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99. By Michael Bienia on 2010-04-22

[ Andrey Voronov ]
* pbuilder-dist: change requested/system arch order in check (LP: #557097)

[ Michael Bienia ]
* Update the defaults for maverick and let requestsync and
  pull-debian-source default to unstable (lp: #472837).

98. By Loïc Minier on 2010-04-16

[ Ryan Kavanagh ]
* Added the merge-changelog script from
  https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-x/2009-June/000586.html for those
  who need to manually merge packages.
* Fixed typo in doc/grab-merge.1

[ Soren Hansen ]
* Update get-branches to account for changes in LP's web UI. Really, someone
  should update it to use the LP API, but for now, this will have to do.

[ Emmet Hikory ]
* doc/mk-sbuild.1: add missing options to summary

[ Michael Bienia ]
* lp-shell: Use "udt-lp-shell" as LP API consumer instead of the non-unique
  "test" (lp: #558531).
* get-branches: Use the LP API to obtain a list of branches of a team.

[ Loïc Minier ]
* bash_completion/pbuilder-dist, dch-repeat: list maverick in possible
  Ubuntu dists; the default dist for reverse-build-depends and
  submittodebian should be changed in maverick.

97. By Michael Bienia on 2010-04-08

[ Michael Bienia ]
* lp-shell:
  + Support all known LP service names.
  + Add support for using different LP API versions.
  + Add option to login anonymously into LP.
* ubuntutools/lp/lpapicache.py, ubuntutools/lp/libsupport.py: Add support
  for different LP API versions.
* ubuntutools/lp/__init__.py: Set the '1.0' LP API version as default.
* massfile: Updated to 1.0 LP API.
* doc/requestsync.1: Update the paragraph about sponsoring (lp: #538990).
* pull-lp-source: Use (anonymously) the LP API to get the URL for the .dsc
  file instead of screen scraping.
* Apply patch from Julian Andres Klode for the python-apt 0.8 API transition
  (Closes: #572091)
* ubuntutools/requestsync/mail.py: Fix some more encoding issues
  (lp: #557828).

[ Michael Vogt ]
* edit-patch:
  - fix quilt mode when dpkg already applied all the patches
    (LP: #556297)

96. By Daniel Holbach on 2010-03-15

[ Michael Bienia ]
* ubuntu-build: missed updating a function call.

[ Emmet Hikory ]
* mk-sbuild: Really don't use build-arm-chroot

[ Daniel Holbach ]
* hugdaylist, requestsync, doc/requestsync.1:
  ubuntu-{main,universe}-sponsors → ubuntu-sponsors,
  {ubuntu,motu}-release → ubuntu-release.
* ubuntutools/ppaput.py: removed, not necessary any more.
* debian/copyright: removed references to ppaput.

95. By Jonathan Riddell on 2010-03-08

Update reverse-build-depends for lucid

94. By Emmet Hikory on 2010-03-08

[ Luca Falavigna ]
* docs/lp-set-dup.1: add manpage for lp-set-dup.
* debian/control: bump Standards-Version to 3.8.4, no changes needed.

[ Emmet Hikory ]
* mk-sbuild: switch to use qemu-debootstrap for foreign chroots
* mk-sbuild: allow any foreign chroot (may not work, but we can try)
* pbuilder-dist: allow any foreign chroot (may not work, but we can try)
* docs/pbuilder-dist.1: update manpage to indicate general architecture
* pbuilder-dist: add self. before target_distro in powerpc check

93. By Steve Langasek on 2010-03-05

[ Scott Moser ]
* rename mk-sbuild-lv to mk-sbuild, support union-type=aufs

[ Emmet Hikory ]
* Support qemu-arm-static -> qemu-kvm-extras-static transition
* mk-sbuild: automatically install qemu-kvm-extras-static if requested
* mk-sbuild: conditionally install lvm2 only for lvm-snapshot schroots
* mk-sbuild: rationalise architecture variables
* mk-sbuild: Generalise --type support and add "file" SCHROOT_TYPE
* mk-sbuild.1: Document the --type argument

[ Loïc Minier ]
* Demote qemu-kvm-extras-static to a Suggests since most people don't build
  for armel.

[ Kees Cook ]
* requestsync: add -C to allow manually adding changelog when missing
  (LP: #518574).
* mk-sbuild: clean up and make slight adjustments to new lvm/dir/file logic.
* mk-sbuild.1: update documentation to reflect alternative config file
  names for distro and schroot type overrides.
* mk-sbuild, docs/mk-sbuild.1: document DEBOOTSTRAP_MIRROR for good
  measure, thanks to Paul Holcomb.

[ Michael Bienia ]
* ubuntutools/requestsync/mail.py: Encode the report to utf-8 before passing
  it to gpg for signing (LP: #522316).
* Add support for the other LP service roots (edge is still default)
* Depend on python-launchpadlib >= 1.5.4
* Also check package sets for upload permissions.
* lp-set-dup: Don't crash when accessing private bugs (LP: #525539)
* requestsync: Subscribe 'ubuntu-release' to Feature Freeze exceptions
  (updated to current policy; LP: #532740)

[ Michael Vogt ]
* edit-patch: add wrapper around cdbs-edit-patch, dpatch-edit-patch, quilt
  to transparently deal with the various patch systems.

[ Colin Watson ]
* lp-shell: Disable default apport excepthook, as this is intended for
  interactive use.

92. By Emmet Hikory on 2010-02-03

[ Siegfried-Angel Gevatter Pujals ]
* bash_completion/pbuilder-dist:
   - Enable tab-completion for pbuilder-lucid and cowbuilder-lucid.

[ Emmet Hikory ]
* mk-sbuild-lv: support foreign armel schroots
* mk-sbuild-lv: use --arch=foo rather than --arch foo for debootstrap
* pbuilder-dist: Allow architecture-switching to armel on i386/amd64
* pbuilder-dist: use --arch=foo rather than --arch foo for debootstrap
* pbuilder-dist: change --mirror logic to use -ports when appropriate
* docs/pbuilder-dist.1: Document architecture-switching for armel
* debian/control: add qemu-arm-static to Recommends:

[ Michael Bienia ]
* ubuntutools/requestsync/mail.py:
  Map "sid" back to "unstable" (and "squeeze" to "testing") else rmadison
  gets a Python traceback from the remote site instead of the expected data
  (lp: #508794).

[ Kees Cook ]
* mk-sbuild-lv: adjust schroot.conf template to document the -source
  change further.

91. By Emmet Hikory on 2010-01-17

* mk-sbuild-lv: drop deprecated keys from schroot.conf template
* mk-sbuild-lv: enable -source access after security improvements of
                schroot.conf template in 0.88
* mk-sbuild-lv: document sudo requirement for -source access in final output

90. By Martin Pitt on 2010-01-16

Include changes which were committed to 0.88, but which I forgot to

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