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Jamu Kakar (jkakar) wrote :


The test is tainting the TXAWS_CERTS_PATH environment variable. You
could do something like the following. Also, I recommend you add a
simple sentence clearly describing the expected behaviour.

def test_get_ca_certs_no_current_dir(self):
    A L{CertsNotFoundError} exception is raised if no certificate paths are
    original_certs_path = os.environ.get("TXAWS_CERTS_PATH")
        os.environ["TXAWS_CERTS_PATH"] = "%s:" % self.no_certs_dir
        self.assertRaises(exception.CertsNotFoundError, ssl.get_ca_certs)
        if original_certs_path:
            os.environ["TXAWS_CERTS_PATH"] = original_certs_path
            del os.environ["TXAWS_CERTS_PATH"]

Nice work, +1! :)

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