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lp:~lttng/urcu/trunk 1 Development 2022-10-03 14:38:40 UTC
1411. Fix: Always check pthread_create for ...

Author: Eric Wong
Revision Date: 2022-10-03 14:38:40 UTC

Fix: Always check pthread_create for failures

pthread_create may fail with EAGAIN (which is no fault of the
programmer), so don't allow the check to be compiled out.

Signed-off-by: Eric Wong <>
Signed-off-by: Mathieu Desnoyers <>
Change-Id: Ia2695ea6953b589ac8ab8b444fb668daee06a614

lp:~lttng/lttng-modules/trunk 1 Development 2022-09-30 20:19:16 UTC
1774. Fix: handle integer capture page faul...

Author: Mathieu Desnoyers
Revision Date: 2022-09-30 20:19:16 UTC

Fix: handle integer capture page faults as skip field

Now that we have the appropriate save/restore position mechanism for
error handling in place, we can handle page faults on integer
copy-from-user by skipping the offending captured field entirely rather
than relying on an arbitrary 0 value.

Signed-off-by: Mathieu Desnoyers <>
Change-Id: I4ec6243d96753ce7e9c6230563713aeacb126567

lp:~lttng/lttng-ust/lttng-ust 1 Development 2022-09-30 15:04:45 UTC
3004. Fix: bytecode validator: reject speci...

Author: Mathieu Desnoyers
Revision Date: 2022-09-30 15:04:45 UTC

Fix: bytecode validator: reject specialized load field/context ref instructions

Reject specialized load ref and get context ref instructions so a
bytecode crafted with nefarious intent cannot read a memory area larger
than the memory targeted by the instrumentation.

This prevents bytecode received from the session daemon from performing
out of bound memory accesses and from disclosing the content of
application memory beyond what has been targeted by the instrumentation.

Signed-off-by: Mathieu Desnoyers <>
Change-Id: Ica16b97167d391d86e73b05fbf0210ff52b9c9f1

lp:~lttng/babeltrace/trunk 1 Development 2022-08-22 14:24:06 UTC
4344. configure: enable -Wshadow-field Thi...

Author: Simon Marchi
Revision Date: 2022-08-22 14:24:06 UTC

configure: enable -Wshadow-field

This warning exists in clang and warns about fields in classes shadowing
fields in base classes. I hit one bug that this warning would have
caught. I don't think there are many legitimate / useful cases to have
derived and base classes with fields of the same name.

Change-Id: Ifab0bc03bce2b84a4a186fcc98da8b68ef61e771
Signed-off-by: Simon Marchi <>
Tested-by: jenkins <>
Reviewed-by: Philippe Proulx <>

lp:~lttng/lttng-ust/packaging-daily 1 Development 2016-11-30 00:07:22 UTC
72. Bump version to 2.10~pre

Author: Simon Marchi
Revision Date: 2016-11-30 00:07:22 UTC

Bump version to 2.10~pre

lp:~lttng/babeltrace/packaging-daily 1 Development 2016-04-23 14:51:52 UTC
40. Add libelf and libdw builddeps

Author: Michael Jeanson
Revision Date: 2016-04-23 14:51:52 UTC

Add libelf and libdw builddeps

lp:~lttng/lttng-tools/trunk 1 Development 2013-09-17 18:08:39 UTC
1843. Tests: Add UST snapshots streaming te...

Author: Christian Babeux
Revision Date: 2013-09-17 18:08:39 UTC

Tests: Add UST snapshots streaming test with custom URI

Signed-off-by: Christian Babeux <>
Signed-off-by: David Goulet <>

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