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15. By Free Ekanayaka on 2010-02-10

* New upstream release (LP: #519200):
  - Add a message for creating package locks (LP: #514334)
  - Add support for auto-approved change-packages messages (LP: #517175)
  - Add support for installing server-generated debian packages (LP: #509752)
  - Add support for reporting Eucalyptus topology information (LP: #518501)
  - Fix timeout while inserting large free-space message (LP: #218388)
  - Fix wrong log path in motd (LP: #517454)
  - Fix race condition in process excecution (LP: #517453)

14. By Free Ekanayaka on 2009-12-16

* New upstream release (LP: #497351)

* Bug fixes:
  - Fix landscape daemons fail to start when too many groups are
    available (LP: #456124)
  - Fix landscape programs wake up far too much. (LP: #340843)
  - Fix Package manager fails with 'no such table: task' (LP #465846)
  - Fix test suite leaving temporary files around (LP #476418)
  - Fix the 1hr long wait for user data to be uploaded following a
    resynchronisation (LP #369000)

* Add support for Ubuntu release upgrades:
  - Add helper function to fetch many files at once (LP: #450629)
  - Handle release-upgrade messages in the packagemanager
    plugin (LP: #455217)
  - Add a release-upgrader task handler (LP: #462543)
  - Support upgrade-tool environment variables (LP: #463321)

* Add initial support for Smart package locking:
  - Detect and report changes about Smart package locks (#488108)

* Packaging fixes:
  - Turn unnecessary Pre-Depends on python-gobject into a regular Depends
  - If it's empty, remove /etc/landscape upon purge

13. By Free Ekanayaka on 2009-10-07

Relax dependency on python-smartpm, due to the rejected SRU for smart 1.2

12. By Free Ekanayaka on 2009-09-21

* New upstream release (LP: #347983):
  - Don't clear the hash_id_requests table upon resynchronize (LP #417122)
  - Include the README file in landscape-client (LP: #396260)
  - Fix client capturing stderr from run_command when constructing
    hash-id-databases url (LP: #397480)
  - Use substvars to conditionally depend on update-motd or
    libpam-modules (LP: #393454)
  - Fix reporting wrong version to the server (LP: #391225)
  - The init script does not wait for the network to be available
    before checking for EC2 user data (LP: #383336)
  - When the broker is restarted by the watchdog, the state of the client
    is inconsistent (LP: #380633)
  - Package stays unknown forever in the client with hash-id-databases
    support (LP: #381356)
  - Standard error not captured when calling smart-update (LP: #387441)
  - Changer calls reporter without switching groups, just user (LP: #388092)
  - Run smart update in the package-reporter instead of having a cronjob (LP: #362355)
  - Package changer does not inherit proxy settings (LP: #381241)
  - The ./test script doesn't work in landscape-client (LP: #381613)
  - The source package should build on all supported releases (LP: #385098)
  - Strip smart update's output (LP: #387331)
  - The fetch() timeout isn't based on activity (#389224)
  - Client can use a UUID of "None" when fetching the hash-id-database (LP: #381291)
  - Registration should use the fqdn rather than just the hostname (LP: #385730)
  - Apply a fix for segfault bug involving curl timeouts. (LP: #360510)
  - Add a timeout to HTTP operations to avoid hanging (LP: #349737)
  - Clean up environment variables on startup to avoid propagating
    variables that will corrupt package installation (LP: #348681)
  - Clean up FDs on startup for the same reason (LP: #352458)
  - Catch and handle certain errors from smart (such as invalid package
    data) to avoid "stuck" Landscape activities (LP: #268745)
  - Don't print warnings meant for developers to the console (LP: #336669)
  - Invalidate package cache when server UUID changes (LP: #339948)
  - Improve the "cloud mode" introduced in 1.0.26 to send more
    disambiguation data (LP: #343942) and allow the EC2 user data to specify
    the exchange and ping URLs (LP: #343947)
  - Allow importing of initial configurations (along with public SSL
    certificates) when running landscape-config (LP: #341705)
  - Support a non-root mode which allows running the client without the
    management functionality (LP: #82159)
  - Automatic cloud registration when there's no user-data to specify an OTP
    now works (LP: #344323)
  - Add support for custom graphs (LP: #306360)
  - Multiple custom graphs can be used at the same time (LP: #307314)
  - PATH is now set for scripts in script execution (LP: #257018)
* debian/landscape-common.postinst: Only chown parts of /var/lib/landscape
  because we now store files in it that should maintain their ownership
  (LP: #307321).
* debian/landscape-client.postinst: Work around chfn/system user problem
  by not specifying a --gecos (LP: #238755)
* debian/landscape-client.logrotate: logrotate no longer reports spurious
  errors when the client isn't running (LP: #271767)

11. By Christopher Armstrong on 2008-10-17

debian/control: Update Replaces to < 1.0.23-0ubuntu0.8.10 to correctly
replace newer unsplit versions of the landscape package (LP: #285030).

10. By Christopher Armstrong on 2008-10-09

* New upstream release. (LP: #277658):
  Changes since
  - Don't print duplicate warnings when / is nearing capacity in sysinfo
    (LP: #260230).
  - Slight change to link text in landscape-sysinfo.
  - Don't crash badly when programs are run as the incorrect user
    (LP: #268879).
* debian/changelog: New debian-version scheme including Ubuntu version. The
  same upstream version is available for all supported releases.
  (LP: #277682).
* debian/landscape-client.postrm: Delete log and data files upon purge
  (LP: #121182).
* debian/landscape-common.postrm: Delete the sysinfo logs upon purge.

9. By Dustin Kirkland  on 2008-09-30

* debian/control: fix bzr url
* debian/landscape-sysinfo.wrapper: print a timestamp before the sysinfo
  data to ensure appropriate context (LP: #270862)

8. By Mathias Gug on 2008-09-25

* New upstream version:
  * Add ok-no-register option to landscape-config script to not fail if
    dbus isn't started or landscape-client isn't running.
  * lower timeout related to package management in landscape.
* debian/control: Depend on cron.
* debian/landscape-client.postinst: use ok-no-register option so that the
  postinst script doesn't fail when run from the installer. (LP: #274573).

7. By Mathias Gug on 2008-09-23

* debian/rules: Install an hourly cron job to update smart package data.
  Thanks to Christopher Armstrong (LP: #268765).
* debian/control:
  - Move ${misc:Depends} to Depends.
  - Add VCS-* headers.
* debian/landscape-client.postrm:
  - remove /etc/default/landscape-client when the package is purged.

6. By Mathias Gug on 2008-09-19

[ Christopher Armstrong ]
* New upstream release (LP: #271886):
  - Bug fix release:
  - Avoid the PotentialZombieWarning on landscape-client startup.
   (LP: #257346)
  - When run as root, read sysinfo configuration from /etc and and write
    logs to /var/log instead of /root. (LP: #268560)
  - Avoid ZeroDivisionErrors when /home is an autofs. (LP: #269634)
  - Don't corrupt a pid file when trying to start the client when it's
    already running. (LP: #269634)
  - Remove the pid file when shutting down the client. (LP: #257081)

[ Mathias Gug ]
* debian/landscape-client.init: specify the pid file and use --startas
  instead of --exec when starting landscape-client so that the init script
  doesn't fail if landscape-client is already running.

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