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18. By Scott Salley

* patches/ignore_group_update_failure_on_leave.diff: Added upstream patch
  to prevent "domainjoin-XXX leave" from failing if user/admin domain
  groups could not be removed from the builtin user/admin groups
  (LP BUG 575019)
* patches/assume_default_domain.diff: Fix regression in AssumeDefaultDomain
  (LP BUG 534629)
* patches/offline_v2.diff: Additional offline logon fixes (LP BUG 572271)
* patches/lwupgrade_mulit_sz.diff: Make preservation of multi-string values
  more robust (e.g. "RequireMembershipOf" LP BUG 574443)
* patches/reg_import_multi_sz.diff: Fix importing REG_MULTI_SZ strings
  that use the "\" character (LP BUG 575152)
* Added missing dependencies that prevent distribution and package upgrades
  from succeeding:
  - debian/control: Added libpam-runtime (LP BUG 627272, LP BUG 625105)
  - debian/control: Added psmisc (LP BUG 591893)
* Added statements to kill hung daemons that may prevent distribution and
  package upgrades from succeeding (LP BUG 621980):
  - debian/control: Added procps for pkill
  - debian/likewise-open.postinst, debian/likewise-open.preinst: Added
    explict kill for daemons that may hang
* debian/control: Modified XSBC-Original-Maintainer as Gerald Cater would
  like Scott Salley to handle likewise-open.

17. By Gerald Carter <email address hidden>

Fix lsassd crash due to invalid hDirectory handle (LP: #610300).

16. By Scott Salley

* SECURITY UPDATE: local access restrictions bypass.
  - Set the Administrator account as disabled when first provisioned.
  - Explicitly mark lsassd local provider accounts accounts as disabled
    if the account exists in its initial provisioned state
  - Force pam password changes, when run under the context of root services,
    to require the existing password for authentication
  - Enforce the "user cannot change password" field on local provider
    account in the provider interface as well as the RPC server interface
  - CVE-2010-0833
* likewise-open.postinst
  - Ensure that lsassd is properly restarted after upgrade

15. By Michael Casadevall

* Properly fix ARM FTBFS (LP: #517300)
* debian/patches/correct_lsass_configure_platform_detection.patch
  - Added support for lsass on ARM including location of the PC for
    likewise-open's backtracing
  - Modified configure to know what ARM is
* debian/patches/dcerpc_support_arm.diff
  - Properly add ARM platform stubs and chitecture information.
  - Modified configure to know what ARM is
* debian/patches/autoreconf_dcerpc.diff & autoreconf_lsass.conf
  - Regenerate autotools for configuration changes made to support armel

14. By Gerald Carter <email address hidden>

* LP BUG #509934, #510683 - Don't fail to load the lsassd
  ad-provider when we fail to add a domain to the trust list
* LP BUG #543730 - Add likewise-open5-gui transition package
* Fix the likewise-open-gui Gnome Administration menu item

13. By Gerald Carter <email address hidden>

[ Michael Casadevall ]
* LP: #517300
  - added debian/patches/disable_parallel_builds.diff to allow successful builds
    on non-x86 architectures caused by improperly parsing /proc/cpuinfo to
    determine the number of CPUs and set make -jX.
  - added debian/patches/correct_lwio_configure_detection.diff to correct configure
    tests for properly checking proc filesystems on non-x86 linux platforms
  - added ${misc:Depends} to Depends lines to satisfy lintian
  - Added debian/README.source to satisfy lintian
  - Bumped standards version to 3.8.3

[ Gerald Carter ]
* New upstream release. (LP: #538616)
* likewise-open.install: Include uninstalled binaries and ncalrpc
    servers required for domainjoin-cli {join,leave}
* patches/version-in-share.diff:
  - Corrected location of VERSION file in lsassd

12. By Jamie Strandboge

* add /etc/apparmor.d/tunables/home.d/likewise-open to adjust HOMEDIRS.
  - add debian/apparmor.homedirs
  - debian/rules: install apparmor.homedirs
  - debian/likewise-open.dirs: create etc/apparmor.d/tunables/home.d
  - debian/likewise-open.install: add tunables/home.d/likewise-open to
    likewise-open package
  - LP: #274350

11. By Gerald Carter

[Scott Salley]
likewise-open.postinit: Fix upgrades when host is not joined to AD

10. By Steve Langasek

No-change rebuild against libkrb5-3.

9. By Thierry Carrez

* debian/patches/ask-for-reboot.diff: Ask for a reboot after domain join
  since it is necessary before domain graphical logins (LP: #352934)
* Removed debian/patches/graceful_dbus_restart.diff since it is not
  sufficient and we now ask for a reboot
* debian/patches/abstractions-cleanup.diff: Use more precision when removing
  likewise mods from appamor.d/abstractions/nameservice file, to avoid
  very destructive cleanup (LP: #354498)
* Added debian/patches/autoconf-ftbfs-fix.diff to fix FTBFS

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