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10. By Chow Loong Jin

* [0499cae] Fix debian/watch.
  Launchpad URLs have changed again.
* [3becb10] Imported Upstream version 0.3.4
* [9a0d479] Update gstreamer deps
* [74a4d3e] No-change bump of Standards-Version to 3.9.6
* [6ddde20] Improve short description

9. By Chow Loong Jin

* [05ffad2] New upstream bugfix release:
  - Automatically detect daylight savings time (LP: #290733)
  - Let the WM decide the initial position of the list window (LP: #800635)
  - Check that media player was created successfully (LP: #823585)
  - Don't show notifications when alarms are stopped/snoozed (LP: #908636)
  - Update timestamp when type is changed for active alarms (LP: #885059)
  - Use segment seeks to prevent playback delays when looping (LP: #977110)
  - Enable alarm when closing the Edit alarm dialog (LP: #824337)
* [c6f6846] Drop upstreamed Set-appindicator-title.patch
* [6901288] Bump debhelper compat level to 9 for buildflags
* [224a210] Drop redundant clean rule
* [600f7b3] Don't override LDFLAGS directly.
  Use DEB_LDFLAGS_MAINT_APPEND instead to append --as-needed stuff, as per the
  dpkg-buildflags manpage.

8. By Chow Loong Jin

[db69482] Change from "--hide" to "--hidden" in autostart desktop file.
Thanks to bojo42 (LP: #877037)

7. By Chow Loong Jin

* [ba5585c] Add missing period to package description.
  Thanks to Paul Stewart <email address hidden> (LP: #830806)
* [a48460e] Add --hide option to autostart desktop file (LP: #877037)
* [63a9f44] Add gstreamer dependencies.
  This should fix segfaults to do with not being able to create a media player
  (Closes: #626364)
* [7eb7fbc] Update maintainer email address
* [294a018] Update copyright to DEP-5 format
* [1a1883d] No-change Standards-Version bump (3.9.1 → 3.9.2)

6. By Chow Loong Jin

[ Chow Loong Jin ]
* [48e1cb8] New upstream release:
  + New features:
    - Add support for application indicators
    - Countdown label for application indicator
    - New status icon indicating triggered alarms
  + Bugs fixed:
    - Add countdown label (for application indicator) (LP: #565302)
    - Create ~/.config/autostart if it doesn't exist (LP: #610632)
    - Add support for libnotify 0.7 (LP: #671962)
    - Properly stop triggered alarms that are not playing sound (LP: #682999)
    - Add support for application indicators (LP: #704956)
    - Clicking on status icon should bring up list instead of snoozing
      (LP: #706832)
  + Translation updates:
    - ar, courtesy of Ahmed Mohammed
    - ast, courtesy of Xuacu Saturio <email address hidden>
    - be, courtesy of Mikola Tsekhan <email address hidden>
    - ca, courtesy of I. De Marchi
    - cs, courtesy of Oliwer <email address hidden>
    - de, courtesy of Christoph Wickert
    - es, courtesy of Fitoschido <email address hidden>
    - et, courtesy of Tarmo Ilves <email address hidden>
    - fi, courtesy of Jiri Grönroos
    - fo, courtesy of Gunleif Joensen
    - fr, courtesy of Nicolas Delvaux
    - gl, courtesy of Miguel Anxo Bouzada <email address hidden>
    - he, courtesy of Yaron <email address hidden>
    - hu, courtesy of Papp Bence <email address hidden>
    - id, courtesy of Arief Setiadi Wibowo <email address hidden>
    - ja, courtesy of jugger Yamamoto
    - ka, courtesy of Giorgi Maghlakelidze <email address hidden>
    - la, courtesy of nivek1385 <email address hidden>
    - nb, courtesy of Johannes H. Jensen <email address hidden>
    - nl, courtesy of Rachid
    - pl, courtesy of XeonBloomfield
    - pt_BR, courtesy of André Gondim <email address hidden>
    - ru, courtesy of Сергій Матрунчик (SkyMan)
    - tr, courtesy of Burak Ilgıcıoğlu
    - uk, courtesy of Сергій Матрунчик (SkyMan)
    - zh_CN, courtesy of Lele Long <email address hidden>
    - zh_TW, courtesy of Cheng-Chia Tseng <email address hidden>
* [002292e] Drop README.source since we use debsrc3.0
* [8dbb35e] No-change Standards-Version (3.8.4 → 3.9.1)
* [45f456f] Drop override_dh_auto_install (no longer needed)

[ Peter Pentchev ]
* [e8eaaa5] Fix a typo in the get-orig-source target.

5. By Chow Loong Jin

* New upstraem release
* debian/alarm-clock-applet.links:
  + Link alarm-clock-applet.desktop into /etc/xdg/autostart to make it
    start up automatically (Closes: #577276)

4. By Chow Loong Jin

* New upstream release
* debian/control:
  + No change bump of Standards-Version to 3.8.4
  + Update build-deps:
    - Drop libglade, libpanel-applet, libgnomevfs2, libgnome{2,ui}
    - Add libxml2-dev and libunique-dev, intltool
* debian/patches/01_update-alarms-eta,patch:
  + Dropped, applied upstream
* debian/(alarm-clock-applet.1, alarm-clock-applet.manpages):
  + Add manpage for alarm-clock-applet, now that the binary is moved to

3. By Chow Loong Jin

* debian/watch:
  + Updated with new alarm clock tarball name
* debian/source/format,
  + Use 3.0 (quilt) for patches and document it in README.source
* debian/patches/01_update-alarms-eta.patch:
  + return TRUE after alarms_list_update_timer is called to make sure it
    continues to be called every second (LP: #500600)
* debian/control:
  + No change Standards-Version bump from 3.8.1 to 3.8.3

2. By Chow Loong Jin

Initial release (Closes: #531065)

1. By Chow Loong Jin

Import upstream version 0.2.6

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