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Description of the change

doc: fix disk setup example table_type options

This fixes the disk setup example doc which specifies that the only
currently supported table_type option is 'mbr' by adding the 'gpt'
option which got supported as of 0.7.7.

LP: #1703789

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1diff --git a/doc/examples/cloud-config-disk-setup.txt b/doc/examples/cloud-config-disk-setup.txt
2index 38ad052..dd91477 100644
3--- a/doc/examples/cloud-config-disk-setup.txt
4+++ b/doc/examples/cloud-config-disk-setup.txt
5@@ -98,11 +98,11 @@ disk_setup:
6 #
7 # table_type=<TYPE>: Currently the following are supported:
8 # 'mbr': default and setups a MS-DOS partition table
9+# 'gpt': setups a GPT partition table
10 #
11-# Note: At this time only 'mbr' partition tables are allowed.
12-# It is anticipated in the future that we'll have GPT as
13-# option in the future, or even "RAID" to create a mdadm
14-# RAID.
15+# Note: At this time only 'mbr' and 'gpt' partition tables
16+# are allowed. It is anticipated in the future that
17+# we'll also have "RAID" to create a mdadm RAID.
18 #
19 # layout={...}: The device layout. This is a list of values, with the
20 # percentage of disk that partition will take.


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