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26. By Mathias Gug

Ship mysqld_safe script (LP: #552053).

25. By Chuck Short

debian/{control, rules, mysql-testsuite.*}: Fix up testsuite package.

24. By Chuck Short

* debian/control: Add replaces mysql-server-5.0 for mysql-server-core-5.1 (LP: #537470)
* debian/mysql-server-5.1.mysql-server.logrotate: Check to see if mysql is running before
  running logrotate. (LP: #513135)
* Make the testsuite installable. (LP: #530752)

23. By Marc Deslauriers

* SECURITY UPDATE: privilege restriction bypass via incorrect calculation
  of the mysql_unpacked_real_data_home value
  - debian/patches/52_CVE-2009-4030.dpatch: fix initialization order in
  - CVE-2009-4030
* SECURITY UPDATE: arbitrary code execution via yassl stack overflow
  - debian/patches/53_CVE-2009-4484.dpatch: validate lengths in
  - CVE-2009-4484
* SECURITY UPDATE: access restriction bypass via symlink
  - debian/patches/54_CVE-2008-7247.dpatch: improve symlink handling in
  - CVE-2008-7247

22. By Chuck Short

debian/apparmor-profile: Upate apparmor profile. Get rid of annoying warning
when starting mysql. (LP: #444479)

21. By Steve Langasek

No-change rebuild to clean up after the mysql-cluster-7.0 accident.
LP: #522225.

20. By Marc Deslauriers

* debian/patches/51_ssl_test_certs.dpatch: update certificates in the
  test suite as they are expired. The new certs expire 2015-01-28.
* debian/patches/11_disable_ssl_tests.dpatch: removed to re-enable ssl

19. By Soren Hansen

* 11_disable_ssl_tests.dpatch:
  - Disable the SSL tests, because the included SSL certs have
* 90_mysql_safer_strmov.dpatch:
  - Patch from upstream to use an overlap safe version of strmov.
    Should fix the failing test suite.

18. By Chuck Short

debian/control: Make mysql-server-5.1 depend on mysql-server-core-5.1. (LP: #509667)

17. By Chuck Short

* Merge from debian testing. Remaining changes:
  - debian/control:
    + Don't provide a libmysqlclient15-dev package as long as there
      are packages still build-depending on libmysqlclient15-dev and
      mysql-dfsg-5.0 is in the archive.
    + Lower mailx from a Recommends to a Suggests to avoid pulling in a
      full MTA on all installs of mysql-server (LP: #259477)
  - debian/rules:
    + added -fno-strict-aliasing to CFLAGS to get around mysql testsuite
      build failures.
  - debian/additions/debian-start.inc.sh: support ANSI mode (LP: #310211)
  - Add AppArmor profile:
    + debian/apparmor-profile: apparmor profile
    + debian/rules, debian/mysql-server-5.1.files: install apparmor profile.
    + debian/mysql-server-5.1.dirs: add etc/apparmor.d/fore-complain
    + debian/mysql-server-5.1.postrm: remove symlink in force-complain/ on
    + debian/mysql-server-5.1.README.Debian: add apparmor documentation.
    + debian/additions/my.cnf: Add warning about apparmor. (LP: #201799)
    + debian/mysql-esrver-5.1.postinst: reload apparmor profiles
  - debian/additions/my.cfn: remove language options. Error message files are
    located in a different direction in Mysql 5.0. Setting the language option
    to use /usr/share/mysql/english breaks 5.0. Both 5.0 and 5.1 use a
    default value that works. (LP: #316974)
  - debian/mysql-server-5.1.postinst: Clear out the second password when
    setting up mysql. (LP: #344816)
  - mysql-server-core-5.1 package for files needed by Akonadi:
    + debian/control: create mysql-server-core-5.1 package
    + debian/mysql-server-core-5.1.files, debian/mysql-server-5.1.files:
      move core mysqld files to mysql-server-core-5.1 package.
  - debian/libmysqlclient16.symbols.amd64: remove amd64 symbols as it has
    not been correcly generated in Debian.
  - Add Apport hook: (LP: #354188):
    + debian/mysql-server-5.1.py: apport package hook
    + debian/mysql-server-5.1.files, debian/rules: install apport package hook
  - debian/addtions/my.cnf:
    + drop old_password option.
    + fix commentened logging options to use general_log and general_log_file.
  - Don't upgrade if there is an ndb management node configured (LP: #413792)
  - Set thread stack size to 192K rather than 128K. 128K is only useful on
    systems with < 64M RAM and causes stack overrides with some SQL commands.
    See http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.1/en/server-system-varriables.html
    for more details. (LP: #426919)
  - Convert to upstart:
    + Add mysql-server-5.1.mysql.upstart
    + Dropped debian/mysql-server-5.1.mysql.init,
    + debian/additions/my.cnf:
      * Removed pid declaration
      * Set up error logging to /var/log/mysql since we're not piping anything
        around logger anymore
    + Remove references to mysqld_safe in these files:
      * debian/rules, mysql-server-5.1.logcheck.ignore.paranoid
    + debian/mysql-server-5.1.postinst:
      * Replace calls to /etc/init.d with regular upstart calls
      * Remove reference to mysqld_safe
    + Dropped debian/patches/38_scripts_mysqld_safe.sh_signals.dpatch:
  - Dropped already merged upstream:
    + debian/{control,rules}: add and enable hardening build for PIE.

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