.9.0, no changes required
* No longer need to autoreconf
* Add debian/clean file and remove override from rules
* Add build-depency on gnome-doc-utils to build user help

84. By Iain Lane on 2010-05-24

* New upstream release 0.7.0
 + First release of the unstable 0.7 development series. Massive changes.
 + Reparenting and detaching support (Anton Keks) (Closes: #559745)
 + A new Mallard-based documentation (Harold Schreckengost)
 + No longer embeds flickrnet, uses distribution copy (Iain Lane)
 + Adoption of a large amount of Hyena functionality (Paul Lange, Peter
 + No longer embeds gnome-keyring-sharp
 + Completely rewritten import, much faster and less memory hungry (Ruben
   Vermeersch) (Closes: #559080, #492658, #341790, #357811, #426017) (LP:
 + No longer use gphoto2-sharp, now uses gvfs which is less crash-pron
   (Ruben Vermeersch)
 + Fix Facebook support (Ruben Vermeersch)
 + Modernized unit tests
 + Revamped build (Mike Gemünde)
 + Much improved duplicate detection (much faster too) (Ruben Vermeersch)
 + Mouse selection in Iconview (Vincent Pomey)
 + Image panning support using middle mouse button (Wojciech Dzierżanowski)
 + Timeline slider now restricted to the size of the window (Iain Churcher)
 + Over 100 bugs closed (http://bit.ly/cyVjnD)
   - No more warnings about schema defaults (Closes: #584215) (LP: #586132)
* debian/control: Clean up build deps to match configure checks
* debian/rules: Don't run dh_makeshilbs as we don't ship any shared
  libraries. There are some private ones though, which get picked up and
  result in a useless postinst/postrm call to ldconfig. Thanks, lintian.
* debian/patches/debian_fix-distclean.patch,
  Clean up obsolete patches which are no longer necessary
* debian/patches/*: Temporarily disable patches which originated from Ubuntu
  and no longer apply cleanly. We will get these back in a future upstream
  development release.
* debian/patches/*: Refresh to apply cleanly
* debian/rules: Add new include dir to autoreconf call to pick up f-spot

83. By Iain Lane on 2010-05-17

* New upstream release 0.6.2:
 + Stable release before starting large cleanup refactorings, mostly
   usability, bug fixes and translations as well as some modernization.
   A large part of this comes from the Ubuntu one hundred papercuts effort.
 + Replaced the old slow slideshow code with new fast SlideShow
   (Gabriel Burt)
 + Wording changes for clarity (Edit Tag) (Jeffrey Finkelstein)
 + Fix version selection tooltip (Lorenzo Milesi)
 + Add gconf schema (Jeffrey Stedfast)
 + Added a border to filmstrip thumbnails (Matt Perry) (LP: #513036)
 + Fix display names of color profiles (Pascal de Bruijn)
 + Fix histogram colors on theme change (Paul Wellner Bou)
 + Always update ImageView adjustments when scaling.
   (Wojciech Dzierżanowski)
 + Correctly set attributes on copying (Yann Leprince)
 + Correct mnemonics in create tag dialog (Yves Kurz)
 + Provide sane defaults for image resize size (Yves Kurz)
 + Updates to the build system, including fixes for distcheck
   (Ruben Vermeersch)
 + Fix wording for duplicate hashing (Matt Perry)
 + Fix wording for imported tags tag (Ian Churcher)
 + Fix label alignment in preferences dialog (Pascal de Bruijn)
 + Add unique# and use it to handle our activation (Stephane Delcroix)
 + Stop bundling Mono.Addins (Stephane Delcroix)
 + Avoid leakage in straighten and softfocus editor (Stephane Delcroix)
 + Allow to copy files to clipboard (Stephane Delcroix)
 + Large number of color management related fixes (Stephane Delcroix)
 + Removed the Beagle plugin at the request of the openSUSE team
   (Ruben Vermeersch)
 + A pile of other cleanups and fixes (Ruben Vermeersch)
   - Including '"Import tags" category sounds like an action' (LP: #488784)
 + Two performance improvement patches for our database interaction
   (Michal Nánási)
 + Fix the longstanding issue of F-Spot changing photo timestamps
   (Paul Wellner Bou) (Closes: #445511) (LP: #175191)
 + Tons of translation updates (seriously)
* debian/control, debian/rules: Drop gnome-screensaver build-dep and set
  variables at configure time. Should reduce the BD chain significantly.
* debian/control: Increase minimum version on libgphoto2-dev BD in line with
  configure requirements.
* debian/control: Add build-dependency on libunique-dev to build new
  unique-sharp bindings which f-spot now uses to handle activation.
* debian/patches/debian_link-system-mono-addins.patch: Drop, now upstream
* debian/patches/*: Refresh to apply to new upstream version
* debian/rules: Pass include directories to autoreconf to have the correct
  macros in scope for the new build system
* debian/patches/ubuntu*: Steal patches from Ubuntu package to improve
  --view mode and add an undo/redo stack. Rebase on new upstream version.
  Thanks to Chris Halse Rogers.
* debian/patches/ubuntu_fname_quote_percent.patch: Drop, now upstream.
* debian/patches/git_transition_duration.patch: Cherrypick patch from
  upstream to reduce the transition duration when entering fullscreen to
* debian/rules: Incorporate Ubuntu specific changes, and guard by a call to
* debian/rules: Don't try to install the gconf schemas when building

