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82. By Iain Lane

[ Iain Lane ]
* requestsync: Give an error message if no changelog entries - happens if,
  for example, the new package's changelog hasn't yet been published on p.d.o
* update-maintainer: Also check if package is in experimental when looking
  who to update maintainer to.
* update-maintainer: Prefer updating control.in to control; this is used by
  some Debian packages, notably those maintained by pkg-gnome.
* debian/control: Update standards-version to 3.8.3, no changes
* debian/control, debian/pyversions: Remove XS-Python version to
  debian/pyversions to silence a warning

[ Jonathan Davies ]
* debian/control: Included a short description of each script (LP: #406658).

[ Nathan Handler ]
* debian/control: Mention pull-revu-source in description

[ Joe Bernard ]
* Launchpad API changed causing pull-lp-source to fail to parse the .dsc
  file from the URL contents (LP: #436006).

81. By Michael Terry

mk-sbuild-lv: Export http_proxy. LP: #416438

80. By Martin Pitt

* Add lp-project-upload: Upload a release tarball to a Launchpad project.
* Add doc/lp-project-upload.1: Corresponding manpage.
* setup.py: Add lp-project-upload.
* debian/copyright: Add lp-project-upload.

79. By Steve Langasek

[ Nathan Handler ]
* setup.py: Add pull-revu-source to list of scripts

[ Steve Langasek ]
* Set XS-Python-Version to 2.6 or better, due to use of 2.6-specific
  syntax in requestsync.
* Bump the python-all-dev build-dep as well

78. By Michael Bienia

[ Nathan Handler ]
* pull-revu-source: Update to use dsc.py to get dsc URL

[ Michael Bienia ]
* Install also the ubuntutools/requestsync/* modules (lp: #421627)

77. By Nathan Handler

[ Nicolas Valcárcel ]
* mk-sbuild-lv:
  - Add check for built-in dm_snapshot (LP: #398414)

[ Andreas Moog ]
* update-maintainer:
  - Don't silently fail when Maintainer-Field contains a comment
    in brackets. (LP: #397144)
  - Don't add second XSBC-Original-Maintainer if Maintainer was set
    to Motu or Core-Dev.

[ Michael Bienia ]
* Drop python-launchpad-bugs from Depends.
* Add python-lazr-restfulclient to Depends.
* buildd: Add a --batch mode for batch retrying/rescoring of packages.
* requestsync:
  - Use UBU* environment variables before the DEB* ones (lp: #400133)
  - Split requestsync into a "mail" module and a "lpapi" module and use
    the LP API only when --lp was used. In "mail" mode requestsync has
    to ask some more questions for parts it can't find out without LP API.
    (lp: #406659, #416955)

[ Iain Lane ]
* requestsync:
  - Guard some calls when -n is specified
  - Fetch changelog of specified version, not current version. If an
    experimenal upload happened after the unstable one we're syncing, this
    is considered to be current by p.d.o and we would get those changelog
    entries in the sync request
  - Remove trailing fullstop from sync bug title
* suspicious-source: Add *.hs *.el *.css to whitelist

[ Siegfried-Angel Gevatter Pujals ]
* pbuilder-dist:
   - Expand "~" in PBUILDFOLDER to the user's home directory.
   - If there's a "etc/<distro>/apt.conf" file inside the build result
     directory, pass it to pbuilder as --aptconfdir. Thanks to Paul Novotny
     and Ryan Pavlik (LP: #363043).

[ Luca Falavigna ]
* Switch to python-support to ease initial import into Debian:
  - debian/control: build-depend on python-support instead of pycentral,
    also remove unneeded XB-Python-Version field from binary stanza.
  - debian/rules: set DEB_PYTHON_SYSTEM to pysupport.
  - ubuntu-dev-tools.preinst: remove stale pycentral files on upgrades.

[ Nathan Handler ]
* Add pull-revu-source and doc/pull-revu-source.1
* Update debian/copyright to include pull-revu-source

76. By Michael Bienia

[ Michael Bienia ]
* buildd:
  - Use the LP API for retrying or rescoring builds.
* requestsync:
  - Fix check for sponsorship when a new package should get synced.
  - Add "done" as last email command when emailing the sync request
    to stop parsing of the email body for further email commands
    (lp: #372555)

