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0ff61d4... by Hongjiang Zhang on 2017-05-08

remove Linux specific installation on FreeBSD

77669d5... by Hongjiang Zhang on 2017-05-04

modify according to Scott comments

1b1e0a8... by Hongjiang Zhang on 2017-04-27

fix the issue of 'ssh does not exist in /etc/rc.d'

c1cf3ad... by Hongjiang Zhang on 2017-04-25

Remove Azure specific check

Take the get_mount_info for Azure as a common case on FreeBSD.
This was only triggered if the device info '/dev/xxx' is illegal.

bba43d7... by Hongjiang Zhang on 2017-01-13

Fix the issues for FreeBSD running on Azure

and rebase with master.

41f93a6... by Jon Grimm on 2017-04-03

doc: Fix example for resolve.conf configuration.

Should be 'manage_resolv_conf' not 'manage-resolv-conf'.

LP: #1531582

291d297... by Jon Grimm on 2017-03-31

Fix examples that reference upstream chef repository.

Also add integration test. Note: this new test is not comprehensive; it
simply ensures that the example chef configuration does not blow up and
that chef seems to be installed after its completion.

This new test is disabled by default as it depends on a 3rd party

LP: #1678145

d690216... by David Tagatac on 2017-04-07

doc: correct grammar and improve clarity in merging documentation.

Move merging.rst into doc/rtd/topics with small fixes.

61d05d1... by Ryan Harper on 2017-03-28

doc: Add missing doc link to snap-config module.

a07f262... by Joshua Powers on 2017-03-24

snap: allows for creating cloud-init snap

Add a basic snapcraft.yaml file to allow the execution of cloud-init as
a snap. This will always pull down the latest source from master for
the snap. setup.py will now also set the default init system to be
systemd when no other is passed to it.