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fe5cc4e... by Sandor Zeestraten

doc: fix disk setup example table_type options

This fixes the disk setup example doc which specifies that the only
currently supported table_type option is 'mbr' by adding the 'gpt'
option which got supported as of 0.7.7.

LP: #1703789

0677216... by Joshua Powers

test: fix incorrect keyid for apt repository.

The test is currently importing the incorrect keyid. It specifies
the curtin developers ppa, rather than the cloud-init ppa. On
Artful this causes failures as a check is made to verify the
correct key is imported for the ppa, whereas on previous releases
only a warning was issued.

Also, change to use a full key fingerprint.

LP: #1702717

32e9a4d... by Joshua Powers

tests: Update version of pylxd

With the upgrade to lxd 2.15, pylxd version 2.2.3 broke.
Upgrading to version 2.2.4 fixes issues with missing attributes.

4330a98... by Andrew Jorgensen

write_files: Remove log from helper function signatures.

Instead of passing around a 'log' reference to functions, just import
logging and use that. This is the pattern that is now more common in

a703c6a... by Brian Candler

doc: document the cmdline options to NoCloud

Add permitted keys to documentation on seeding NoCloud.

4d9f24f... by Scott Moser

read_dmi_data: always return None when inside a container.

This fixes stacktrace and warning message that would be printed
to the log if running inside a container and read_dmi_data tried
to access a key that was not present.

In a container, the /sys/class/dmi/id data is not relevant to the
but to the host. Additionally an unpriviledged container might see
strange behavior:
   # cd /sys/class/dmi/id/
   # id -u
   # ls -l chassis_serial
   -r-------- 1 nobody nogroup 4096 Jun 29 16:49 chassis_serial
   # cat chassis_serial
   cat: /sys/class/dmi/id/chassis_serial: Permission denied

The solution here is to just always return None when running in a

LP: #1701325

17bad42... by Scott Moser

requirements.txt: remove trailing white space.

The 'jsonschema' line had trailing white space. Remove it.

ebc9ecb... by Ryan Harper

Azure: Add network-config, Refactor net layer to handle duplicate macs.

On systems with network devices with duplicate mac addresses, cloud-init
will fail to rename the devices according to the specified network
configuration. Refactor net layer to search by device driver and device
id if available. Azure systems may have duplicate mac addresses by

Update Azure datasource to run at init-local time and let Azure datasource
generate a fallback networking config to handle advanced networking

Lastly, add a 'setup' method to the datasources that is called before
userdata/vendordata is processed but after networking is up. That is
used here on Azure to interact with the 'fabric'.

10e5195... by Joshua Powers

Tests: Simplify the check on ssh-import-id

I want to be able to add additional SSH keys to my account, therefore I
should not be limiting these tests to look for one specific key. Instead
we confirm that the comment in authorized_users has the specified users.

f052955... by Joshua Powers

tests: update ntp tests after sntp added

Recent change to ntp in artful has added the sntp package whenever
ntp is installed. The tests, rather poorly, did a dpkg -l instead
of checking with `which`. This fixes the ntp tests to all use
`which` over expecting a certain number of lines using dpkg and
as a result make the tests OS independent.