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Andreas Hasenack
Landscape Client

Recent revisions

38. By Andreas Hasenack

* Try to load the old persist file if the current one doesn't exist or is
  empty (LP: #809210).
* Fallback to gethostname to get something interesting out of get_fqdn.
* Fix wrong ownership and permissions when the reporter is run as a result
  of applying a repository profile (LP: #804008).
* Keep original sources.list ownership (LP: #804548).
* Refactored tests (LP: #805746).
* Preserve permissions of sources.list (LP: #804548).
* Added a broker command line option (--record) that saves exchanges with the
  server to the filesystem
* Detect if running in a vmware guest (LP: #795794).
* Report VM type when run in the cloud (LP: #797069).
* Report VM type in non-cloud registration (LP: #795752).
* Report the package reporter result even in case of success, not just in
  case of failure (LP: #780406).
* Report package reporter errors (LP: #732490).
* Fix dependencies for hardy removing references to python 2.4 packages for
  pycurl and dbus (LP: #759764).
* The landscape client now reports whether it is running on a virtual machine
  or not.
* Add a plugin which manages APT sources.list and the associated GPG keys
  (LP: #758928).
* Limit the number of items in a network message to 200, to prevent problems
  when communication is interrupted with the server and the client
  accumulates too many network items, thus overloading the server when it's
  available again (LP: #760486).
* Updated version number in __init__.py so that the client reports the
  correct one in its user-agent string.

37. By Chuck Short

* debian/control, debian/rules: Add quilt
* debian/patches/fix-landscape-monitor.patch: Fix landscape
  monitoring with gir1.0-gudev-1.0 installed. (LP: #747498)

36. By Andreas Hasenack

* New upstream version (LP: #727324)

  - Exit gracefully instead of crashing when the filesystem is
    read-only (LP: #649997).

  - Drop hal requirement (LP: #708502).

  - Enable HTTP compression in Curl (LP: #297623).

  - Explicitly name log files that need to be rotated (LP: #634236).

  - Assorted test suite fixes

35. By Thomas Herve

* New upstream version (LP: #702928)

  - Use a better load check for the sysinfo wrapper, taking into account the
    number of cores (LP: #643565).

  - Add an option to bootstrap cloud instances using cloud-init
    (LP: #701972).

  - Fix packaging for Natty (LP: #688115).

  - Force deletion of all the persist data for the monitoring plugins at
    resynchronization, instead of relying each one of them to do
    (LP: #688161).

  - Don't send the mount-activity message to the server anymore
    (LP: #688514).

  - Workaround a new behavior in NetworkManager where getfqdn would report
    localhost instead of useful hostname (LP: #649142).

34. By Matthias Klose

Rebuild for python2.7.

33. By Andreas Hasenack

The client network plugin would send erroneous data if a network
interface was removed (and its kernel module removed as well) and
then readded (LP: #641264).

32. By Andreas Hasenack

* New upstream version (LP: #633468)

  - The --help command line option can now be used without being
    root (LP: #613256).

  - The client Unix sockets and symlinks are now cleaned up at shutdown.
    Without this cleaning, the client could refuse to start because of a PID
    collision (LP: #607747).

  - The network traffic plugin didn't use to take into account integer
    overflows. This would cause the plugin to send negative values
    sometimes (LP: #615371).

  - If a payload had many user activities in it, only the last one would be
    carried out (LP: #617624).

  - The Eucalyptus plugin was not enabled by default, which means the Cloud
    Topology feature of Landscape was not available (LP: #614493).

31. By Free Ekanayaka

* New upstream version (LP: #610744):

  - The Eucalyptus management plugin reports the output of the
    'euca-describe-availability-zones verbose' command, which includes
    information about the available instance types and the maximum
    number of each instance type that the cloud can support (LP: #599338)

  - Check if the package directory exists before trying to check the
    package changer lock in the dbus-proxy. This fixes a bug when upgrading
    a dbus-landscape which never registered (LP: #603514).

  - Allow an LDS server to bootstrap new cloud instances with its own CA,
    which is picked up by the client, written to a file on the instance, and
    used in subsequent exchanges with the server (LP: #605079).

  - Skip loopback interface when reporting device info (LP: #608314)

  - Disable landscape-sysinfo when load is more than 1 (LP: #608278)

30. By Free Ekanayaka

* Include maverick in debian/rules substvars (LP: #596062)
* Filter duplicate network interfaces in get_active_interfaces (LP: #597000)

29. By Free Ekanayaka

* New upstream version (LP: #594594):
  - A new includes information about active network devices and their
    IP address in sysinfo output (LP: #272344).
  - A new plugin collects information about network traffic (#LP :284662).
  - Report information about which packages requested a reboot (LP: #538253).
  - Fix breakage on Lucid AMIs having no ramdisk (LP: #574810).
  - Migrate the inter-process communication system from DBus to Twisted AMP.

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