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Michael Widenius (monty) wrote :


>>>>> "Eric" == Eric Bergen <email address hidden> writes:

Eric> On Mon, Feb 25, 2013 at 5:40 AM, Michael Widenius <email address hidden> wrote:
>> Hi!
>>>>>>> "Eric" == Eric Bergen <email address hidden> writes:
Eric> Eric Bergen has proposed merging lp:~ebergen/maria/mysqld_safe_fix into lp:maria.
Eric> Requested reviews:
Eric> Maria-captains (maria-captains)
Eric> For more details, see:
Eric> This contains two changes to
Eric> The first adds an option --crash-script for a script to call when mysqld crashes. This can be useful for gathering extra information, notifying operators, or triggering a failover when using HA.


I have now merged this to my MariaDB 5.5 tree. Will push it as soon as
I have fixed another bug.


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