Code review comment for lp:~christian-roeller/hipl/whitelisting

> On Mon, Aug 01, 2011 at 09:19:26AM +0000, Christian Röller wrote:
> > > On Thu, Jul 14, 2011 at 03:34:45PM +0000, Christian Röller wrote:
> > > > Christian Röller has proposed merging lp:~christian-
> > > roeller/hipl/whitelisting into lp:hipl.
> > >
> > > Formatting is messed-up. Didn't you install the uncrustify pre-commit
> > > hook as described in doc/HACKING? Why?
> >
> > Sorry for that, I checked now my modifications with the stylechecker
> > and correct everything it complained about.
> I'm not trying to pass blame around. I want to know why some of our
> processes are not working as intended, so that we can fix them.
> Why were you not running uncrustify? Did you just forget to install
> the hook (no big deal, we all make mistakes and we have review for a
> reason) or did you not know about it? Where would we have to advertise
> it so that the next newcomer is informed of its existence?
> Diego

I have heard that there is a hook for this, but as this is my first share,
I just forgot to install it.
So in this case it was just my fault...
But for the next newcomers, it would be nice to advertise the HACKING doc a
little bit more, because it is very helpful and I don't know about it. I just
heard about the stylechecker through the grapevine.

So sorry again and thanks for the infos...

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