[ Jonathan Davies ]
* update-maintainer:
  - Rewrote in Python and adapted to use Maintainer field spec approved by
    the Technical Board at:
    - https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2009-May/028213.html
  - Do not make changes if maintainer email is set to an
    @ubuntu.com email address.
* requestsync:
  - Adapt to use new checkIsInDebian() function in ubuntutools/packages.py.
  - urlopener module is no longer required here.
* pull-lp-source:
  - Return an error message if dget is not installed.
  - Use os.path.exists() instead of catching an error message
    to check if dget is installed.
* TODO: pull-lp-source task done.
* ubuntutools/packages.py: Created checkIsInDebian() function.
* ubuntutools/lp/functions.py: Improved error messages, and made prettier
* ubuntutools/lp/libsupport.py: Fail if we're unable to import launchpadlib
  (we need it to run stuff).
* ubuntutools/lp/urlopener.py: Removed - module no longer needed.
* ubuntutools/lp/cookie.py: Removed - module no longer needed - we use
  Launchpad API support now.
* buildd:
  - Use launchpadlib to check the Ubuntu release is valid.
  - Moved Launchpad module imports here - speed up usage parsing to improve
    user experience.
  - Do not display override message if --arch is not used.
  - Fix permissions warning message and do not mention teams as we check on
    a per package basis.

[ Colin Watson ]
* Rewrite 404main using python-apt. Note that this requires python-apt
  0.7.9, not in jaunty.
* Get rid of the last remaining use of subprocess.Popen(shell=True) in

[ Luke Yelavich ]
* lp-set-dup: Add missing % needed for string substitution. Thanks to
  Robert Ancell for the fix.

[ Iain Lane ]
* requestsync: We need to use the output from madison, not just throw it

75. By Nathan Handler

[ Kees Cook ]
* mk-sbuild-lv:
  - Skip security repo for Debian unstable, thanks to Ryan Niebur
    (LP: #371569).
  - Change directory out of the way of schroot problems.

[ Siegfried-Angel Gevatter Pujals ]
* grab-merge:
   - Show an error message if the package doesn't exist.
   - Be paraonic and add "--one-file-system" to the rm call.
   - Delete the directory just after creating it if the package
     doesn't exist.

[ Iain Lane ]
* ubuntutools/lp/lp_functions.py,
  - Add new public functions that expose features from LP API
  - Modify isLPTeamMember to use LP API
* requestsync
  - Use new functions to check if user can upload requested package directly
    instead of checking team membership
  - Default to current development release if no release is specified on
  - Correct bug supervisor team to ubuntu-bugcontrol (LP: #374563)
  - Remove team names from sponsorship message - makes the function much
* buildd
  - Check if user has upload privileges instead of checking for team
    membership when seeing if operations are permitted

[ Colin Watson ]
* update-maintainer:
  - Convert to getopt so that '--section main' works as well as

[ Anders Kaseorg ]
* ubuntutools/lp/functions.py:
  - Simplify isLPTeamMember.

[ Nathan Handler ]
* pull-debian-source: Modify to work for packages not in main (LP: #379822)

74. By Colin Watson

[ Siegfried-Angel Gevatter Pujals ]
* pbuilder-dist:
  - Fallback to calling lsb_release if /etc/lsb-release doesn't
     exist; this makes it possible to run pbuilder-dist on Debian.

[ Nathan Handler ]
* pull-debian-source:
  - Use Getopt::Long

[ Colin Watson ]
* submittodebian:
  - New release cycle; use "karmic" usertag.
* dch-repeat:
  - Drop EOLed gutsy and add karmic.
* pull-lp-source:
  - Set default release to karmic.
* reverse-build-depends:
  - Set default release to karmic.
* bash_completion/pbuilder-dist:
  - Add karmic.
  - Add squeeze.
* requestsync:
  - Send a "Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8" header (LP: #246307).

73. By Scott Kitterman

[ Jonathan Davies ]
* README.updates: Added - lists steps to take when updating this package.
* grab-merge: Added --help option and manpage (LP: #349109).

[ Siegfried-Angel Gevatter Pujals ]
* pbuilder-dist:
   - Add squeeze as a Debian distribution. Thanks to Marco Rodrigues.

[ Nathan Handler ]
* pull-debian-source:
  - Add support for etch/oldstable
  - Make script work for codenames (etch, lenny, squeeze, sid)

[ Ryan Kavanagh ]
* Ported devscripts' build-rdeps to Ubuntu and replaced
  reverse-build-depends. Updated it's manpage. (LP: #272273)

[ Kees Cook ]
* mk-sbuild-lv:
  - Fully handle missing build log directories (LP: #342154).
  - More generalized approach to Distro-specific logic (LP: #342158).

[ Scott Kitterman ]
* dgetlp:
  - Port to hashlib module instead of md5 (deprecated in Python 2.6)
* Bump minimum python-all-dev version to 2.5

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