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46e6ee5... by Dan Watkins

atomic_helper: add DEBUG logging to write_file

Fixes LP: #1843276

385232d... by Joshua Powers

doc: document doc, create makefile and tox target

* Create makefile and tox targets for documentation building and testing
to better replicate the live web docs using the same theme.
* Created docs.rst to explain how to build and contribute to documentation
with style guide and tips.
* doc/rtd/conf.py:
    * Add copyright to rtd config
    * Use Sphinx's RTD theme to replicate actual docs

c768898... by Dan Watkins

.gitignore: ignore files produced by package builds

da826cd... by Joshua Powers

docs: fix whitespace, spelling, and line length

ff11c0c... by Joshua Powers

docs: remove unnecessary file in doc directory

e7881d5... by Ryan Harper

Oracle: Render secondary vnic IP and MTU values only

When rendering secondary vnic configuration from IMDS, only emit
configuration for the IP and MTU values only. Add support to mutate
either a v1 or a v2 network_config input.

d1b0222... by Chad Smith

exoscale: fix sysconfig cloud_config_modules overrides

Make sure Exoscale supplements or overrides existing system config
setting cloud_config_modules instead of replacing it with a one item
list set-passords

LP: #1841454

a3926bf... by Dan Watkins

net/cmdline: refactor to allow multiple initramfs network config sources

This refactors read_initramfs_config to support multiple different types
of initramfs network configuration. It introduces an
InitramfsNetworkConfigSource abstract base class. There is currently a
single sub-class, KlibcNetworkConfigSource, which contains the logic
which previously was directly within read_initramfs_config.

e638371... by Chad Smith

ubuntu-drivers: call db_x_loadtemplatefile to accept NVIDIA EULA

Emit a script allowing cloud-init to set linux/nvidia/latelink
debconf selection to true. This avoids having to call
debconf-set-selections and allows cloud-init to pre-confgure
linux-restricted-modules to link NVIDIA drivers to the running kernel.

Cloud-init loads this debconf template and sets the value to true in the
debconf database by sourcing debconf's /usr/share/debconf/confmodule and
uses db_x_loadtemplatefile to register cloud-init's setting for

LP: #1840080

3e99827... by =?utf-8?q?Florian_M=C3=BCller?= <email address hidden>

Add missing #cloud-config comment on first example in documentation.

Since this is the first code snippet some users might see,
they could end up in the same situation like me today
when they wonder why their yaml user config is not
working at all.