Code review comment for lp:~adiroiban/pydoctor/1282458-apilinks-anchor

Michael Hudson-Doyle (mwhudson) wrote :

Adi Roiban <email address hidden> writes:

> I tried nosetests on trunk and there are still errors:

Argh, I think I've fixed the final final import of py...

> I like nosetests and so I would like to use it instead of py.test. That all :)


> I will ask over twisted mailing list and try to get some feedback about how should be distributed.

That'd be great.

> My initial but report/patch was on Twisted Trac and there I was asked
> to send patch here... feels like bad communication.

Well, if you'd just sent me the change to apilinks_sphinxext, it'd have
been merged by now. I'm sorry there was no CONTRIBUTING.txt and thanks
for trying to write one, but it's not surprising that it was hard for
you to guess what should be in there!


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