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Diego Biurrun (diego-biurrun) wrote :

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On Sun, Feb 19, 2012 at 12:29:18PM +0000, Fahad Aizaz wrote:
> Configuration file code removal. Continuing the removal of configuration file code removal. Though this branch also contain some other changes in relation to 'hip_cert.conf' configuration file.
> As decided by hipl core team, there is no more requirement of 'hip_cert.conf' file anymore to be part of HIPL codebase at all. So the following changes has been done.
> 1. The removal of runtime generation of 'hip_cert.conf' file.
> 2. The references to the functions that read, sign and verify certificates.
> Note: here the references to the function from the codebase is removed. But the files containing the declarations and definitions are still not yet removed. I need your approval for doing that. (files: cert.h, cert.c). Please also note I looked in the codebase for anymore references towards the functions in these files and safely I can say I didn't find any. Therefore these files are feasible to be removed from the HIPL.
> There exist some other helper functions (such as opening configuration file, read it section by section) being used in functions defined in 'cert.c' but are part of hipl core library. (lib/core/certtools.c/h). Though these functions are referenced from a test code, but also being used in the firewall code with PISA specific handling of SPKI certificates.

I say nuke them all.


review: Needs Fixing

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