82. By Chris Halse Rogers on 2010-04-01

* debian/patches/ubuntu_add_save_and_undo.patch:
  + Use save-temporary->overwrite saving everywhere. Fixes some
    inconsistent image sizes when saving on close. (LP: #548937)
  + Apply view transformation before editing, so that the selection region
    for the editor matches the region displayed onscreen.
  + Display filename in titlebar, and add an indication when the image has
    unsaved changes (LP: #541605)
* debian/patches/ubuntu_default_view_size.patch:
  + Set a reasonable default for f-spot viewer window size. (LP: #544980)
* debian/patches/ubuntu_fix_folder_export_hang.patch:
  + Fix the hang which sometimes occurs when using the local folder exporter.
    (LP:# 533435)

81. By Chris Halse Rogers on 2010-03-18

* debian/patches/ubuntu_add_save_and_undo.patch:
  + Save over existing files more safely.
  + Save orientation where possible.
* debian/patches/ubuntu_add_other_files_in_directory_in_view_mode.patch:
  + Watch directories that f-spot is viewing, and add newly created images to
    the viewer.
* debian/patches/ubuntu_only_update_timestamp_of_unprotected_versions.patch:
  + Only write out DateTimeOriginal if the file is an unprotected version.
    The initially imported file is a protected version which is not written
    to. Prevents the most obnoxious part of (LP: #175191)
* debian/patches/ubuntu_handle_broken_uris_to_view_mode.patch:
  + Catch exceptions interpreting the paths passed to the --view option.
    (LP: #513252)
* debian/patches/git_fix_soft_focus_memleak.patch:
* debian/patches/git_fix_straighten_editor_memleak.patch:
  + Fix memleaks in straighten and soft-focus editors (LP: 378954).
    Patches taken from f-spot git.

80. By Chris Halse Rogers on 2010-03-12

* debian/patches/ubuntu_add_filmstrip_browsing_to_view_mode.patch:
  + Fix a crash when right-clicking on the filmstrip in view mode.
* debian/patches/ubuntu_add_save_and_undo.patch:
  + Change the current item after Save As, so further saves will go to the
    new file.
  + Only display save confirmation dialog on exit when there are unsaved
    changes to an image.
* debian/patches/ubuntu_add_other_files_in_directory_in_view_mode.patch:
  + When passing a filename to f-spot --view, also display all the other
    images in the directory. (LP: #484887)
* debian/patches/ubuntu_clear_selection_on_crop.patch:
  + Clear the selection after using the crop editor (LP: #535186)

79. By Chris Halse Rogers on 2010-03-09

* debian/patches/ubuntu_add_editing_to_view_mode.patch:
  + Enable image editing in view mode (LP: #484888)
* debian/patches/ubuntu_fix_disposed_pixbuf_errors_in_adjustment.patch
  + Fix an incorrectly Dispose()d pixbuf exposed by the previous patch.
* debian/patches/ubuntu_add_save_and_undo.patch:
  + Wait until the user hits "save" before writing edited images to disc.
    Add an undo stack to revert previous edits.
* debian/patches/ubuntu_add_editing_to_view_mode.patch:
  + Add filmstrip navigation to View mode

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