Last commit made on 2015-06-25
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9ef1b65... by hiker <email address hidden>

Fixed compilation ... again :P

4d10a68... by hiker <email address hidden>

Fixed non-debug compilation.

b8e4aa5... by hiker <email address hidden>

Added a very rough logging feature for SFXs to debug bug #2169.

4070933... by Auria

Merge pull request #2212 from Flakebi/remove-icc

Strip ICC headers from png files to silence warning

be81a7f... by Auria

Increase size of popup, text was truncated at least in french

64adbb4... by Auria

Remove anchor as weapon from help menu, fixes #2173

74f19f0... by Auria

Start working on scripting API to move objects

0fdc7a2... by Auria

Use plural form for resolution change message, fixes #2219. ALso fix crash in tinygettext code handling plural forms

ae18901... by Auria

Try fixing travis build

b73469c... by Auria

Extend scripting API with random and timeout functions