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71. By Scott Moser

Add SRU to changelog

70. By Scott Moser

releasing package curtin version 0.1.0~bzr505-0ubuntu1~16.10.1

69. By Scott Moser

* New upstream snapshot.
  - vmtest: let the socket level select a port rather than us picking one.
  - Fix deb build by mocking call to udevadm settle
  - Clear and re-order UEFI boot methods during UEFI grub installation.
  - Resolve bcache race-conditions
  - tests: clean up usage of collect files
  - Allow re-use of vmtest output
  - Fix stacked storage configurations with iSCSI
  - vmtests: enable tests to apply storage config to validate clear_holders
  - mdadm_stop: Add retry and additional steps to halt a resync
  - vmtests: Add Artful release and update classes
  - clear-holders: mdadm use /proc/mdstat to wait for array to stop
  - uc16 curthooks: add 'network' key to config file
  - Doc and makefile updates for build and test on new systems.
  - clear-holders: make bcache handler wait for device shutdown
  - vmtest: Use utf-8 and fix pseudo test collect_output
  - vmtest: fix path to install log, and utilize the globally copied paths.
  - Copy curtin install log into target.
  - vmtest: add in post-test log post-processing
  - vmtest: update source.list test
  - add recursive flag to do_umount, add --umount to block-meta
  - load_command_environment: fix strict flag, and unit tests.
  - block_meta: Attempt to mount by UUID= if possible
  - Make systems with root on bcache use root=UUID=.
  - Fix iscsi disks that have a ':' in the target name.
  - tests: re-enable ZestyTestMdadmBcache.
  - curthooks: fix pylint reported error when using ubuntu_core_curthooks.
  - Add support for installing Ubuntu-Core 16 images
  - Add 'STORAGE_CONFIG_V1_DD' to the feature list.
  - flake8: fix flake8 issues with previous merge.
  - Support selection of target disk for dd images install via storage
  - vmtest: have vmtest-sync-images avoid running when jenkins-runner is.
  - tools/curtin-from-container: do not use lxc file push --create-dirs
  - tests: enable curtainer to pull down curtin source locally
  - tests: make nose output always include class name and method.
  - tools/curtin-from-container: default to verbosity level 0, not 2.

68. By Scott Moser

releasing package curtin version 0.1.0~bzr470-0ubuntu1~16.10.1

67. By Scott Moser

* New upstream snapshot.
  - vmtest: allow time-based skipping of tests, apply to ZestyMdadmBcache
    to temporarily avoid bug 1667078.
  - Add iSCSI disk support. (LP: #1645515)
  - vmtest: handle change in btrfs-progs when finding fs UUID. (LP: #1665701)
  - pycodestyle: fix bare except in vmtests
  - unittests: add subp coverage for retries, and rcs
  - reporting: Add better descriptions and granularity of events
  - tox: do not bother with pep8 from trusty in trusty-check
  - tests: add two scripts used for running vmtest with installed package.
  - Make add-apt-repository command retry
  - Add tests for network bridging configuration

66. By Scott Moser

debian/rules: record debian package version in installed package.
(LP: #1666986)

65. By Scott Moser

releasing package curtin version 0.1.0~bzr460-0ubuntu1~16.10.1

64. By Scott Moser

* New upstream snapshot.
  - Install zipl in target on s390x arch. (LP: #1662346)
  - avoid UnicodeDecode error on passing non-utf8 into shlex
  - adjustments to version string handling, improved pack unit tests.
  - helpers/common: Add grub install debugging output
  - curtin: add version module and display in output and logs
  - content decoding in load_file, apply_net raise exception on errors
  - gpg: retry when recv'ing gpg keys fail (LP: #1661337)
  - Add clear_holders checks to disk and partition handlers (LP: #1659509)
  - net: add new lines after rendered static routes. (LP: #1649652)
  - multipath: don't run update-grub; setup_grub will handle this better.
    (LP: #1656369)
  - Test changes:
    - vmtest: Add tests for zesty and Trusty HWE-X kernels.
    - tests: fix tox tip-pycodestyle complaints
    - image-sync: add debugging output to help diagnose errors
    - vmtest: change get_curtin_version to use version subcommand.
    - Remove style checking during build and add latest style checks to tox
    - subp doc an unit test improvements.
    - flake8: remove unused variable.
    - vmtest: Add the ability to add extra config files to test execution.
    - vmtest: overhaul image sync
    - vmtest: skip apt-proxy test if not set
    - vmtest: add 'webserv' helper
    - vmtest: add CURTIN_VMTEST_CURTIN_EXE variable.

63. By Scott Moser

releasing package curtin version 0.1.0~bzr437-0ubuntu1~16.10.1

62. By Scott Moser

* New upstream snapshot.
  - revert: Test Workaround: skip XenialTestNvme for a short time.
  - Test Workaround: skip XenialTestNvme for a short time.
  - pep8: fix pep8 errors found with 'make pep8' on zesty.
  - Workaround failures caused by gpg2 daemons left running in chroot.
    (LP: #1645680)
  - Install u-boot-tools when running on a system with u-boot. (LP: #1640519)
  - block: fix partition kname for raid devices (LP: #1641661)
  - Fix up tox errors that slipped in and new pycodestyle 2.1.0 complaints.
  - vmtests: adjust vmtest image sync metadata filenames
  - vmtests: Add centos support
  - Disable WilyTestRaid5Bcache vmtest
  - tools/xkvm: fix --netdev=<bridge>
  - bytes2human: fix for values larger than 32 bit int on 32 bit python2.

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