Code review comment for ~redriver/cloud-init:frbsd-azure-branch

Hongjiang Zhang (redriver) wrote :

> I'm confused because Ubuntu's cloud.cfg is exactly what is in
> config/cloud.cfg in trunk. which has:
> users:
> - default
> ...
> system_info:
> # This will affect which distro class gets used
> distro: ubuntu
> # Default user name + that default users groups (if added/used)
> default_user:
> name: ubuntu
> lock_passwd: True
> gecos: Ubuntu
> groups: [adm, audio, cdrom, dialout, dip, floppy, lxd, netdev, plugdev,
> sudo, video]
> sudo: ["ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD:ALL"]
> shell: /bin/bash
> Thats almost identical to what config/cloud.cfg-freebsd has in your
> branch.
> I think that comment is actually wrong. If you look at how that method
> works, it basically builds an array of configs (dictionaries), with
> environment config (from environment CFG_ENV_NAME) first, then isntance
> configs, then datasource, then base. Then calls mergemanydict with that.
> So basically:
> util.mergemanydict([
> {'foo': 'from enviroment'},
> {'foo': 'from instance, no user override'},
> {'system_info': {'default_user': {'name': 'smoser-from-ds'}}},
> {'system_info': {'default_user': {'name': 'ubuntu'}}},
> ])
> Calling that returns:
> {'foo': 'from enviroment',
> 'system_info': {'default_user': {'name': 'smoser-from-ds'}}}
> So I'm pretty sure the comment is just wrong. Its probably because
> 'mergemanydict' has very odd usage in that precedence goes to the *first*
> value, not the last.
Sorry, you are right, Ubuntu's cloud.cfg also specifies default user "ubuntu". That is not the root cause why cloud-init does not work on FreeBSD.
New finding is the will not load cloud.cfg as env_configs because only FreeBSD defines the CLOUD_CFG, which tells to load env_configs.
I grep "CLOUD_CFG" from systemd and sysvinit and find:
 grep "CLOUD_CFG" sysvinit/* -rn
sysvinit/freebsd/cloudconfig:10:export CLOUD_CFG=/usr/local/etc/cloud/cloud.cfg
sysvinit/freebsd/cloudfinal:10:export CLOUD_CFG=/usr/local/etc/cloud/cloud.cfg
sysvinit/freebsd/cloudinit:10:export CLOUD_CFG=/usr/local/etc/cloud/cloud.cfg
sysvinit/freebsd/cloudinitlocal:10:export CLOUD_CFG=/usr/local/etc/cloud/cloud.cfg

in the, I observed:

    def _get_env_configs(self):
        e_cfgs = []
        if CFG_ENV_NAME in os.environ:
            e_fn = os.environ[CFG_ENV_NAME]
            except Exception:
                util.logexc(LOG, 'Failed loading of env. config from %s',
        return e_cfgs

I don't know why FreeBSD needs to export this environment, but none of the other distros need it.

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