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Michael Vogt (mvo) wrote :

Thanks, I love the _add_tiles_to_flowgrid() fix!

I renamed qty to amount, I'm not a native speaker, but it feels a tiny bit more readable this way (and used min() while I was at it).

In the code:
+ frame.set_header_label(_('Top Rated %s' % self.header))
this part will cause issues with i18n. it needs to be
set_header_label(_('Top Rated %s') % self.header)
(not the slightly different parenthesis).

With the later, it will translate into e.g. "Superbewertung %s" and then the header is added.

When the parentheses are different it will first add the header and then try to translate. But that will fail as in gettext it expectes the "%s" in the string and will not find a match if that is not there (the string it will search for will be something like "Top Rated Internet" but the gettext catalogue only has "Top Rated %s").

I fixed that tiny issue during the merge.

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